[Park Haneul❤️Seo Jimin] “Would You Be My Love (EXO CBX)” ~Love Playlist Season 4~

By | August 23, 2019

Do you need help? Perhaps, do you know where is Building 16? I’m sorry but I’m not sure… Or could you please point it out on this map? I had an early admission test today but I’m not good at finding ways. I have the interview at 11AM but I can’t find the building. It’s the exact opposite. You may have to run. I’m sorry but do you mind if I hold you? We don’t have time. Huh? Did you find that guy? No. If he’s not around by now, maybe he’s not in our school? Let’s go. I didn’t have the chance to thank him. Park Haneul Just wait for a bit. Hello?

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