Page speed optimization for SEO & why it matters ((Site Speed Tips Part 1)

By | August 25, 2019

(chiming music) (rocket blast) (hip hop music) Hello everyone, Arsham Mirshah here, co-founder of WebMechanix,
and today I want to talk about your weight problem. Not your weight problem, silly, your website’s weight problem. You’ve probably heard about this. Page speed or page weight, this is how fast your website loads. Who cares? Why is this important? Because Google and all the
search engines, really, are in the business of
providing relevant results, and thereby giving their
users a good user experience. So why do you go to Google
to search something? It’s because you believe that Google’s gonna give you the best answer. Well, how do they determine
what the best answer is? That’s the whole study of
search engine optimization. That’s a, you know we could
do another video on that. But all things equal, if
you have two websites, and they have the exact same content, the same back-link profile,
but one loads in seven seconds and one loads in two seconds,
everything else equal, Google’s going to rank
the faster-loading site. They’ve already come out and said that page speed is a ranking factor. It is one of the factors
in their algorithm. We don’t know how big of a factor it is, but I imagine, because they’re keeping an eye on this, mobile devices going up, up and to the right, faster than desktop. It’s a big deal. They know it. They want to provide a
good user experience, so they’re going to reward
sites that load faster. So if you got any
questions, reach out to us. We’re easy to find. Happy
to talk about this stuff. It’s really exciting for me. I know it’s kind of nerdy, but whatever. It makes an impact. It makes a difference. Makes a difference for
your users, thereby making a difference for your
business, and ultimately you’ll see it on your bottom line.

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