Online SEO course: Keyword research training

By | September 30, 2019

“Why can’t I rank for the keywords
I want to rank for? And why am I not getting traffic
for the keywords I am ranking for?” Meet Alice.
She sells and installs solar panels. She also blogs
about renewable energy. She’s trying to increase traffic
from Google to her site, but can’t quite seem to get it done. Keyword research
is the very first step in SEO. If you don’t use the right keywords,
you’re simply not going to be found in Google. But it isn’t easy, and many sites struggle
with their keyword strategy. You need to know what terms
your audience uses. And you need to target keywords
you can realistically expect to rank for. This requires proper and smart research. In our Keyword research training,
we teach you exactly how to do that, using Alice’s site as an example case
to shine light on the entire process. And at the end of the course, you’ll have your own
complete keyword list ready to go! So you can start ranking for keywords
that help your business! Make sure the people looking to find you
actually end up on your site. Get the Keyword research training
right now!

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