35 thoughts on “Park Seo-joon opens up about his past to Kim Da-mi | Itaewon Class Ep 7 [ENG SUB]

  1. roe sa Post author

    very cute scene also does anyone know the name of the song that played? like which ost number is it?

  2. CrW_EAo Post author

    Thissssssss beeeeeechhhhhhh… next week needs to be here already

  3. precious mae Post author

    I'm not crying you are?😭 Damn i shipped them so hard ❣️

  4. Chloe Ho Post author

    I love this scene so much😭 I repeated it again and again🥰

  5. Heidi L. Post author

    ugh I am sorry totally not related to Itaewon Class but why do everytime I get a new notification from the Swoon I am wishing for more Crash Landing On You content :(((( Still not over that drama yet.

  6. daimary ra Post author

    So cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!! She already stole his heart ❤❤🥺🥺🥺

  7. JaCMi M Post author

    It is love. Feeling the pain and loneliness from the past and promise to be with him the rest of the life. You are not alone anymore ❤️

  8. ThatVickeyGirl Post author

    This scene was everything , the song playing in the background was just so good 😍😍 you can tell he’s starting to warm up to her

  9. siti sundari Post author

    My lovely Park Seo Joon oppa…😘😘😘glad to see him in this drama,,great actor with great act…😘😘😘😍😍😍

  10. okakababa7 Post author

    " I decided to kill those who mess with this guy" u go kim da mi, protect your man.

  11. Anne R.N. Purnell Post author

    Currently watching this, excellent! First time seeing black actor in K drama! Way to bring in diversity! Looking forward to see how it ends!

  12. kj Nightbird Post author

    Really respecting Park Seo Joon's acting & choice of roles he takes on. And the Director & Writer really know how to MAXIMIZE pivotal scenes in this Show as well.

  13. Adriana Aponte Post author

    Look everybody!. How easy a pshycopate manipulate a narcisist neurotic with falses emotions. And we are looking for the scene as a normal situation.
    Really, not for me. I just smile and wait. It s a pity the people believe that this pictures can be saludable.
    After Crash… , the love showing your black way.

  14. Siswanto Cool Post author

    when I watched this drama, I realized, I was not interested in other dramas. I like the story line, always interesting.

  15. Jee-na Lee Post author

    I have quite a love hate relationship with Kim Da-mi. 🤔

  16. kookachu7 Post author

    I am gonna wait for this series to complete and then watch it

  17. Yasmine Kattan Post author

    I really loved this scene. It was so sweet.
    But Im a little lost… people keep calling her a sociopath and saying she’s selfish, but a sociopath couldn’t love someone like this? And she really isn’t selfish from my perspective because everything she is doing is for Sae Ro Yi and she’s not asking anything in return, she isn’t pushing her love on him. But I keep getting confused with her character. They continue to show her as mean to others like they want viewers to not like her but they show her love to Sae Ro Yi as genuine. Her character is all over the place! I don’t know where they’re going with it. And why do they keep calling her a sociopath if she loves Sae Ro Yi this much?

  18. TheLincolnrailsplitt Post author

    I cried too! 😭This drama couple is incredibly loving and touching.❤❤ They have dethroned my favourite k-drama couple Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-young of Healer.

  19. curry 30 Post author

    here's my opinion, sae ro yi will ends up with both of them, soo ah in morning, yi seo for night XD
    thks me later

  20. Sharon Boateng Post author

    To be honest, I like how these two can argue with each other and help one another grow. It shows a very realistic side of relationships 💛


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