On Page SEO 2020 – The Guide That Actually Returns Results

By | January 30, 2020

Brodey Sheppard: In this video I’m going
to show you how to do on page SEO exactly the why we do it. And I’m going to do it by showing you an
article that we wrote a little while ago. I run through the article in a video
format and I’m going to show you all the strategies, all the techniques to use to
grow your SEO campaign with low need for us. No need for any other agency. And if you are an agency, take take notes
because this is something that we have very. Good data to suggest. These are very accurate suggestions and
things that really impact on page SEO. So I’ll kick things off. There’s three main categories of SEO,
your own page, your off page, and your technical. So on page SEO is everything from schema
markup to the content that’s on the website and so forth. The technical SEO is your performance,
your servers, where everything’s sort of. They indexed from whether you saw it,
maps are up, so forth, and then you’re off page, which is your outreach, your
backlink profile and everything like that. So we’re covering one third of SEO there. There aren’t more equal. Everyone will love you. They’re all different scales. I’d say the biggest is off page, followed
by on page followed by technical. However. Most would argue this is on page is
the most important content creation. However, we, uh, have the daughter, we
use data to make our decisions and data suggests otherwise, as of right now, so
there’s heaps of raking tractors on pages, just one of the middle pages and broken
down into hundreds, if not thousands of other categories. But we’ve covering the ones that we know
have data to back up and suggest that these are the best impactors and what
you should focus on on your website. So we’ll go through things like
understanding what a search engineers, the metatags title tags, social media tags,
scalable cop performance server locations. Now, these are technically technical
SEO, but they are needed to be noted on a geotagging above the fold
content quality of the content. All right. Multimedia and images, optimization of
the URL height using secure would service entitled the key external linking by
ball friendliness and obviously our key takeouts. And then obviously we’re trying to
sell a service at the end there too. That’s not what this video was about. Obviously, we are an SEO company, however,
we sell our SEO based on the fact that it occasionally for some
businesses is too tricky to do. And that is to come to us. We’re happy to help out, but we’ll provide
you exactly what we’re doing for your service anyway. So a search engine is effectively trying
to answer a question or a query entered into it. So when you search for a query how to
remove paint, you’re effectively wanted to find out how to remove pipe. It’s the search engines job to provide
you the best and most accurate way to rave pipe. It’s not going to be very helpful if you’d
try and load a page and it’s about how to fade a pet, how to do something else. It’s not very efficient. So the search engines job and its primary
use is to serve the most useful of content at the top. It’s about the user happy. If the user’s constantly not being served,
the accurate result of what they try to find out. They got to go elsewhere
for their information. Obviously at this point, the search engine
could no longer sell advertising space or impressions or anything like that, so it’s
of huge value to them to make sure that they’re serving the absolute best
possible result for any type of query. Now, not all of these queries are served
equally from a values perspective. Obviously, how to remove
pate is a DIY type term. There’s no good serving them. A position for a local Pater. The user, is it off
through a local painter? The user is trying to do it themselves and
electrician, the Bay, or the other head is someone tried to find a local electrician
showing them how to do electrical work won’t be a value. So show them the local electricians. What time does Woolworths close? It’s, you obviously try to find out. You want to go down to Woolworths, you’re
trying to find out when it’s got to close today. So it’s going to show you that time. Now, typically with things like
this, it’s going to show you. I sniff it at the top of exactly what
it’s got to close your local Woolworths locations and be able to serve you
there times in which they’re closing. So that’s very valuable information. That’s what you expect to be safe. How do you optimize for those terms? And obviously we go into a few other
videos about targeting keywords and keyword research. It’s very important to make
sure there’s value with them. Obviously out of these is not,
you only want to target this one. You wouldn’t want to target
these for a business. So what’s those keyword research videos. That’s really important to make sure
you’re focusing on the most important keywords for your business and not
targeting keywords just for the sake of targeting keywords. You want to have value there. So understanding that it’s
really important to take note of. How search engines work, why they do what
they do, their ratios, their importance in the market. Google’s obviously taking up
dialing 2.81% of the market. This is a worldwide survey. However, there are other sources of
