OL 029: How To Systematise Your Video Marketing In 2012

By | August 11, 2019

Inside episode 29 on Outsourcing Live, I reveal
to you my automated video marketing system that I use to get traffic from Youtube. Then,
inside the quick tip, I share with you an amazing WordPress theme that creates stunning
sales pages that will help you sell more of your products and services online. Check it
out! VO: Welcome to the Outsourcing Live podcast.
And now, your host, Tyrone Shum. Welcome and happy new year to 2012. It’s
really exciting to have you on the call today and there’s been so many great things that
have been happening. I hope you’ve enjoyed 2011 just as much as I’ve had. There’s
been a lot of great achievements and yeah, there’s been a lot that’s been happening.
Also too, Christmas has been pretty busy so there’s been not much time to be able to
hop on and do these podcasts and this is the first week back for me for podcasting on Outsourcing
Live so I’m really excited to be back on. Just to give you a quick update, I’m very,
very happy that my wife got for me a Christmas present which was the brand new iMac 2011
model. And man, my productivity has skyrocketed. If you can see this right in front of me right
now, I’m just so happy. It’s a 27-inch brand new iMac and I’ve been doing so many
videos, creating a lot of screencasts and cracking a lot of new content that I’m going
to be releasing on the Outsourcing Live website. And it’s more or less a gadget for me but
at the same time, I know that it’s helped me improve a lot of the qualities of my videos.
Even though a lot of people tell me that the quality of my videos are already very, very
high quality, I’m producing even better quality now. Guess I’ve set the expectations
and the standards now but yeah, come over to Outsourcinglive.com to have a look at those
new videos that I’m getting produced and there’ll be a lot of new stuff that I’m
going to be releasing every month and also every week for you to check out. Besides that, also too, as a complete switch
of my system, what we’ve been doing in the past in terms of the videos is that we’ve
been producing everything in what we call high definition which is HD and normally if
you know what that means is the resolution size is 1280×720 pixels. Now, we’re actually
jumping up to what we call full HD which is 1920×1080. That’s a very, very large size
and that’s the reason why is because is this iMac allows me to be able to record that.
And all my videos that I record on the Canon, allows me to be able to record at that resolution
as well. So from now on, when you watch any of the
videos in Youtube, it will be in that definition. Now, it may not make a difference for you
but some people have really big monitors and want to be able to watch it on their flat
screen or plasma or what not. Now, if they’ve got Apple TV or any of the streaming TVs,
they can actually watch that in full HD now. And it’ll be really cool I guess to see
myself on TV, not that I’m saying that I love to see myself but for you, you can see
everything in full HD now and I just wanted to let you know that’s what going to be
happening and we’re now switching over all our intros, outros, and also all my videos
on Youtube to full HD now. So don’t forget to check that out. You can always go and have
a look at Outsourcinglive.com/Youtube. And that’s basically what’s been happening
in terms of our lives here and on Outsourcing Live. All right, I want to jump in today’s topic
which is How To Systemize Your Video Marketing In 2012. That’s really, really cool because
there’s so many things I’ve been showing and teaching to a lot of my students and I
want to share that to you right now because a lot of them ask me, “Tyrone, how have
you been able to systemize this whole process, like outsource it and get other people to
do it for you while you’ll just crank out like 3 or 4 videos a week or something like
that?” And I say to them well, it’s pretty much all a process. You just implement these
systems in place and you pretty much let your team follow this process. So I’m going to run through today and give
you the reasons why, the top reasons why you need to do this in 2012 if you want to succeed
on marketing your videos on Youtube and getting more and more leads to your website. This
will be very, very crucial and as my focus for this year is going to be teaching people
on how to be able to market with their videos using my secret sauce which is outsourcing,
that’s exactly what I’m going to be showing with you inside this podcast. And throughout
this whole podcasting or future podcast that you hear with me, I’ll be going into a lot
more details about how I do it, the journey that I follow and also how you can take these
action steps to implement it. All right, let’s get into it then. Before
I do jump into the nitty gritty type of stuff, I want to share with you the reasons why you
need to systemize your video marketing. And a few of the reasons that I came up with,
I’ve actually got 3 that I wrote down. The first thing is, it lets you to focus on creating
more content which you can either produce free content which you can post up to Youtube,
or you can produce more of your own products or more of your content for your own products
which you can sell like me. And this is really powerful because one, the
more content that you produce online for people, the more exposed you’re going to get. I
noticed a lot more traffic and a lot more views from my site in a very short amount
of time and that’s because I’ve got quite a number of videos like short, sharp, straight
to the point videos which target specific keywords and specific topics on the internet.
