Part 2 of Seo Sookyung’s Paris tour + A desirable interview with Seowoo | Insta Famous Lives EP.02-1

By | December 10, 2019

Hello, I’m Jung Ryeowon. One, two, three. I feel like a Parisian. (This episode is also really fun!) (The main host of season 2
Seo Sookyung) (Stylist of top celebrities) (She has 165,000 followers
She’s as hot as celebrities) To make one million followers. How do I look charming in photos?
I really want to know. (Learn to take good pictures
from influencers) – Hello!
– Hi! Stretch out your legs. Can you lift up the board? Can you lower your arms a bit? – Sure.
– Act natural. (After Spartan training) (she managed to take
good pictures) (#Good For Your First Time
#You’ll Get Better) (She was invited as a celebrity
to 2020 S/S Paris Fashion Week) (But she forgot to
take her camera) Who would’ve thought that
I had to buy a camera in Paris? The battery died.
How could this happen? (Will she be able to successfully
complete her schedule in Paris?) (Insta Famous Lives 2) – Say hello.
– What should I say? I’m Mihwa. I live in Paris. (We’ll tell you a little bit
about her) (Graduate of New York CIA,
a prestigious culinary school) (She was in MasterChef Korea
season 1) (Sookyung’s best friend,
Chef Kim Mihwa) The weather is amazing today. – Yes. It’s a bit chilly.
– But it’s sunny. The wind is a bit chilly. Humidity is low and the sun is… Paris sunlight. – It’s really nice.
– Look. Wow, the Eiffel Tower. Hi, Eiffel Tower. (#Eiffel Tower At Night
With Sooyoung) (#Eiffel Tower In The Morning) That bridge was
in the movie ‘Inception’. Oh, that one? It’s originally called
Pont de Bir-Hakeim, but people call it
the Inception Bridge. This is not the Yanghwa Bridge. This is the Inception Bridge. Stand over there.
This angle is great. And, right here is the… (The Eiffel Tower is
right behind her) (#Parisian’s tip on how to
take good photos with the tower) Tourists take photos of
the Eiffel Tower on this bridge. (Celebrities also took photos
on this bridge) (Jennie from BLACKPINK
has been here too) And do you see the statue
over there? (A statue at the halfway point
of the bridge) That’s the best photo spot. (Everywhere in Paris is
a photo spot) – Best spot.
– Best spot. (Everyone came to take a photo
at the best photo spot) Look it’s right there. You can sit there
and the photo will look great. Like where she’s sitting?
I’ll sit down. (Paris vibe) (#Last Day In Paris
#Every Thing Was Perfect?) (But one hour has already passed
Only 4 hours until boarding) (Insta Famous Lives 2) (She came to have lunch
with her best friend Sooyoung) We’re having our last lunch
in Paris in this hot restaurant. I’ll tell you about this place. Do you know the film director
Luc Besson? (Luc who?) (He created the masterpiece Leon) (He also made The Fifth Element,
Lucy, Anna, etc.) (He is known worldwide
as a master director) So, Luc Besson and a famous chef
opened this place together. There are many famous
model agencies around here. So, a lot of people in the fashion
business come to this place. We’re here to help Sooyoung
advance overseas. We’ll go inside and
find the casting person. (Thanks, Sooyoung,
for holding the camera) (Food was served
as soon as they sat down) Wow, black plats. (Crispy tuna, salmon sushi,
crab meat, etc. Suitable for two) This is black truffle pizza. We must have some wine
with these dishes. I’ve been drinking wine
every day in Paris. (I have to eat, so I’ll give
the camera to Sooyoung) – Please don’t make big noises.
– Okay. – Don’t embarrass me.
– Okay. (Sookyung makes big reactions
when she eats delicious food) I know you’ll go, ‘Wow!’ – Can I just eat it like this?
