On Page SEO: 7 Techniques to Better Rankings in 2018 | Tyler Horvath

By | November 8, 2019

what’s up everybody it’s Tyler Horvath
and welcome to another episode of the daily T today I’m going to talk to you
about on-page optimization I’m gonna show you how to optimize your web pages
so that they will rank a lot better in Google so I have seven little steps here
little techniques that you must do to your pages in order to rank good in
Google so let’s get started it’s just gonna be a quick and dirty video I just
want to go over all the points and you know get you going and get you started
on on your on-page optimization for your website so the first thing that you have
to look at is the head tags so if you’ve ever looked at HTML before you know that
there’s a head there’s a body there’s a footer and now inside the head code is
where you’re gonna put all of your maeda tags so maeda tags tell Google and other
websites kind of you know some some meta information about the web page and the
website so the first one to look at is the maiden title so this is the main
title of your webpage and it is actually what is seen when you search in Google
or other search engines it’s the big you know blue link that you see to click on
to go to the website so it’s super important that this has your main
keywords in it and you know what the page is about because this is how people
are going to see your website when they’re searching in Google so if you
have a keyword and someone searches for that keyword and it’s in your made a
title that is gonna be bold in Google and that will help you stand out more
and get more clicks to your website so having a keyword rich made a title you
know that adheres to the character limit I believe it’s 80 characters so you
don’t want to go too long you want to be short and to the point but also include
your main keywords so the next meta tag is the main a description so this is the
description of your web page and kind of what it’s about so it’s important to
note with all of these tags that they should be unique on each page so you
shouldn’t have duplicate meta titles or duplicate
descriptions on any page so make sure you go through your site and make sure
that every you know made a title and Meta Description is different now the
main description is going to be the text description that you see in Google when
you search for stuff now it is possible that Google will use
you know just content from the page if it is you know more relevant to the
search but it’s likely that they’ll use the made a description in the search
results to you know show the searcher kind of more about what the website is
about so it is also important to have keywords in your made a description as
well because if that keyword matches it will be bold in the Google search
results as well so another way to you know make your listing or you know your
your search results page stand out more so the next one is somewhat newer but
it’s very important it’s the og tag so og stands for open graph and it’s kind
of a newer schema that you can add to your website they kind of kind of you
know give Google and other search engines more information about you know
what the what type of site it is if it’s a website if it’s a you know products
what the web page is and you can also add you know your facebook URL your
twitter and you know it will connect you with you know your your Facebook and
your Twitter pages so it knows you know which social profiles connect to the web
page so now that you have all your meta tags done now we can move down and we
can’t move to the URLs of your web pages so the URL is also super important you
want to be short and to the point but also include your main keywords so don’t
make URLs that are you know tons of words long it should be at least I would
say 3 to 4 would be a target for the amount of keywords in your URL so now I
know there’s gonna be stock words sometimes like is the a stuff like that
but you want to have three or four of your main keywords in your URL but it’s
good to remember that the shorter the better and
if you know your webpage is about just one keywords like cars that should be
the main keyword of the page so I’ve also added HTTP into the the URL part
because having a secure website is now super important for ranking well in
Google so they now use it as a factor and they look at the security of a
website to you know to compare to others to see efficient outrank those or not so
it’s important to have an SSL certificate installed on your website
and that will kind of give you an extra little boost in the search engines
because you know your site is trusted and it’s secure and Google likes that so
moving down our webpage here the next part is the main title so headings are
another important part of on-page SEO these kind of tell Google and other
search in you know each part of the website with the web page and what it’s
about so the h1 tag is the main title so you
should have h1 as your main title and there should only be one on every single
page so the h1 is somewhat similar to the made a title in that it describes
the entire page and what the whole page is about so if we stick to our cars
example and our key word is cars you know our main title is gonna have to be
cars or something similar to that that is pretty much explaining what the
entire webpage is about and then now you can go down the page and you can split
everything up into sections so I like to think of it as a book so if this was a
book the main title would be the title of the book and the subsections or the