And because of that, Google is picking out all these, Youtube’s picking them up, ranking
them, indexing them on the searches and then when people are searching for it, they’re
finding me. And a lot of people have commented on that because they’re saying how the heck
you’ve been able to produce that many videos in such a short period of time. And it’s
all about getting through a system that I’m using. And that’s what I will be talking
about in a lot more detail very soon. But before I go to that as I said I’m going
to explain to you why and that’s the first reason why you should do that. Second reason is it helps you to be more consistent.
Now, Google loves seeing regular and updated content on your blog or on Youtube because
Youtube is owned by Google, it’s the same principle. You need to consistently put out
content. And it’s okay if you can’t do it everyday. Don’t expect to be producing
videos everyday and putting it out there but what you can do is to bulk-produce them. So
you might dedicate say for example a whole day to produce lots and lots of videos. You
might do like 15, 20 videos in one or 2-day blocks. Once you’ve got them out, you can
actually schedule them to go out maybe every 3 days, every 2 days or if you want everyday.
But the most important thing is that it helps you get more consistent and more content out
there regularly because Google does pick that up. And finally as well, it does help you
with your ranking. I was actually talking about this with my
mastermind group just this morning when I was in there and they asked me this question
as why do I see my site actually dropping off? And pretty much we’re all discussing
about that pretty much it’s just – is about putting out regular content and Google
does update their index or their search engine on a daily basis. So if you’re not putting
out regular content and it’s good quality content, Google will actually de-rank you
or put you further back in the pile. So just keep that in mind. And then finally, the great thing about systemizing
your video marketing – because I told you as I shared with you to do it in bulk, it
actually allows you to free up your time to do even better things and to do it better
as well. And the reason why is because when you outsource this kind of stuff which is
what I’m encouraging you to do, once you finish creating these videos and get someone
to edit them and also to market them for you, automatically it frees up your time to focus
on other activities which you can do more in your business, or you can have more free
time to do other things. And it’s amazing when that happens because you can actually
think a lot more creative or just have more time with your friends and family and do the
things that you enjoy. Plus, the other people that you outsource it too like a video editor,
they can probably do a better job in producing a video for you online than you would do yourself.
And I’m not saying that you can’t do it yourself but I would recommend you can outsource
it to someone else who’s got a lot more skill set and who could probably be an expert
at this instead. All right so those are the reasons why I recommend
that you do systemize your video marketing because it really just helps you to be able
to leverage a lot more time, allows you to focus on creating more content and also helps
you become more consistent with your video marketing or producing videos. Now, let’s
get into the knots and bolts of things because this is the part that I think a lot of people
are interested in finding out. A lot of people have been contacting me recently asking, “Okay
Tyrone,” some of the questions are like “How have you been able to create videos
at this high quality and this performance and get it out there so quickly like produce
that much video content that is just all over the place?” And I’m like okay well, it’s
not really that hard but it’s all about the system and I just basically plug myself
into this system that I’ve created. Now what is this system? Okay, first thing is we need to talk a little
bit more about exactly what you need. How does this system come about and what things
you need to do to set it up so that way you can just plug it straight in and pretty much
just run and do your videos on a regular basis and let other people do the rest. All right
the first thing you need is either a virtual assistant or a video editor. Either one of
these will probably suffice but I would probably give you the first preference to get a video
editor firstly to do that for you. The reason why – the video editor can do
all your post-production of all your videos such as editing it, cutting it, uploading
it and then also doing all the marketing for you. So if you’ve trained them up well and
they’ve got the skills to be able to market your videos for you online, then your video
editor will be able to do all that and you won’t need a virtual assistant. But the
reason why I’m recommending a virtual assistant as well is because the virtual assistant can
take over the video marketing process and also transcription service and all that kind
of stuff if you have a lot of videos that you’re doing. Say for exmaple you’re doing
maybe a release of maybe one video a day then yes perhaps you’ll need 2 members to be
able to handle that load because it’s quite a lot of work there. Otherwise, if you’re
doing it maybe once a week or twice a week, then one video editor is sufficient enough
to handle all this workload. So that’s the first thing you need, or the first person
you need to hire is a video editor. Second thing is really the technological aspect
and the technological aspect. I’m having my tongue twisted right now so I apologize
for that. But the thing I’d recommend you do is have one, WordPress setup, that’s
the first thing. Second thing is to make sure you’ve got a Youtube setup as well and also
too, to have a separate storage account such as Libsyn which is spelled L-I-B-S-Y-N or,
the Amazon S3 Storage Services Setup. I’ll talk a little bit about more about that a
little bit later but those are 2 things that I recommend as either storage solutions for
your videos and those are paid solutions and the reason why I’m recommending a paid solution
is because we’re using this as another way to be able to store your videos and distribute
it in a different network. The next item is Keepvid which is basically
a downloading service where you can download all your videos from Youtube once you’ve
uploaded them and I’ll talk a little bit more about that in a moment. Then you’ll
need Facebook, Twitter, and also Google Plus. So hopefully you’ve written all that down
but if you’ve missed any of that, come over to Outsourcing Live which is episode 29 and
I’ll have them all inside the shownotes which you can just pretty much click on and
setup and go through those instructions to do. But basically those other most important
crucial aspects which is your video editor and then all the other tools that I just mentioned.
