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By | March 2, 2020

– At Arche Solutions, we provide ROI-based online marketing campaigns. And when I say ROI-based, I say that because
return on investment is, generally speaking, the biggest priority for most of our clients. The first step in this process
is to do a market analysis. And so what I mean by a
market analysis is analyzing the market to determine
the potential revenues that you can generate. For example, if you’re dominant in Google. Most people think, “Well if you’re on top of Google you’re making a lot of money.” That’s not always the case. The fact is is that a lot
of business is contingent upon their profit margins and the amount of search
volumes don’t necessarily all do that well and
if that’s your industry you can spend a lot of
money doing online marketing and never get that full
positive return on investment. So you have to be as smart
about it from the beginning and take an analytical
approach and look at it. With that said, you may be in a situation where you know your competitors
are doing very well, and if that’s the case then you can probably bypass that portion. The second part of this is the execution and how we get there. So basically what we do is we
break down all your options, and the options would be for example SEO, or maybe you’re considering
pay-per-click campaigns or maybe video or social media marketing. And you break all those down and you assign costs associated to those, and then you basically
put them in an order and prioritize them. And it’s pretty
straightforward on the surface except it’s not always that so clear because there’s, generally
speaking, synergy between different types of
online marketing campaigns. For example; if you’re considering SEO and then you also consider
a pay-per-click campaign. Pay-per-click, Google,
paying Google for placement actually has a positive
impact over on the SEO side. On the other side, you
may be considering video. Video has a incredible positive impact on your conversion rate and that can obviously affect your SEO, but the better you do on SEO, obviously that increases the
total number of calls based on your conversion rate. So you have to look at
these things strategically, make decisions on what’s
best for your business and prioritize these
based on what you expect to be the most positive
return on your investment. If you’re considering online marketing or if you’re considering
online video, give us a call. 713-963-4605.

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