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By | January 24, 2020

Welcome to part one of our SEO crash Course Series We’re going to answer some of your most burning questions about SEO starting from the beginning. What’s the difference between on-page and off-page optimization? In a nutshell on-page optimization is the process of improving your website from within. While off page optimization includes tactics you can use to improve your website externally On-page optimization covers URL structure. Do you URLs contain keywords? Are they short and easy to remember? Should have unique titles, less than 70 characters with the keywords at the front. Unique descriptions, under 156 characters with keywords but without stuffing. Use h1 headers the title h2 and h3 for subheadings. Add a keyword in the image name and optimize for speed. Unique content avoid duplicate content add keywords without stuffing there should be less than three key words per 100 words the preferred lenght is 400 words minimum. Make sure that your social media buttons are correctly integrated into your site. Off page optimization covers this affect your ranking so get your programmers to test your speed. Your site should load in under two seconds the more trustworthy and popular websites that link to your website the better. Each link counts as a vote to raise your ranking. This is very important as it will serve as a path for search engines to follow when analyzing your site. Make sure that your programmers submit this correctly as it informs search engines what their BOTS should crawl and finally always look for continued improvement trying different versions of specific pages see which one is more popular. Did you get all that? Don’t worry if you’re feeling confused, we’ll talk about each element in detail throughout the rest of the series. Thank you for watching CC by Day Translations

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