You need to have those thing setup first or in place before we can implement the system
that I’m going to talk about. All right, I’m hoping that I’m not going
too fast for you. If I have lost you there, feel free to come over to the blog and just
ask me a question there but those are really the key important things and I’ve talked
about 2 parts. First part is why you should do video marketing and systemizing it and
then secondly I talked about what you need for video marketing. Now the third part, which
is the fun aspect, I’m going to share with you the process that I use to be able to market
all my videos from the process where I record it online and get in front of the camera and
share tips and strategies on what to do, all the way to the point where it gets out into
the public where people can see it on Facebook, Twitter, Google, through my database or my
Youtube channel, all those kind of things and those are the places where I can generate
and capture more leads and traffic from. Now for people who don’t know what traffic
is, if you’ve been listening to this podcast and you don’t know what traffic is, I highly
recommend that you do a little bit of research but basically it’s someone who will come
and visit your site through either viewing your content either for a video, audio or
text. And that’s basically traffic and traffic is really the sauce or the life parts of your
business that you need. Without that, you can’t really quite generate and convert
them into leads nor can you convert them into buyers so traffic is important and that’s
why traffic is important to look at video marketing because marketing your videos out
onto Youtube, onto different services will really help you bring more traffic in. And
this is why I’m saying automate that process because it is a very lengthy process. If you
do it all yourself, you probably won’t have time to be able to produce more videos and
more content and the more you can get out there, the more exposure you’ll have. You might be wondering okay, how much exposure
can you get? Well on my personal channel, I’ve had 200,000 views on the Tyrone Shum
channel and within the last 6 months on the Outsourcing Live channel, I’ve had over
40,000 views. So within that short period of time, I’ve generated quite a lot of traffic,
a lot of views on my channels and that’s because I’ve just implemented the same method
that I’m going to share with you right now. And I’m not giving on the edge which I don’t
want to do that but just stay with me because I’m going to talk about it right now. All right, the first thing is when you created
a video, you want to make sure that this video is setup correctly from the side of your video
making sure that the video is labeled with the right keywords on your video because after
you’ve created it, you can either store it as called like movie-1.mov and then upload
it to Youtube but that’s actually a pitfall or disadvantage for you because what happens
is that as soon as you’ve renamed your title or your filename which could be like this
topic would be: How To Systemize Your Video Marketing, that would be what your title should
be in your filename. So it should be how-to-systemize-your-video-marketing.mov. And that would be really powerful because
when you upload that, Youtube actually reads that file and then sees that keyword and will
index it that way. So that’s a little tip that I recommend you do before you do get
your video editor to upload your videos onto your channel. Now, once you’ve uploaded them onto your
channel and submitted to Youtube then it’s obviously very crucial for you to make sure
to market it correctly. And these are some of the key points that I’ll be talking about.
Key points such as making sure you have the right title, the description and the tags
and then getting it marketed correctly. So pretty much this process, once you’ve got
your video editor to do all these stuff, they will handle this whole process for you. You
shouldn’t have to manage this for them. You would only need to send them your title,
your description and your tags, and then they’ll add them to your Youtube channel for you and
then post it onto the WordPress blog. All right so they’ve uploaded it onto Youtube.
