Outsourcing Malaysia Reviews Outsourcing in Malaysia

By | August 17, 2019

>>http://feasiblemarketing.com/ | Outsourcing
Malaysia Review Outsourcing Malaysia at FeasibleMarketing.com
is a Freelance Malaysia website
that provides outsourcing services to corporates including SMIs and SMEs. Feasible Marketing branded as Outsourcing
Malaysia is created by Jonas Lee in 2008 to promote his outsourcing services. Outsourcing Malaysia provides a range of outsourcing
services such as powerpoint presentation, powerpoint slide design, recorded powerpoint
presentation, web design, video production and SEO services. Outsourcing in Malaysia is estimated to be
a $1.9 billion industry by 2013. That is an enormous industry with plenty of
opportunities for companies as well as smaller entities
and individuals. Individuals such as Jonas has made a head
start in this industry long before the nation’s directives
in consolidating this industry. Jonas started providing his service as videographer
and video production. He soon began to provide web design services,
powerpoint presentation and SEO services. Powerpoint presentation with recording has
been one of his most popular service among the corporates. Outsourcing Malaysia believes there is much
room for providing the service of recorded presentation. This service helps expands the effort of a
company’s sales force and team. Jonas is offering this service at an affordable
price that allows SMIs and SMEs to compete with bigger corporates with hefty budget. Outsourcing is not just about cost. It is
also about quality and results. While many companies try to save cost by delegating
certain functions to non-trained personnel, it could end up having higher opportunity
cost due to misalignment in qualification. For instance, many companies have their secretary
to produce a powerpoint presentation in order to fill up the secretary’s time
as well as to save cost. While powerpoint presentation appears to be
a copy-and-paste task, it is one of the most important sales tools
for any company. Some companies also assign their sales staff
to produce their own powerpoint presentation. While this seems more appropriate, the sales
personnel should really be out there making sales
or closing sales. Worse, some owners try to produce their own
powerpoint presentation. Providers such as Jonas Lee from Outsourcing
Malaysia at http://feasiblemarketing.com/ are more apt in producing decent quality presentation. Freelancers like Jonas have probably done
powerpoint for countless number of times. As such the impact and effectiveness of presentation
by such freelancers will likely fare better than if it was done by
a secretary. It
is wise for a company to outsource supporting
or supplementary tasks to seasoned outsourcer or freelancer. The cost is minimal compared to hiring an
in-house full time staff. Furthermore, the quality will far supersede
than delegating to an existing staff without much experience on the task. Therefore, it makes business sense to consider
services provided by freelancers such as Jonas from Outsourcing Malaysia. Remember
to try out one of the most popular service
of Outsourcing Malaysia at http://feasiblemarketing.com/. Feasible Marketing provides outsourcing to Malaysia and around the globe. Powerpoint presentation is
our most popular outsourcing service, followed
by video production, web design and SEO.

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