this, and this is constantly changing. That suggests other information, but it is
very evident that Google is the focus here of devising for other search engines
is there on useless, you should. But it’s not something that you should
actively do if you’re optimizing for what you’re typically optimizing for all, as
long as you’re doing it the proper way by the book and making sure that you follow
all the steps in order to do this. After you followed the and understand how
search engines work, you really want to look at your title tags, your better tags,
you met a descriptions and those sort of tags that will help impact the result
in what you’re trying to service. If someone’s searching
for local electrician or. Uh, like Tricia, Sydney, you really
want to show a Cindy electrician. You don’t want to show a
Brisbane based electrician. So having in your title tag electrician,
Sydney would be of value or Sydney electrician. So this is really important. These are typically kept at a title tag. You really want to increase
your CTR, so click through rate. This can be done in
several different ways. We cover it. Other video linked to the
description for how to do that. You want to add things like brackets. You want to add things like questions. You want to add your business name and you
want to add something that someone wants to click on. There’s no use having Sydney electrician,
electrician city, that’s still going to rank, so I kind of get clicked on. It’s not appealing. Create something that’s of value to the
user and really considered the user’s intent. If the user’s intent is to find something
very specific, shows that you’ll title it looks a PLA looks clickable and you
will get a high click through rate. That is very important for breaking
those top five positions in Google. If you’re, if you’re under that top five
position, you will not rank higher without increasing CTR. It as a fact. It’s factual that you will not
increase above position five. So make sure that that’s a
huge focus for you on that. The same goes for description tags. Make sure that you’ve got a
question within your description. Make sure that it is answering the users
a search query and make sure that your. Making it appealing to the user. So you can do this in
several different ways. Obviously, leaving something
unanswered can be of value as well. Having your phone number in there
obviously is not going to increase your CTR. It might increase your CO’s, but it will
allow your CTR, which will lower your position in Google, which will
ultimately intern lower your calls. So having it as an open question can
get them to click it and get them to. They can action on your website, which
will improve your ranking, which will improve the actions I’ve ever taught. Having things like the social media tags,
these are very important because a lot of people are sharing information. A LIDAR days is it on your own social
media profile is you’re sharing a blog or a page is really important to make sure
that useful information is on that page. Now, these are harder to add. You might need to approach a web developer
or your current existing web developer to add these for you. We can definitely help you out there
if they’d be, how about adding days is important to help search engines
understand your content as well. So you’ve got your Twitter data, you’ve
got your Facebook data, and then your essential data, which effectively gets
used by all bots, from Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, the lot. So make sure that you’ve
got these in place. It’s not as important for a search
engine ranking for the best perspective. However, showing your information
consistently across the web is really important. Scheme a mockup, probably one of the
biggest, if probably one of the biggest, if not the, one of the most important
ranking factor right now to take advantage of his scheme of backup. There is some very
useful device you’d hear. I’ll link that in the description. Of this video. However, take advantage of these massive
ads here can really help you rank a lot higher. This FAQ scheme is right here. We’ve got a breadcrumb schema, image
schema, writing, or refuse scuba. You’ve got the recipe schema included the
calories, title, tag, description, tag. You’ve got the calories, the
votes, the date published, and I. Salt bath, which is effectively used
within the site to identify content found within an article. So taking up this much real estate
makes your ad so much more appealing to something that maybe don’t have that
scheme of data, which will in turn increase your CCR, which will increase
your results within the search and your records. So skip it can be done one of three ways. Jason. Microdata and audio F a data
in that order of preference. According to Google’s, uh, sort of
statements, they’ve published information that they prefer Jason data as it is a
readable structured, formatted piece of information that is crystal clear. There’s no sort of guessing work at all. Doug, where are the other pieces of data
seems to be within the content of the page, which is a little
bit harder to access. So. Schema is a collaborative community
activity with our mission to create a tight and promote scheme is for structured
data or the incident or webpages, email messages and beyond. So structured data is massively used
to throughout the internet nowadays. So it’s really important to make sure