The next stage is that they’ll copy and paste all your titles, your descriptions and
also your tags into your Youtube video. And it’s very important to put your keywords
inside your title. That means that if you’ve got – if you’re talking about a particular
topic and you’re targeting a keyword like video marketing or online video marketing,
you want to make sure that inside the title, you have those keywords. And the keywords
maybe – or the title may say something like How To Systemize Your Online Video Marketing
For 2012. Straightaway, there’s already those 3 keywords in there, online video marketing
and as soon as you put that in there, Youtube can see that. Then, after they’ve done the title, then
you want to put in your website link which is for example http:// then www.yourdomain.com.
And as soon as you have that in there, the first thing is that, that becomes a link back
to your website and anyone who sees that in the description can automatically click on
that and it’ll take them straight to your website. A lot of people miss out on that
and they do forget to add that on and I highly recommend that you do – I encourage you
to get a video editor to add that to the site. It’s very, very important – or to your
Youtube description. Once that’s done, then you can cut and paste
all of your description that you sent to them into that whole description area of Youtube.
By doing that, what you want to do is make sure that you have between about 350 words
to about 500 words or so written there. You can either write the transcripts of what you’ve
said in the video, or you can just write a little summary. But at least keep it specific
and make sure you have quite a number of keywords in there, at least mention 3 or 4 times in
there of what you’re targeting at and that way when Youtube sees that, they’ll start
to rank it and index it for those keywords. And hopefully, when people find it, you can
be found on Youtube very, very quickly. Then, the final part is the tags. Tags are
very, very important. It basically allows you to put in all the related keywords that
you want to target for. As I said, online video marketing is exactly what I’m targeting
for right now for this particular video so I want to put those keywords in there. Video
marketing might be another keyword. Another keyword might be Youtube marketing or Youtube
video marketing for example. So I’ll make sure I put those keywords in there. Once you’ve done that, the last keywords
that you want to put in there are the name of your website. So in this instance, the
name of my website is called Outsourcing Live. So I’ll put Outsourcing Live in there as
being a keyword or part of the tags. Now the reason behind putting that in there is because
when Youtube looks at those tags, they usually try to find related videos that are related
to those tags. So if they see in there that you’ve got Outsourcing Live, what it’ll
do is hopefully pull up those keywords that are relating to your website first and display
them on the right hand side on your video first. That way, it encourages people to stay
on the site and also keep watching your videos rather than jumping over to other people’s
videos. And that’s how I’ve been able to continuously encourage viewers to keep
watching my videos and keep them on watching up to about 7 or 8 minutes worth of videos.
Very, very powerful strategy there so hopefully that little gem or that tip can help you with
regards to marketing and getting more traffic to those videos. That’s the first aspect after the video
has been uploaded onto Youtube. And your video editor can handle that whole process and what
I would do next after that is to insert what we call annotations to the videos. Annotations
really, really are just ways that visitors, viewers or anyone who sees your video can
see these little captions on your screen. I don’t know if you notice but when you’re
watching a video and when there’s a little pop up that comes up onto your video, you
can actually click on those links or click on those pop ups and it’ll take you to another
video to subscribe or do all sorts of things. And that’s a thing that a lot of people
don’t utilize enough so I’d recommend highly to do that. Add those annotations in
there to encourage them to subscribe to your channel, to click on your channel to watch
other videos, put related videos that are related to that topic that you talked about
in that video. That way, it entices people to click on them and then to take action on
doing other things. So annotations are very, very important and make sure you get your
video editor insert them in. If you want to check out how my annotations
look, have a look at my channel which is at Outsourcinglive.com/Youtube and you’ll see
a lot of my videos have these annotations there and more than welcome for you to model
off them because I personally have found them to be working. It’s helped me to increase
my subscribers, get more views and also too, convert them over back to my website to subscribe
so definitely give that a shot. All right, now that’s the first aspect.
It may sound like a lot of work but this is a system that your video editor does and once
he’s followed this process, it’s actually quite systematic and quite easy to do. But
that’s only one aspect. The other aspect is to actually get your videos out into the
market in various different formats so that way people can find them not just only through
Youtube but also through iTunes or via your website. And this is where this other aspect
comes into play. Earlier when I was talking about the different tools that you need to
get or I recommend like Libsyn and also Amazon S3, those are the 2 storage facilities that
I recommend that you also setup and purchase if you can because that will allow you to
be able to store your videos on those services and then basically allow to syndicate out
to other network such as iTunes. Now, how do you get these videos downloaded
and then uploaded onto the server? What I usually do is you can either do it 2 ways.
