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By | February 20, 2020

I have previously released two films about my roommate, and in the second film, I have made it clear that I want to make peace with him. I tried my best to praise him in the last film. If it is not from the heart or being forced by circumstances, no one will take the initiative to find other people’s merits. My original plan was to make sure that 30% of the content was to praise my roommate, which is enough. But I tried my best to expand it to about 70%. I guess neither he nor I will move out for a while. It will depend on who drives who crazy first. In case he sees my videos one day, it would be awkward to live together. In fact, my relationship with my roommate seems to be “can’t be worse”. It feels like a cold war now, but it will soon become a hot war. The turning point between life and death was the day his girlfriend moved in. And this is the school dorm. Although I started with gossiping my roommate on this channel, I want to stop here. I have already made two episodes about him. I won’t do the third episode, maybe! If he is doing really “good”, exceptionally impressive, in the future, there will still be a third episode. Get back to the point. According to my original plan, I would like to talk about the optional withdrawal fee during college, that is, the part you can choose not to pay when you pay tuition each term. But I recently got into trouble with OneDrive, so I plan to talk about the blow OneDrive brought me at the beginning of the new year 2020. Hi, I am Zac Zhan, a graduate student in Canada, Ontario. OneDrive gives me the feeling like the bubble gum stick to the hair. It will always be there and cannot be scratched down. If you scratch hard, you may drag your hair down. Yes, OneDrive has amazed me recently. It not only pulled down the hair, but also pulled down the scalp. I thought I could finally say “dead inside” on social media after my countless frustrations and breakdowns. However, the recent experience with Onedrive makes me understand the deep malice from this world. I’m dragged back to life. I realize that I am not totally dead inside. I still have negative emotions. In fact, the original intention of OneDrive is very good. It can automatically back up files, especially those on the desktop. I think some people on the Internet said that they were worried that this feature would leak their information. After all, your files are automatically backed up in other people’s servers. But I think they are just making a fuss. It’s the 21st century. What more privacy do you want? Try to fit in! At first I thought this function was quite convenient. I am a graduate student and I need to handle a great deal of documents. Losing a document can bring me devastation. It is really convenient to automatically store working documents. Even if my roommate smashes my computer, I don’t have to worry. The document can be retrieved by all means. OneDrive offers both free and paid services. You can log in with Microsoft account and then get 5 GB of free storage space. It is said that if you use it frequently, you can get an extra 20 GB. But if you exceed this, you will have to but it. To be exact, to “rent it”. All these merits were discovered after I managed to calm down after experiencing despair, grief, and anger. To tell the truth, this service is…actually not bad. Indeed, after the initial registration with your Microsoft account, the platform will give you 5 GB free of charge, which will be sufficient in a short time. Although it is said that if you use it frequently, the system may allocate an extra 20 GB to you. However, if the first free 5GB is almost full, the system will remind you and ask if you want to purchase additional storage. All right, here comes my trouble. I thought this service was similar to other online/cloud storage services. If you run out of free space, just go to their website and delete some unnecessary files. After all, this service automatically stores every file as long as you close it. BUT…This kind of active flattery is unnecessary for me. This is what I did. I think 5 GB is enough for me. So I went to their website and deleted all the files that didn’t need to be backed up. Then something terrible happened. I didn’t know if this is a personal accident, or is also the case to everyone else. OneDrive will link the files on your desktop to the files backed up on their platform by default. If you delete the backup files on their website, the files on the desktop will also be deleted. I don’t know how this system works. If the files stored on the online storage are deleted just like the ordinary cloud storage, how can the local files be deleted as well? So I guess this service defaults that every file you put on your desktop is firmly bound to the files backed up by this platform. So, if your OneDrive space is full, you empty OneDrive, and then OneDrive empties your computer. This is the most terrible thing I have encountered… since 2020. It’s worse than my new roommate’s move in. On my desktop, I kept the data that I collected for nearly two months, and the study materials that I have organized for one month, which I just finished two hours ago. Almost 5MB of documents, you should know how many pages and words 5MB can have, right? After I deleted the files backed up on the OneDrive platform, all the files on the desktop were gone. And the first YouTube video I just finished edited half an hour ago was gone as well. Although that first video was bad, I was still upset that it was gone. I didn’t know what to do next. I think compared to start