Our Product Development Process!

By | August 15, 2019

At Xugar, we have a 5 step product development process to ensure that we efficiently deliver you the highest quality website. We begin with Define. This is where we ask you about your business, your competitors, your customers and your goals. It’s the most important phase of the project
as we specify all elements and functionalities of your website. Next is Design, and we make sure to ask “Why?” This is the Xugar difference. We ensure that all the required elements are
present and flow into one another for optimal user interaction and conversions. From here we begin choosing colours, fonts to create mock ups for you to easily visually experience your
website before it is developed. In Develop, we collate all the assets and send them our trusted development team to begin coding. We follow web standards to build you a responsive,
secure and reliable website across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Debug After the site has been developed we begin
to fully test it, inside and out, to get rid of any bugs. While other agencies test responsiveness in
browser only, we test your product natively on every device so to ensure that everything
works as intended. We go through an extensive and detailed list
of all of your website’s functionality and design elements to guarantee everything is
right! Finally, Deliver. Congratulations, your website is complete! This last phase of the project ensures that
we deliver your website to your customers and transition to the live web as smoothly
as possible. Now that your website is live, Xugar can sustainably
grow your business by using advanced digital marketing strategies such as Search Engine
Optimisation, Pay Per Click advertising, Social Media and Email Marketing. Get in touch with us today to kick start your project!

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