Online Business Success Tips from SEO Expert Mike Berry aka @DynamicMike

By | August 27, 2019

So my name’s Mike Berry and I’ve got two websites,
today that I was highlighting; one is and the other is 1st page ranking, which is
the number one st hyphen page hyphen ranking dot com.
So in terms of top tips for small businesses, which I think was your question, first tip
I think I would give is to to have an opt in, to have a reason to grab your customers,
your visitors to your website. Most, most websites do not have any reason to grab the
visitors. And if you take this to the extreme, I can give you a quick example, one of my
friends was actually paying Google Ads to be found and he was getting 30,000 hits a
day and he had no opt in what so ever and he was getting one percent in sales. So he
was getting about 300 sales a day, which he was very delighted with, but as I said to
him, that means you have 29,700 visitors per day and you have no idea who they are or how
to communicate with them. So rather than spending more money with Google Ads etc. offer them
something, a reason for them to leave their contact details and at least then they’ll
be able to find you or you’ll be able to contact them again. So that would be number one, have
a reason, to give them something for nothing, just to grab their contact details and most
small businesses miss that. Number two I would say make it mobile friendly. Make your site
mobile friendly these days because most people are now walking around with their smart phones
so that’s were simple to do actually now. Number three. Probably use your idea of video.
I thin video is a fantastic concept these days and it’s going to get bigger and bigger
and bigger faster and faster as well. And in terms of search engine optimisation Google
are paying attention to it that as well so Google are giving you brownie points for having
video footage in there. Social Media, don’t ignore it but don’t waste
too much time on it. So there’s an awful lot of easy ways to waste time on social media
but that’s old fashioned now in my opinion, you know the number of Facebook likes and
the number of Twitter followers that you have is irrelevant in today’s world I believe.
We used to say turnover is vanity and profit sanity, well having Facebook likes and Twitter
followers is vanity. If you think about how many things you liked on Facebook in the last
week versus how many things you actually purchased as a result you’ll see what I’m talking about.
So that would be number four. Have social media but don’t waste too much time on it
OK. So for number five I think probably is turn
to someone like me that has experience. You know I generated my first income online in
1996, so actually two years before Google was born, and I’ve spoken around the world
on the internet platform so I’ve heard a lot of ways of making a lot of money on the internet.
But regardless of what your business is I would say that if you find someone who has
been there, done that and can prove it, to mentor you and set a direction, then spend
some money on it it’s worth it. It’s a bit like looking at a map before you drive to
Manchester. OK, you know it’s the Steven Coggy said, Steven Cobby it’s the last law if you
like, is sharpen the sword. So if you just pay attention to what other people are doing
that works and then follow them. Follow their guidance.
So those are my five top tips for success online for small businesses and from Mike
Berry Dynamic Mike.

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  1. Barry Adamson Post author

    All good advice re online success, Mike, I enjoyed your video.


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