h2s would be the chapters of the book now if there are any you know sub
sections of each chapter that would be a h3 and if you know you get even deeper
than that you can go to h4 h5 h h6 so you want to make sure that you break up
all of your content into sections separated by you know your headings and
those will tell what each section is about and will also you know
target those keywords in those sections and it could possibly be shown in the
maiden description on google so make sure that you have heading tabs on every
page and that the h1 is the only one on the page there’s only one h1 and then
you know do all your subsections in the h2 h3 h4 s so the next part is your alt
tags so alt tags are tags that go on your images in the HTML and it’s a tag
that tells Google what the image is about so when Google crawls your website
it can only crawl text so when it sees an image it can’t see the image because
it doesn’t have eyes you know even though it’s a spider it needs to know
what that image is about using text so the alt tag tells Google what that image
is about so put in your your you know your relevant keywords in your your alt
tags can help you rank better in google images which in turn will help you rank
better just in normal Google search results so make sure that any images on
your pages have alt tags that describe that image so another thing to note now
that we’re talking about images is it’s good to add other content to your pages
besides just text so you should be splitting up your content with images
videos graphs all sorts of great media that can you know give more white space
and give a better UI to your webpages and in turn that will also increase your
SEO because as I’ll talk about you know later having a good UI and a good
responsive website can really help your SEO so the next thing is your internal
and external linking structure so it’s important to link both to outside
sources as well as inside sources to your website so if you are you know
writing a blog post and you have other great blog post that you want to you
know share naturally you can link to those blog posts and blog posts inside
your blog post so linking to other relevant parts of your website inside
you pages will help Google crawl all your
other pages more as well as pass on that link juice to those pages so make sure
that you are linking to other relevant pages in your website and you also want
to link out to other relevant Authority websites in your niche so if you are you
know making this page about cards like we were talking about it would be good
to you know link out to cars.com or auto trader or other car related websites
that are you know authority websites in your field and Google will see okay
they’re linking out to those websites so it must be you know a similar website so
it used to be that you didn’t want to rank here you don’t want to link out to
any websites and you wanted the most amount of Link’s coming in but now it’s
it’s more known and it’s better that you link out to other relevant sites because
that will tell Google you know that you are an authority site as well related to
those other websites so now that you have a good internal and external
linking structure you want to really take a look at your site speed so having
a fast website is one of the most overlooked things when it comes to SEO a
lot of people will just you know get GoDaddy or Bluehost and you know those
are just too slow and when people come to your website and it doesn’t load fast
they’re gonna leave and Google knows this they can see how long people are
staying on the website and leaving the website and they’ll rank you better if
they know that people like your website and that it’s fast and it loads good so
they can see the dwell time between when someone visits your site and goes back
to Google now if your dwell time is low you’re gonna get you know games for that
and they’re gonna rank you lower but if your dwelling is high and people are
staying on your site longer before they go back to the Google search results
Google will know that that you know that person is finding the answer that they
wanted and they will rank you higher so having a fast website will make sure
that people aren’t leaving your website because it’s too slow and it will also
allow you know Google crawlers to crawl your website faster because it can load
it faster so that one is super important and
definitely one that you should you should be checking out so you know test
your site speed make sure it’s quick and that will definitely help you out there
so the last thing and is somewhat you know similar to the site speed is having
a responsive website so having your website work on all devices is really
important part of on-page SEO for the same reason that site speed is because
if you know someone comes to your website and they’re on a mobile device
and it doesn’t work they’re gonna leave you know so having a website that works
on all devices will help people stay longer and it will give you a better UI
which in turn will rank you better in Google so I hope these seven techniques
can help you let me know if you have any questions comment below if you have any
questions on on-page SEO I’ll be happy to answer them I hope you enjoyed this
video and I hope you got a lot out of it be sure to subscribe to my channel I’m
always posting great content on how to grow your business online and how to do
digital marketing so make sure to follow me and thank you for watching my video
have a great day

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