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By | August 10, 2019

My name is Chris Palmer , This is On Page SEO For Beginners. Welcome to the channel Chris Palmer SEO Where we talk about search engine optimization SEO and business related content along with SEO tutorials If you haven’t, please take the time to go ahead and subscribe, but let’s go ahead and get in today’s video What we will be covering in today’s video in today’s tutorial We will cover one of the most important on-page SEO Factors, not just one, but I actually have a list broken down where to put your keywords specifically and the different types of keywords Okay, On-page SEO Tutorial for beginners that is what we’ll go over today, but only one aspect keywords on-page are a very important aspect of on-page SEO for all you beginners and One of the most important factors for on page SEO is keywords on-page So keywords are what we rank for ok Keywords and variations of keywords or LSI words which are latent semantic indexing words Tell Google and other search engine what the page is all about Okay. So without words on page, there are numerous other ranking factors. However for on-page SEO for Everyone out there your keywords on-page are very very important So that’s why I want to cover it in this on-page SEO tutorial for beginners so quickly the different types of keywords like I mentioned before Before we go into the keyword ranking factors, which is what this tutorial will be all about Before we go into the ranking factors. Let me just go over the three types of keywords. I believe there’s a few others However, these are the ones really that we’re going to be interested in for this tutorial so you have your exam match keywords or exact phrase and let’s just say you want to rank a webpage for best plumber Pennsylvania I live in Pennsylvania Right, so that would be your exact match keyword Now a variation would be just a slightly modified. Maybe even an S best plumbers any variation of the keyword or keyword phrase and then an LSI or a latent semantic indexing words these are the words that will actually tell Google the quality of the page because when you start referring to other words they can start making those connections to Basically say hey this page is talking about this and it has these words and other pages Ranking for this also have these words on page. I hope that I explained that good for you. So remember always All right, I’m gonna go down this quick little list here Look at your competition You know, I talked to a lot of even my friends They don’t actually look at the SERPs, I mean they look at the tools they’ll look at you know guidelines You know, they have a best practice whatever the case may be. But if you’re not looking at your competition who’s ranking above you and seeing why they’re in that position because at the end of the day Google is showing you exactly what they want to see so why not just use what they show you so any case so see what the top ranking pages in your niche look like and See their word count, okay what I’m getting at for on page here is Every factor that builds up the on-page Ok, the images the bones the italics the h1 tags h2s and etc. Okay. So look at how many H1 tags and H2 Tags for your website Look at their alt text. Are they using variation? Are they not using variation? Are they using alt text? Okay So look at their web pages very very important If Google is ranking these web pages high there is a reason match and beat them to all right so let’s move on to the on page keyword factors that’s really going be the basis of this video is Keywords are what really drives your webpage to move up and remember Google is not ranking Websites they rank web pages Okay, so the keywords the exact match keywords all of the partial matches all of the LSI keywords This makes up the grand scheme of your on-page SEO for beginners, but it’s all about keywords. Let’s go ahead and move on So this is only one On-page SEO for beginners tutorial it’s only one. There is a lot of aspects to on-page SEO but really we want to just touch on like I mentioned before The key places to have your different types of keywords in order to rank your page So there’s a lot to learn about on-page SEO and I will be covering the importance of keywords for on-page SEO for beginners. Like I mentioned I love when I write stuff and then I Start talking and then it’s already written. So let’s move on So let’s talk about the most important places to make sure your keywords appear Okay, so this is going to get into the list the factors. This is the tutorial for beginners keywords on page Where should you put them? What are the factors? Okay they’re in an order of sorts Okay from the most important place to have your keywords or keyword variations and then it’ll go to number 8 I believe I did so the number one place to make sure you put your keyword is going to be Inside of the title. Okay. So the title tag should contain an exact match keyword of what you want to ring for The title tag is in my opinion the most important aspect of the on-page SEO. if you don’t do anything else make sure the title tag is the word that you want to rank Or the phrase whatever the case may be. Let’s move on to number two So number two most important place to insert your keyword or variation keyword for your on-page SEO So the second place is going to be in your url all right now inside of the URL like I did here so you have your HTTP colon forward slash forward slash and then you would have your website right as you can see here Slash and then you would put your keyword so you won’t have your keyword Inside of the URL very important and I wrote here it could be an exact match Generally, depending on a few things nine times out of ten you want to make that your exact match keyword in the URL and in the title tag. Let’s go ahead and move on. So number three most important place to insert your keyword or variation for your on-page SEO for beginners tutorial Is in the body of content So this can and should be a variation keyword of your keyword or a variation keyword. Keywords, I should say. so a different variation of the exact match, so if you wanted to rank for uh, You know best plumber Philadelphia. You could do a variation 24 hour plumbing Pennsylvania or something along those lines? Also throughout the document there should must be variation and most certainly LSI words. So there are numerous tools online of That will give you LSI words and basically if a page is ranking they’re ranking for a keyword But alongside those keywords there has to be other Words that are associated with that topic and this is what tells Google the quality of the web page Okay, so there are some tools do a little bit of reading. But let’s just move on in number four So number four the most important place to insert your keyword for your on page SEO for beginners in this tutorial for beginners is gonna be the h1 tag a Very important place. So the next one number four is the h1 tag, and this could be the exact or a variation of the exact match keyword So number five most important place to insert your keywords or variations. (Little SEO Expert Appears ) the H2 tag, so this should be a variation of generally a Variation keyword in your h2 tag, but lately I have been seeing a lot of pages putting the h2 up towards the top and Ranking off of the h2 now not saying that’s the case for every single industry. However Take a look at the SERP and see if that’s something that would be recommended for you. Let’s move on to number six So the number six most important place to insert your keywords or variation keyword for your on-page SEO for beginners Are going to be the other heading tag, so you have your h3. H4 and h5 So as I wrote here number six is tricky because you need to look at your competition like I kept mentioning Looking at the SERP looking at the SERP is absolutely ideal because Google is giving you a blueprint to what they want to see ranking. Alright, so if your competition is ranking and they have seven H3s on your page My recommendation would be you should – okay So let’s just go ahead and move on so number seven most important place to insert your keyword for your on-page SEO for beginners is in the bold and Italic or B and I tags, okay It is a must to view your ranking competition pages to see the use now This could be where you could catch an advantage over your competition because on page SEO for beginners you know, I don’t have the test right here. However there are certain times where bolding and Highlighting I’m not saying it could give you a little bit of a boost not 20 position jumps however, for on page SEO It could most certainly give you a small advantage and an edge over your competition. And any little thing that you could do is most certainly a help for any SEO campaign. So for these Bold and italics use variation or LSI bold and italic as I wrote. Let’s move on the number eight. So number eight the most important place to Put your keywords for your on-page SEO for beginners is inside of your alt tag the alt tags are your image tags. Okay now as a Google guideline, they want you to describe the photo so you should do that. However, using either an LSI or a variation of an exact match. Take it easy with those exact matches though, you don’t want too many. But switching it up for all of your images is most certainly a ranking factor in my opinion. But let’s just go ahead and move on There is a lot or there’s a ton more to on-page SEO for beginners I’m sure as you know these are the factors for keywords on page SEO for a beginner and Keywords are really at the end of the day other than I mean other factors external factors Keywords on-page are what make you rank? Okay So I hope this helped you if you have an idea for a video or you need help Please leave a comment below. I thank you for viewing my on-page SEO Tutorial for beginners and I cannot wait to see you in the next SEO video. Have a wonderful day (End) On Page SEO for Beginners

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