over, it will be relatively easier for me to take a taxi, find the developers of this service, and smash the windows of their houses. My first reaction was that all this was just a system disorder. I also doubted whether it was because Google Chrome took up too much RAM or CPU. By instinct, I used that all-powerful method. I shut down and restarted my computer, hoping that everything will still be there after this process. However, it did not. This time I knew I was screwed. So I took the second instinctive measure. Searching Google. Then, I found that some people had the same problems as me. I deleted all the backup files on OneDrive’s web page, and the desktop files were gone. However, those files are still in the recycle bin. I can restore all the files in the recycle bin, and the lost files on the desktop may be recovered. You know, according to my consistent style, when deleting files, I will immediately empty the recycle bin. But this time I didn’t. It seems that God still loves me. Think about it. If I deleted those files and clear the recycle bin at the same time, then I would probably take a taxi immediately to find the developers of the project and smash their windows. If you have the same experience as me and deleted the backup files of OneDrive web page but did not empty the recycle bin, then I can tell you what to do. The first step is quite simple, is to go to the network platform and restore the files needed in the recycle bin. I wanted to show you how to do it, but I really don’t want to have anything to do with OneDrive. I unlinked my Microsoft’s account, and I dare not link it again. Yes, I was really frightened. But I think this step is very simple. You can do it. Next, after you restore these files from the OneDrive Recycle Bin, you will find that those files lost on your desktop have not returned yet. This time you need to follow this path. These recovered files are stored in this folder. This folder stores all the files that you have placed on your desktop. Some files are the ones that you already deleted and do not want to see anymore, but these files are still here. It’s a bit of trouble, but it’s better than losing everything. Then, after all these, you may want to remove OneDrive from your computer. Anyway, that’s what I thought at the time. However, as I said before, OneDrive seamlessly interfaces with Microsoft. If you decide to uninstall it, there is another important thing to take care of. Just like what I said, I compared it to bubble gum stuck to the hair. If you drag it too hard, it might really pull your scalp off. To be safe, I checked on Google before trying to uninstall. Here I must remind you that before uninstalling OneDrive, you must unlink your PC and then unlink your Microsoft account. Otherwise, when you uninstall OneDrive, all the back-up files on your cloud storage may be deleted. This time, the lost files on your desktop may not be found. In fact, few people chose to uninstall OneDrive. I was scared by OneDrive. Still, I didn’t uninstall it. Unlinking my PC and then unlinking my Microsoft account is enough. In fact, as long as you log out your account and unlink it, your files will stay on your computer, your desktop. Even if the OneDrive server that stores your backup files blows up, it should be fine. Next, let me talk about my view on OneDrive. As I said before, OneDrive is actually very convenient. It links all your files to your Microsoft account. So on different devices, as long as you log in to your account, you can retrieve your files. Also, OneDrive will help you save Microsoft Office documents automatically and regularly. Even if the computer crashes suddenly, the files that you are working worked on can be retrieved. Well, I use WPS to process documents and use other cloud storage to synchronize backup documents. OneDrive is not that useful to me. Personally, I think OneDrive is just like other online storages. However, unlike other online storages, OneDrive is a Microsoft product. When you close a file, it will automatically store it to their server. By default, these files are bound to backup files stored on their servers. Therefore, when you empty the backup files online, the files stored on your computer will also be cleared together. Therefore, please remember to unlink your Miscrosoft account when preparing to delete files backed up by OneDrive. Some people don’t pay attention to this and it will happen. Just as terrible as what I have suffered. There is also another problem, that is “repetitive documents”. If you store the file in folder A, then OneDrive will back up the file with this folder A when synchronizing. If you transfer this file to another folder B, the file will be backed up again with folder B. The same file may be backed up twice. Due to the large number of documents I handle, some documents may be deleted and we will not see each other ever again in my life. However, these files were still stored in the cloud documents, so that when I restored the files, the files that were already dead to me came back. In short, there is a reason for OneDrive’s existence. After all, Microsoft’s goal is to make money. It is impossible to design a software that intentionally disturbs the users. For me, this function is really unnecessary, and having one or two cloud storages is enough. I will back up the files I really need. Once again, I don’t need such active flattery. This is my reminder to you all about OneDrive. For those who often deal with massive documents like I do, the loss of important documents is the end of the world. So, take care.

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