First way is to get your video editor to export it out into mp4 format. That’s one option.
A lot of times unfortunately the format that our video editor exports it out is still quite
a large file, it’s not highly compressed and not of high speed. So what I get him to
do is to actually download the mp4 format directly from Youtube and you can either do
it through this little website that I can recommend to you which is called Keepvid which
is K-E-E-P-V-I-D.com and all you have to do is simply type in the Youtube video address
and it’ll automatically allow you to find out what formats you can download it in and
usually you can download in a 480 size format of the mp4 file or 720 format file. Either
one of those are fine. And once you’ve downloaded that, next step
is to upload it onto Libsyn. Now, that’s the first step. You can either do it that
way or you can log into your Youtube account and for the first 2 videos only, you’re
allowed to download the mp4 files from there which are original ones. And the reason why
I’d recommend downloading it directly from Youtube, the mp4 format, is because Youtube
has amazing compression tools that they’ve used to compress your videos. So that way
it still retains the quality but it allows you to be able to have your videos opened
up really, really fast and showing to other people and a lot of times people don’t even
notice the difference once you actually open up from Youtube. So that’s why I recommend
doing it that way. If you’ve got your video editor to export
it out in mp4 format, more than likely, the format will be much larger file and also too,
the quality won’t be as compressed as much as Youtube is and yeah, it’s just Youtube
designed it because they’ve got millions and millions of views everyday and they want
to be able to get the quality of their videos out very, very quickly and for people to view
them so Keepvid is the way to go about doing that and download it all directly inside the
Youtube channel that you have your videos on and you can easily follow that. And I’ll
make sure I put down in the shownotes as I mentioned which is episode 29 the exact link
to Keepvid and you can check it out there. Now once we’ve done that, what we’ll do
is upload it to either Libsyn which is L-I-B-S-Y-N.com and that’s just a paid storage solution
provider which you can pay on a monthly fee to store videos, audio and also even transcripts
or PDFs on there on their server. And it’s basically a paid monthly fee and you have
– it allows you to be able to download unlimited amount of videos, files and so forth and that’s
the advantage that I find because for example in the last 3 months since we’ve been tracking,
we’ve had over 25,000 downloads just from our audio, videos, and all our media content
that I have there. And if I had to pay for these downloads which you can understand most
of my videos on average are maybe 200-300MB of data just for those high quality videos,
it might cost me anywhere between probably few hundred dollars a month to be able to
install that on Amazon S3. So if you’re getting a lot of views like
I am and a lot of downloads, Libsyn is probably the best way to go but if you’re just starting
out and you’re more than happy to pay as you go and you want to use a service like
Amazon S3 then that’s fine but just be very, very careful when you are using Amazon S3,
it’s a pay-as-you-go service and if you’re downloading a lot of stuff like you’re getting
a lot of people downloading your videos and specially they’re big sizes, you can really
be bit in the ass. Excuse the language but honestly, I’ve been bit in the ass before
so be very careful and one month I can tell you I’ve had over $1,000 worth of fees just
from Amazon S3 alone because I have so many people downloading my stuff. All right, well anyway delved in into too
much of that but I thought I’d give you a warning and let you know you can make a
choice. It’s either Libsyn or Amazon S3 and I think those are very, very valuable
service. Now once you’ve done that, then you want to be able to add these links to
your WordPress blog. This is where WordPress comes into play because WordPress allows you
to be able to store or embed your videos from Youtube and also allows you to be able to
save your links from Libsyn or Amazon S3 onto your site. And when that happens, it actually
puts it into what we call a feed. WordPress automatically does that for you but you need
to be able to send this feed out to other channels such as iTunes to be able to broadcast
it out there. And what I’m going to talk about now is
how all this content gets syndicated out to iTunes for example, onto other networks which
is all part of like Libsyn. Libsyn has like other podcasting RSS feeds which allows you
to syndicate out to other viewers and listeners out there and if you sign up to those kind
of things, man you can get so much traffic from there because lots of other people are
listening to your content. So coming back, what I’m going to share
with you right now is how I setup the system to be able to market these videos onto iTunes
and also onto other podcast feeds. So as I mentioned, make sure you have a WordPress
blog and if you haven’t seen what my WordPress blog looks like, hope over to Outsourcinglive.com.