that you’re using it and you identify structured data on your website that
may or may not already be there. If you are a WordPress, and I’m sorry. If that is you, you can download Yoast. There are plenty of scape is available
within the Yoast application. If you’re not on a WordPress,
congratulations, you can contact your web developer or they can add it
and take advantage of those. Uh, structured data is immediately some
of the most important ones right now. Organization, website by
page, and breadcrumbs. These ones that we strongly recommend
using on every single website. That is your industry. Or business. You can have these structures
dotted on your website. Depending on your industrial business, you
should have a local business review, blog posting or article product or
person structured data for Baupost. So ensure that you have at least some of
these implemented on your website is very important. Now, Google has. Made it very clear that they want to have
quick, fast, responsive websites is very important data is to ensure that your
website is up to speed, is performance, is far beyond what anyone else’s is, and to
make sure that mobile is up to scratch. So Google’s mobile-first indexing, which
we’ll cover shortly in this article. Has been rolled out, uh, in 2018. So it’s very important, Dal, to optimize
for mobile and make sure that your performance is up to stretch. This can depend on a numerous
difference circumstances. Typically, the biggest ones will be server
performance, image optimization, CSS, JavaScript, and sort of your
overall HTML structured data. So. Several location is probably one
of the harder ones to change. However, you want to make sure that if
your target audience is Brisbane, that you’ve got to serve or close to Brisbane,
don’t get a server in America the tin to get, so the way the servers have to
operate is they have to pick different servers. So if you’re here. And your service here. I have to pick here, here, here, here,
here, here, here, here, here, here, and then it has to come back so the request
comes back and that I finally get served. What I need to do. If you’re serving from several location
close to the user, it goes big, big. It’s very quick. So it’s important to make sure that
you know where your server location is. If you don’t have a close over location,
your performance will be impacted severely. So please make sure
that you, you’re aware. If you are in the U S you do have
a lot more options that are set. Australia, we’ve got Melbourne and Sydney. How have, uh, in the U S you’ve obviously
got a lot more that you want to make sure that you’ve got a server
close to your location. Not all servers created. Equally though, some servers, the host
will allow hundreds, if not thousands of people on the same server, which will
impact your performance severely. Having a premium hosting
provider can help you. I only have a couple sort of people on
your server or a dedicated server that could allow your performance to be, you
know, impacted severely and be ranking a lot higher due to those
performance improvements. So make sure those are done. A media optimization is something
that you’ll hear very commonly around performance of a website. It’s very important to make sure that
you’re optimizing these images down to the smallest possible size. We recommend three services
right here, cracking tiny paid geo Tati JPEG. Effectively the side business or image
kit image kit is a fantastic tool for converting dynamic images. Virus CDN in the lightest web P for that,
which you should definitely consider doing. Web pay is a great initiative by Google
that can help provide image for that as smaller by 25 to 34% which is a
pretty big, significant impact. So definitely look into doing that. Now, picking out a framework or
a CDN can be really important. CloudFlare, bright, free CDN, not the best
in terms of performance, but it also has those security features as well. That should definitely
be taken advantage of. Back CDN is another great service and
there’s hundreds, if not thousands of CDL that’s coming to market
that are really good. Amazon, Google both have a CDN available. Oh, it’s a very powerful,
and both are very good. We choose cloud flab purely
down to its security features. In addition, it’s easy to use access and
it’s free, sort of paid or free and paid options available. So that’s our option, our preference. However, you can have better if
performance is such a big factor for you, there is also the option of testing,
so making sure that you’re testing. Your website as well is really important. So GT metrics, web page tests look like
Google Pingdom tools, page speed insights, which is Google’s official uptrends. So this is where all these tools are sort
of what we recommend that we use actively. We test with all of them that we suggest
using a multiple of tools because one tool doesn’t tell the entire story. Something to note is not always focusing
on the flute load type, but the fully downloaded Contentful pate time. So this website is one of
ours we’ve done for a client. It’s first Contentful paint is actually
230 milliseconds extremely quick, and it’s fully downloaded. Load time is extremely quick as well. So that’s something that you really want
to consider when testing is making sure that you’re testing from a multiple of .