– Yeah. (Taking a big bite) (Hmm?) (She’s opening her eyes wide
because she can’t make any sounds) (Let’s hear how she critiques
the food) What did they put in here? (Critique error) The dough is really thin, and… There’s some truffle sauce on it. And… They put some savory cheese
on top. It tastes light and clean. It goes perfect with wine. I can tell why this restaurant is popular. It’s really good. (Putting down the camera
so that she can eat better) I can’t hold the camera
while I’m eating. I’ll turn it back on
after I’m done eating. (Turned off the camera
for a real mukbang) (Sooyoung returned to Korea
after lunch (See you again)) My shopping mate today is… (Who is she?) This is Lee Yuna,
Manager of a British luxury brand. She’s an influencer. The Champs Elysees begins
from the Triumphal Arch. You can find everything there. Let’s walk around
the Triumphal Arch to exercise. I have to shop. – To buy a dress, right?
– Yes. I have to buy a dress
for a year-end party. I’ll just buy a dress
and go back to the hotel to pack and then get to the airport. And this is the Apple Store. It’s the most classic Apple Store
in the world. (Just walking down this street
makes you feel like a Parisian) (Here is the Triumphal Arch) We’re at the Triumphal Arch. Can you take a picture of me? (Must take a photo with it) Ta-da! This is the Triumphal Arch
at the Champs Elysees. It’s the perfect weather to
take a walk. Look at the sky. It’s picturesque, isn’t it? – It is.
– Got to take a picture here. (#In Front Of #Champs Elysees
#Triumphal Arch) (#When Will She Go
To The Airport?) – Finally…
– That’s your destination, right? Yes, that’s my destination. (It’s her specialty)
(In battle mode) This is what I want to try on. (Picked one dress as soon as
she entered the store) (Next target:
High-waist black pants) – This one is nice, isn’t it?
– It’s nice. I like high-waist pants. – And you look good in pants.
– Right. – I want to match them with…
– Oh. – I personally like this style.
– Neon color. (#Sookyung’s styling tip
2. See-through shirt) (Remember this
high-waist pants styling) (Another it item grabbed
her attention) – This suit.
– Yes. It’s a crop-pants suit. You should remember this suit
because it’ll be trending soon. – When?
– This F/W season. – We should buy them now.
– Yes, now. (Crop-pants&pant suit will be
in fashion in 2019 F/W) (Jennie from BLACKPINK wore it) (Isn’t she here to buy a dress?
Which dress will she pick?) (Silk dress with unique print) It’s feminine and sexy. – It’s beautiful.
– It is. (Acting pretty) I love it. – I’ll try on another one.
– Okay. (Dancing as she walks
out of happiness) (Sexy!) You look so pretty. (Glistening velvet
off-shoulder top) It’s really pretty. (Bold) This glisten is just perfect.
It’s not too much. Totally. I thought it’d be too revealing,
but it’s really nice. Yeah, it’s not too much. (Fitting session hasn’t ended yet) – Is that a slip dress underneath?
– Yes. So, it’s not too revealing. And there are button at the front. (Last one!
Tight pink velvet one-piece) (Super sexy) You look amazing. (Which one should I buy?) Which one did you like the best? (1. Silk dress
2. Velvet off-shoulder) (3. Red dress
4. Pink velvet dress) I think this one is nice, but… (She decided to buy all of them) (Real flex of the style boss) (Don’t you have to go
to the airport?) (She managed to get on the plane) Finally… (She almost missed it) I’m on the plane back to Incheon. I will eat bibimbap and ramen
when the plane takes off. And then I’ll fell asleep. (#Style Boss Sookyung
#Paris Fashion Week For 4Days) (#Date With Best Friend Sooyoung
#Took Some Good Photos) Hello. It’s Actor Jung. He has the best hair straightening skills
in Korea. – You’re covering the camera.
– I am? (Who is coming to have
the desirable interview?) The second guest I invited
today is… I’ve been doing her hair
since she was in high school. I’ve been styling her hair
for almost 20 years. I bet you’re really curious. All right. Let’s go. I’ll go in. (She’s right behind this door) (Who could it be?) (Show us already.
We’re feeling dizzy) – Soonchul.
– So… She is… It’s Seowoo, the top class actor. Hello. (Welcome, Seowoo!) (Lovely Seowoo is a beloved actor
who appeared in various movies) (Seowoo and Soonchul like
to try out different styles) (He’s her hairstylist
and a real friend) (Soonchul+Seowoo’s
desirable interview begins now) I’ve known her
since she was a baby. It’s been about 20 years. – Before she became an actor…
– Come on… You could’ve said
it’s been five years. Sorry, we need to sort this out
first. (We’re really close friends) Just say we’ve known each other
for a long time. A really long time. (#Totally Baby Face
#Don’t Ask About My Age) (#She Still Looks Like A Teenager
#No More Fighting) This show is all about me. – Not you.
– Not me? No I’m hot. I want to get out
of the chair. The star of this show is me. What time is my next schedule? (To reiterate, we’re really close) We should trim your hair
because it’s too dry. My hair used to come down
to my waist and you were the first person
to cut it short. That’s right. – Against my will.
– Yes. We cut your hair in
a two-block ‘Hime cut’ style. That’s right. (Short ‘Hime cut’ hair hidden
in her long hair) (When the long hair is tied up,
it looks like she has short hair) I think I was popular
when I did that hair. – You looked really pretty.
– That’s when… I think I had a boyfriend then. (We welcome this kind
of confessions) When I grew my hair out,
he left me. Do something now. I’ll do a hairstyle
that will get you a boyfriend. – Okay.
– All right? (Miraculous hair style by Soonchul
that will get you a boyfriend) You guys know the ‘beggar zone,’
right? (What? Beggar?) The awkward length
when it reaches your shoulders. I’ll give you a tip, Seowoo. Layered hair is much easier
to style. – It’s easier to blow dry, right?
– Yes. It looks really awkward
if you cut the ends straight. You can survive the ‘beggar zone’
with layers. That’s it. That’s it? Really? (You said you’ll help me
get a boyfriend) (Get out of the ‘beggar zone’
first) I’m a hair designer, but what kind of content
should I show on this show? We know nothing
about your private life. I never post about
my private life. We want to see that. Your desirable private life. – Really?
– Yes. – Your promiscuous private life.
– Really? (Seowoo, can you tell us more
about what you know?) What quality of me
do you find desirable? – Of you?
– Yes. If I tell you, can I have it? – I can really have it?
– Yes. – Really?
– Yes. (I can have what I desire?) Your body? (You’re making me blush) Right now, your body is skinny but muscular. – You look totally different.
– Yes. It’s amazing how you can
make your body like that. (Proof of his muscular body) (Can’t refute it
He has a hot body) – At first…
– You look so masculine. Yeah, I only lifted weights
at first. I bulked up. But I also do Pilates now. So, now I’m slim and… – You’re slim but muscular.
– Yes. You’re really muscular. I am. Then, show us now. (We have to meet
broadcasting regulations) What do you find desirable
about me? Your, um… – Your…
– You can’t think of one. – Your loveliness.
– You took too long. – You’re lying, aren’t you?
– No, I’m not. I’ve always wanted to tell you
this. You are the epitome of loveliness. – Lovely?
– And you’re cute. – Cute.
– You’re adorable. It’s in your DNA. (I’m Seowoo, the desirable) – You look pretty.
– It’s really nice. And one more thing. (Spraying it on his finger) Make some loose hair. You know how important
the loose hair is, right? – You look pretty.
– I look naive and pure. She looks gorgeous. – I look more pure.
– That’s it. (Before/After) She looks amazing, doesn’t she? With the puffy shoulders… This is the trendy hair style
in F/W season. (2019 F/W trend
Seowoo’s style recommendation) (It’s almost sold out) – Let’s take a selfie.
– One, two, three. (#She Hasn’t Aged At All
#Icon Of Baby Face) (#Perfect Pair #Forever)

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