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By | August 14, 2019

Got really interested in this whole marketing
game and went down lots of different rabbit holes and started reading things like Jay
Abraham. Some of these names are worth looking into if you havenít heard of them: Jay Abraham,
Dan Kennedy. These are some of the classic direct mail people. It was all about selling
and learning how to sell, and marketing. I think as business owners, one of the key
things you need to learn how to do is make sure that you know how to sell. Selling is
absolutely central to everything that you do when it comes to being a business owner.
So you want to think about what ways can you replicate your sales process. Thatís why
web video and things like that will work so well and weíll talk about different ways
that you can replicate your sales message so you can just get out there and sell. One of the things that I did and it was just
before I went to the Brad Sugars workshop, I was reading a book called The One Minute
Millionaire. Thereís a story in The One Minute Millionaire about a guy called Paul Hartunian
and he sold the Brooklyn Bridge. Iíll tell you a little bit more about that story a little
bit later in the presentation when I get to the PR section. What happened, they were doing
some renovations on the MCG. I got pieces of the MCG, bits of carpet and wood and things
like that. I cut it up into little pieces and then sent out a press release: Melbourne
Man Sells the MCG for $24.95. I sold little pieces and got picked up by the media. That
was my first real entrepreneurial big step forward and I felt like that was one of those
moments. As youíre sitting there, you might not realize
it, but you might be just about to break through. The next great idea could be just around the
corner. It might be something that you hear today, it might be something small. It might
be just that one little distinction and then you get that aha moment and then you can break
through. So weíll make sure that we create those moments today. Then I continued going through looking at
different gurus. Then I got interested in the whole internet marketing game. It started
off with, like I was saying, direct mail but then shifted over into internet marketing.
I really saw thatís the way forward. You guys know that by coming here today. The internet
is where itís at when it comes to business. Weíve done a lot of offline business. We
used to have a clothing store called Planet 13, it sold punk metal, gothic and rock and
roll clothing, the triple stud belts and Rolling Stone t-shirts and that type of thing. We were on Flinders Street, we had a store.
We had a store in some shopping centres and that business vehicle, when you compare it
to online, itís just worlds apart. Having just $11,000 rent just to start per month
for our city store. Then youíve got wages, then all the other expenses that come on top
of that, when you compare that to internet business, itís just like chalk and cheese.
The benefits of doing online business are so great. It plugs into existing business
as well. So if youíve already got that existing business, adding that on could potentially
be one of the most profitable things that you do. For what we did for Planet 13 now, weíve
shifted and itís completely, one hundred percent online. It was and still is, the strongest
performing component of our business. We get the best return on our investment by what
it is that we market online and some of the things that youíre going to learn about today. So after going through all of these different
workshops and things like that, itís very easy once you first start learning this material,
it can get a little bit addictive, just learning that information. You feel like youíre progressing
forward because youíre learning, learning. There will be a point where youíll take what
it is that you learn from today and start implementing it. Once the rubber hits the
road is where you start taking this material and then start applying it in your own business. There needs to be a point where you just say,
enough is enough. I had attended all of these different workshops and it was almost like
every second weekend I was going to another boot camp or one of these evening seminars
and things like that. I started to get a little bit frustrated. You might have had it as well,
especially if youíre an entrepreneur. A lot of entrepreneurs get this. Itís almost like
youíre digging a whole lot of holes, little holes. If you imagine a big field and youíre
digging all of these little holes trying to find gold but you never go very deep in any
hole. So youíve just got tons of these little different opportunities that youíve tried
but youíve never really taken one thing and just worked really hard at that one thing
and made that successful. A lot of people you might start something
very briefly and then say, oh, this doesnít work. I tried it for two weeks and I didnít
get the result. Oh that one didnít work either because this happened. But quite often the
common element, when you go from one opportunity to the next and you keep on going from opportunity
to opportunity, what is the common element that keeps on going from one to the next that
might be causing it to fail? Itís you because you keep on going to every single one and
youíre bringing the same problems every time and youíre not giving yourself a chance to
fully explore that business. So what I want you to do is thinking in terms
of your business, and all of today is about thinking about how can I take what Daveís
talking about now and apply it to the business that Iím running right now to get more out
of what Iíve already got? Donít think about, oh, Dave mentioned this idea of local internet
business marketing. Maybe I should go sell these strategies to small business. No, how
about we make your business work and once you get that proof of concept, then start
going applying it elsewhere. So I got a little bit frustrated after attending
all of these different workshops. Iíd learnt all of these different skills and I hadnít
quite broken through. We had a little bit of success with the Metastock Programming
Study Guide and a few different courses. Iím a little bit embarrassed to say it, at the
end of going to all of these different workshops and things like that, I had over 550 domain
names that Iíd registered in a whole lot of different niches, everything from ballet
dancing all the way up to ice skating. You name it, I was in every niche that you could
think about. We took these public domain works, books that
had fallen out of copyright and started putting up all of these sites with all this different
content. My idea was letís throw up as much against the wall as we can, weíll see what
sticks and then weíll hone in on that. There was something to that being said but I wasnít
giving my mind space to move because I had too many things going on. Sometimes what youíll find, and this is one
of those key lessons that youíll take away, is how important that focus is. The focus,
getting focus is what is going to give you that real breakthrough. Taking everything
that weíre applying and talking about today, channeling it into your own business and then
breaking through to the next level. I looked across all of the different businesses
that we had and I thought, what is the common element that is making the successful ones
successful? I had thrown a lot up against the wall. Then I thought, well, why is that
one working, why is that one working? The key for me was traffic. It comes down to getting,
and it goes back to what Iíd learnt a little bit earlier, this idea of you can have a great
product, but now you need to get it in front of the eyes. If youíve got the great product,
you get it in front of the eyes, Thatís the magic formula. So then I started to think about, how can
I develop these strategies as low cost as possible and the most effective as possible,
the best return on my investment and start applying it to the core businesses that I
wanted to have work? We tested a whole lot, I started of with search engine optimization
and weíll talk a little bit about SEO as the day progresses. There are a whole lot of other traffic strategies
that weíve now meshed into it. I went after SEO first because, you think of something
like Pay Per Click and running Google AdWords, there is a cost associated with that. For
someone who is just getting started, SEO can look attractive because there itís free traffic,
itís organic traffic. But there is still time and effort to build that up and you still
need to get articles written and there is still investment that goes into it. So regardless
of what traffic strategy you go after, there will be a cost that you have to pay for that. So we developed this method we called The
SEO Method. It was a step by step approach, the way that we built things and started getting
them to dominate on the search engine. We were in a really competitive space. We were
in the stock market niche which is one of the most competitive spaces that you can be
in. Financial services, things like credit cards, mortgages, theyíre up there. If you
can make it work there, you can make it work anywhere. We started and weíre still ranking for things
like trading systems. Thatís a very competitive term. Our business just took off and we started
selling a whole lot of things. It was almost like that breakthrough moment. I said, yes,
traffic is what I need to come up with a system for. Then I created a system to almost cookie
cutter that and you could drop it into any website and get really good results. Thatís when the trading business started
to take off. We started to build the team. Youíve probably met some of the guys, the
current team as well. That photo is a little hard to see but that was some of the original
team who helped set up the trading business. We also will look at outsourcing and how you
can hire staff over in the Philippines and places like that. But this was my local team. I think itís important to have the team members
around you as well. Thatís another real key takeaway from the entrepreneurial journey
is you need to build a team. There is no way that you can really do it on your own. Youíll
get so much growth once you start to add other good people in. You find A players, people
like Adrian, people like Sally. You make sure you find the A players because theyíre the
ones who are going to help your business grow really quickly. So we built the team and some changes happened.
The Australian financial law changed a little bit and ASIC came out and they talked about
having licensing when giving financial information and things like that. You needed to be licensed
to give general advice. What is general advice? That is such a broad sweeping term. So my
business partner at the time, Stuart, he was in one of the photos earlier, we didnít end
up going down the licensing route for a little while. We diverged a little bit and thatís
when the team, we pulled them aside and said, ok, what are we going to do? We had found that a lot of people had asked
us how we were ranking. We were coming into things like trading psychology. This guy had
been going after the term ëtrading psychologyí for the past four years. We moved into the
space and I think it was in about four or five months we ended up getting top position
for trading psychology. He said, how are you doing this? We started to get people asking
us, how are you doing what youíre doing? Then we thought, hang on, clearly we know
what weíre doing when it comes to creating traffic, thatís our real core expertise. It doesnít matter what business you apply
it to. Every business needs more traffic. Thatís when we ended up and Melbourne SEO
Services was born. The team said, ok, there is going to be very small incremental difference
for us to add in another business into our system. We can just drop something in. The
system is already there, we just need to write articles about different topics. The process
is still the same. So we started to offer it as a service. We found what we were doing in the stock market,
a hyper competitive niche, you compare that to something like Toowoomba Outdoor Camera
Equipment or something like that and youíll absolutely dominate the market. It is a lot
less competitive space. Sure you might get less traffic for those terms, but the person
searching dentist Melbourne is a buyer with a problem who is ready to pick up the phone
and place the order, rather than someone just searching dentist. Maybe itís a school project and a kid wants
to find out what it takes to become a dentist. That phrase dentist is a very broad term,
whereas if you go for dentist Melbourne and start to target some of these geographic terms,
you can really get position number 1 very quickly. You donít need a huge amount of
traffic and that traffic can convert incredibly well.

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