Sort of sites and making sure that your acting upon the suggestions
of each different tool. Now looking at a more advanced
tool, there is geo-tagging. So do your taggy is effectively applying
a tag to an image that tells the search engine that this image was
taken at this location. So this can be done in
various different ways. We’ve actually used two tools. We use a GRE image boat, which is a
free tool for a certain amount of uses. But because we saw such huge advantage to
this tool and huge results from localizing images, so we could effectively tag, say
Brisbane area or location within Brisbane to an image, upload that image, and then
when search engines start to look through the website and see it image tied to the
location, it will give you more credit for that image based on it. Physical location. We actually developed the
wiring tool called geo image. So geo image is effectively
something very similar. However, it uses an API and
allows you to do it in bulk. We also have heaps of free options
available to make these image optimizations. You can also use Adobe bridge if
you do have an Adobe subscription above the fold content. So this is. The contents seed on a screen effective
Lee, what you see when you load a website for the first time without any user scroll
activity, you want this content to be the pinnacle of the page. You want it to have your title image at
a pace of the description, or at least a piece of the article with it. If you have massive padding or
massive space above the fold. So we’ll come back to this, but you
can see above the fold here has title, description, some of the
content and an image. It has everything you did to
rake it out article highly. I lost my backer phone for a second. Hopefully I didn’t lose too much, but
making sure that your content above the fold isn’t wasted space. The pattern isn’t too bad and you’re
making great use of the information, title, description, image, and a piece of
the content all included above the fold. Don’t waste space. Condense the information. It’s really important you will lose
results if you don’t do this on both mobile and desktop. Now the quality of content
is the next category here. Arguably one of the more
important features of any website. Brian. Dave did a fantastic article, a
link right here to that article. It pretty much goes down in ranks of
million different search results based on content, and it finds that the average
pace of content in the second position is 2000 words, but the average content
in the first position is 1,890 words. So if you’re. Putting articles out
there at five, 600 words. If a 300 words for lot, you’ll find that
the writing positions that won’t actually be there, you will not rank highly for
those articles because people are pushing out high quality content that is
interesting and engaging for you. Use it. So make sure that you’re pushing out long
form content to your website and getting rid of all those short pages. If you do have short pages,
don’t consider baking a new page. Reword that page. Republish the page is something that’s
working really well right now at SEO is re-publishing already published content. It is something that should definitely
make you slow and making sure that you use at least one image. And I recommend that. Pay an image above the fold. How was that? Images throughout the
content can be, Oh, hope. Use engagement for the user. So. And show that you’re doing that. So keyword density. If your keyword for your, your target
keyword, please watch our keyword video is above like two or 3% you’re going to
really struggle to write that keyword. And by that I made, when you search for
your keyword, mine’s obviously on page SEO, on page SEO. It appears three times. That’s fired on page SEO is five times. That’s fine. That’s a low density. If you’re looking up your primary
keyword, it’s appearing Duarte 2025 times, sometimes of same 60 70 times. You will struggle to rank for that
article because it is content spam. It will look like spam. It isn’t appealing to the user. It reads poorly. It’s obviously not going to serve the user
the best, and Google’s obviously not going to like that. So make sure that you keep your
primary keywords to a Miller. There are tools out there
to help you do that. Please take use of those tools and
make sure that you’re doing that. Gypsy content is content that is seen all
over the website many, many times, uh, on other websites, completely copied. E-commerce is. Bad to this copying descriptions of
products of the manufacturer’s website, pasting it on your own. You’ll find that nearly every supplier
does that, so you won’t rate, there’s nothing just differentiating yourself from
the other competition, effectively the exact same, eventually exact same
content, very similar in price. Why would Google show
you over someone else? They won’t. They’ll show you someone that’s gone to
the effort to put custom content out. More than likely along for pace and
showing unique content that is of more value to a user. Then the copy and paste
method, you will not add. It’s common misconception. You will not lose positions. You will not get a penalty
for duplicate content. However, you will struggle to rank
if someone in your industry or your competition is doing unique
content, keep that in bite. Images, multimedia, ensuring the H image
has all tides at a title tag is really important. Very unknown fact about Google. But Google can actually
identify what is it a limit. If you identify a picture of a bus that
the picture is, of course a Casper, it will not rank. It will look understand because
it knows a cat versus a bus. Is, uh, they have a pattern out there that
exists for their technology of identify objects within images. So making sure that whatever you, all
these tags, it is actually informative to what the image is of using
friendly titles is important. Calling something something random, such
as 44, five to GF thousands and thousands of JPEG. Does it identify, Hey,
this is a picture of a bus. Were you using something useful? Good to help identify that whilst
also adding a title edit tag. These are very important pieces of
information that Google will help rank your images and rank your page higher due
to the fact that he understands what is in that Enbridge. So make sure that you’re
taking advantage of this. Each and every image on your website
should have at least an old tag and preference of a title tag as well. Now, URL optimization is another. Important factor. It is commonly known that short URLs
will rent better than lock URLs. As you can see SEO on page, I
could have made this SEO strategies to 2020 that would not have worked and I
wouldn’t, don’t have ranked positions with ranked for this article
if I had done that. It’s very important to make
sure that the URLs are accurate. Emphasize and short is very important. So look through your URLs. If they’re low, look at shortening the
look at redirecting those long articles or long URLs back to the short variation of
it, and having them as short as possible based on your primary keyword. Don’t try and include keywords and URLs. It is a strategy to it. As long past. And it doesn’t work anymore. So just try and keep the URL short and
that will help improve your rankings. Do I do that now? Making sure that you’ve got hasted
TPS enabled is really important. Google have started showing this message
for websites that don’t use hasty TPS, so it’s important to make sure that
you’ve enabled that feature. If you don’t know how
to enable hasted ups. We do it for you. We have SSL certificates available,
or another alternative is using such platforms as CloudFlare, which provide
you a free, uh, open source, uh, SSL certificate that you can use for your
website to keep it secure and take advantage of the improvements of that. Google have made it very clear that they
are ranking websites less than do not have this hasty TPS feature. So enabling it will gain
you instant rankings. Now, internal linking is a subject that will cause arguments between
various SEOs and webmasters globally. It’s something that you’ve really worked
to make sure that you have perfected. Now skip, keep it very
clear or very precise. You want to rank or you
want to index your pages. Well and internally link
your pages to value the user. You do not want to link pages to value the
search engines such as I understand search engines are very smart. They use AI, they’re learning, they
understand what your pages are about, so optimize internal links for
SEO, but keep it in mind. It’s very important to ensure that your
articles and links throughout your website are linking. To useful information on your website. So if you’re linking to a page on your
website, it is either related to the topic of that link. It is actually disadvantages that link. Make sure that you’re not stuffing your
content with useless legs, just keep links in your content, but it is still important
to make sure that people can read content at five links on your site that link
to useful, that they should to backup a source or information. Now externally, he works
at a very similar way. Services like Wikepedia that Lee Katz
is citations that reference what they’re trying to state break really, really
well because it adds page authority. It tells the search engine, okay, this
page says, this search engine doesn’t know if that’s true or factual spot. When you start to link out to
pages that also verify that fact. That are off of authority, but
this starts to give credit. It starts to apply credit to your page. So whilst we’re like, yeah, to pages,
like, ah, I hate stress, we’re like, yeah, two pages, uh, that the BDB marketing Moe’s where leaky guts, topical, relevant
sites within our industry that relate to what we’re trying to tell. That adds values for both the user and the
search engine to a verify what we’re say is factually true and correct. It is not passing of value
to them that we’re losing. I can create a page about a local service
or on page SEO I can search for on page SEO and link to every single
one of these top articles. It is, and that’s not going to give them
a better advantage because I’ve linked to them. It’s actually going to give Bailey
advantage if I’ve created a better article because I’ve linked to something that I
believe is a great reference to the user. So I’m actually getting a better advantage
by looking to them that they are gaining by receiving modeling. So keep that in mind. External linking to relevant topical. Subjects to your article is very important
by ball friendliness is very important, one of the most, if
not the most important. Once again, Google’s mobile first index,
say as of July one 2013 is in place. Make sure that if your website is not
mobile friendly, you are getting it. Mobile friendly, ISI pay, please
call or email us immediately. It will cause major issues if
you are not mobile friendly. Keep that in mind. The key takeouts of the most titles,
descriptions, compress images and serve the latest web pay for that
information will be provided above. Invest in a local server. Do not have your server in a geographical
location that is not close to your target demographic. Okay. Implement schema markup into your cards. So local business schema. I made sure that you’ve got the
organization scheme or webpage or website schema in place. Ed’s, you’ve got a site
map in place as well. Obviously we do these services for you. This is a service that we
offer on all of our websites. We will make sure that every single one
of these is ticked off and it’s perfectly optimized for all the
days on page SEO factors. So. If you have any sort of comments or would
like to ask any questions, please leave them in the comments. We will answer each and
every one of them on page. SEO is definitely a harder to do sort of
thing than off page SEO, for example, and it can get a little bit more technical. Code can be involved. Leave comments below. We’ll we will reply to all, even if
you’re asking how to do something, we’ll. Send you an article or bake a video
personalized for you for how to do something. If you have enjoyed the
content, please subscribe. We will be making plenty more videos
explaining how things work, how SEO works, how search engines work, how you can
improve your SEO for your website. We’ll also cover web design. We’ll also cover paid
advertising options as well. So make sure you subscribe. Leave the cupboard, like the video. That all goes along the
way until our next video. Good luck.

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