In there, you’ll see that if you click on a specific post particularly this one, episode
29, you’ll see right below the video – 2 links. The first link says “Watch on Youtube”
and that’s basically just a link directly back to the Youtube video so people can watch
it directly on Youtube. Second thing is on the right, it says “Download MP3″. Now,
there’s a purpose behind why we have that link there. The link behind that – the reason
behind that link is so that it syndicates out as a link to all the feeds. Now, when Youtube reads that – sorry when
WordPress reads that, it will create a specific feed which allows you to send it out to iTunes.
Now, I may have lost a few of you out there. You might not even know what a feed is and
how it all works, let me explain it to you. Basically your content can be sent out to
different networks automatically and it’s what we call a feed. And it’s like as though
we’re streaming media out to the networks like for example if you’re listening to
mp3 from iTunes, you’re listening to a feed or a stream from the main server. And that’s
basically what we’re going to be doing is allowing for our content to be streamed out
into iTunes automatically. So that’s the first thing. You’ve got
to set that up. Once that link is there, automatically it’ll add it to the WordPress blog post
and then from there, iTunes will be able to read that for you. And that’s your next
step is you need to setup an iTunes feed. If you follow the instructions on how to be
able to set one up, it’s very easy. You’re just going to go to iTunes, look for the section
where it says Podcast and then find a link that says “Submit a Podcast” – yeah
submit a podcast. There are simple instructions to follow that and all you have to do is submit
your WordPress blog feed into that. Once you’ve submitted that, it automatically
allows you to be able to syndicate content to that channel and that’s probably how
you found me. You either found me through iTunes for this podcast and if you’ve typed
in for example outsourcing, I’m usually – I’m ranked number one for 3 different
podcasts that we have. I’ve got one for Outsourcing Live TV, Outsourcing Podcast and
also the Tyrone Shum channel which talks about outsourcing as well. And what I do is with
the videos that I have on Youtube, I syndicate them out onto iTunes and that’s where you
find every single one of the videos that I have on my blog sent out over to the Outsourcing
Live TV iTunes feed. So if you find them, you’ll see that it’s all there and I’ll
make sure I put some links down below as well so that way you can check it out what I mean
and how it looks like. And that – my friends are, very, very powerful way to be able to
attract a brand new audience plus also get a lot more new traffic. And as I mentioned,
in the last – if you’ve seen my recent annual report, I’ve had easily over 9,000
downloads in the last month just from my podcast and I think a total of about 25,000 – yeah
over 25,000 downloads in the last 3 months just from podcast – podcasting on iTunes
alone. So that goes to show that I’ve tapped into the market that prefers to listen to
audio on the go or just happy to be able to tap into iTunes who don’t usually watch
on Youtube or watch on the blog. That’s my really, really strong powerful
strategy there and how to be able to market your videos out there. Now, as I mentioned,
this is a system. This is a system that you’ve just got to follow and once you get your video
editor to finish all these things which is to download it from Keepvid, then upload onto
Libsyn and then syndicate it out onto iTunes, that is a system that happens automatically
and that’s what I do. I’m sharing with you the strategy that I do to automatically
get these out there. Now, that’s one aspect which is the iTunes. The other aspect is we
submit it out to TubeMogul. TubeMogul is a free service which allows you to be able to
submit all your videos to different channels such as Yahoo TV, there’s also Vimeo, Viddler,
lots of different places where you can submit your video therefore attracting a brand new
audience as well for different channels and I highly recommend trying that out as well
because if you create lots of videos and send them out to that particular service, you can
also create more links back to your own videos therefore attracting more traffic as well. All right, that’s really the video and iTunes
aspects of syndication. There are now the final aspects which I’m going to share with
you right now which is to do with social media. Social media is a very powerful way to be
able to attract a new audience as well and I also do this with all my post. One, we firstly
post it to Facebook as a link and also too, as a brand new thumbnail that goes out there
so that way, my audience on Facebook – so hello to all my Facebook fans, will see that
and then they’ll come back to also watch the video. Same thing as my Twitter. My Twitter
audience who listens to those feeds or that stream will see that as well and then come
back and have a look at it as well. And then finally, I submit it out using Google
Plus which is also a social networking – very similar to Facebook but Google’s version
of it and this one is a very powerful social networking site because Google Plus nowadays
is tapping into a market that already exists which is their Google users. So I highly recommend
if you can send a link out to the Google Plus of your Youtube channel and also your Youtube
link, you’ll be able to get more traffic from that as well. So those are the top 3 social media sites
that I send it out to. I probably don’t worry too much about the rest because those
are probably not as sufficient as Facebook or significant as Facebook, Twitter, and Google
and I highly recommend make sure that you submit them out there. That’s another way
to be able to gain traffic as well. Now, the last part which is basically going
through an optimization strategy and this is something that you can either choose to
implement yourself or you can hire a services company, an SEO services company like ourselves
because we also do have SEO services company that help clients back to their website and
also back to their Youtube channel. And for example, these are some of the services that
you need to do to be able to help – or in order to be able to gain your rankings for
your Youtube videos to rank up on Google e.g. like build backlinks from article directories,
blog networks, getting it from forums and also other Web 2.0 services. Basically what we do as a SEO services company
is we just build these links, create these links on different article directories, different
services that can create a new link back to your Youtube video and when Google or Youtube
sees that, they’ll see that okay, this particular video is quite popular, been getting a lot
of links, let’s rank this one up higher and therefore whenever someone searches for
that particular keyword or that particular topic, you’ll be found. So that’s the final and the last strategy
that we implement after we’ve done everything else and my video editor will actually send
this link off to my SEO services team and they will start building all these links back
to these videos for us and that’s basically how we do it. As I’ve said, you can either
send them out to article directories yourself, do blog networks, forums or other web 2.0
directories. And it will take time and I think this is something that a lot of people just
would outsource and that’s the reason why I recommend if you are interested in getting
something like this, you can check out my SEO services which is at SEOServicesHQ.com
and you’ll be able to find out more about that anyway. And basically what we do is we help clients
rank them on the first page for any of their keyword terms and we’ve done that very successfully
with numerous of our clients as well. So that’s something that I highly recommend if you can
afford to do, definitely do it. If you can’t, and you need to do it yourself then that’s
cool. Spend a bit of time but you will need to do this on a consistent basis and either
get someone like your virtual assistants or an outsourced team to manage your SEO. All right, so pretty much that is the whole
process so let me summarize what I’ve gone through on how to be able to systemize video
marketing and I know I’ve talked quite a bit on how this whole process works but this
is what we do. You know, I want to just want to share this all with you because it’s
really powerful content that I know that if anyone implements, I’m guaranteeing you
that you will be able to get a lot more traffic and a lot more views onto your videos and
also attract a large audience to build that up. So what we did was firstly we setup the system
which is setup the system which is to setup your Youtube channel, you submit and upload
your video up onto Youtube. Then after that, you download that video from Keepvid and then
upload it to Libsyn or Amazon S3 depending on what you can afford. Once you’ve done
that, then you want to syndicate it out onto your blog which is basically your WordPress
blog and then get that automatically submitted to iTunes which creates a brand new video
on iTunes feed so someone who’s subscribed to your iTunes podcast or your TV Channel
will be able to receive that automatically, then we post it onto Facebook and Twitter
and also Google Plus. Those are social media networks that we get our original content
from Youtube out there. And then finally, we start building backlinks using our SEO
services company or build-it-yourself using your own techniques as well. So that’s the whole video marketing process
and that’s why I’ve been talking about systemizing this because it’s a step by
step process which a video editor can do for you or a virtual assistant who can be helping
them doing all the transcripts and all that kind of stuff. Now, I didn’t talk a little
bit about transcripts, I should just mention that as well. There was that little aspect
there. Letting you know, just letting you know that Youtube accepts transcripts so if
you do have a virtual assistant who can do transcripts for you, get her to upload it
or get them to upload it onto Youtube where Youtube will index that transcript for you
as well and that can give you that leading edge or that cutting edge to be ahead of competition
because not enough people are doing it. And that’s a major big tip that I can give for
you because it will definitely help you get found a lot faster as well on Youtube. So
that’s a little tip there. All right, so this is the whole overview process
for systemizing your video marketing and this is what I would recommend you do for 2012.
Start this process, get it in place and make sure that you are getting your videos out
there because Youtube is just on the beginning or the early stages of really taking off.
Once it gets to a certain point, you don’t want to miss out on that trend because you
want to be able to the head of the trend and for whatever market you’re in on Youtube,
you want to be at the beginning of it so that way you can ride that wave and succeed in
2012 for video marketing. It’s time for the Outsourcing Live quick
tip. This is a tool that I’ve been using quite a bit more or so lately because I’ve
been setting up a lot of sales pages and also revamping membership sites that I have and
this tool is called Optimize Press. