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By | August 15, 2019

In this video We are discussing search engine optimization often referred to as SEO and its effectiveness as a strategy to market your ophthalmology practice. Ophthalmology SEO is a strategy that focuses on driving traffic to your website through organic search results from search engines like Google. With this strategy, you’re trying to appear higher for search terms like ‘cataract surgery’ or ‘glaucoma’. As for generating new patients This is a very effective strategy. This is a long-term strategy to effectively implement which makes it very difficult for ophthalmologists or their staff to utilize the strategy on their own. The typical cost associated with an ophthalmology SEO ranges widely due to different practice sizes, their market, and their specialty. You can expect to pay anywhere from five hundred to five thousand dollars a month. But many agencies will offer packages that will fit your budget. To effectively implement this strategy you will first need a website. Ideally, you will have a website that works on all devices is an extension of your practice and converts users into patients. Be sure to watch our video on ophthalmology website design. Once you have a website you need to ensure that you have specific content on your website for terms you would like to rank for. If you want to show up for LASIK, you need to have unique content discussing the treatment benefits and other pertinent information. This is a complex strategy and it can be difficult to know what to look for in an agency. But five key factors to any effective SEO campaign are; Having robust multimedia content such as video images and text. Having a strong backlink profile. In laymen terms. This is when other websites link to your site. Site performance audits. For instance having a site that works across all devices. Technical SEO. Which means having proper coding on the backend. So search engines can clearly understand the content on your website. Local optimization. Search engine results are heavily influenced by a user’s proximity to a business. So ensuring your business information is accurate across the web is crucial for success. SEO is a complex marketing strategy But it is crucial because today many patients find their eye care specialists through online searches. You can read more about each of these topics on our website. In our next video We will discuss eye care directory listings as a marketing strategy, which is the foundation for SEO.

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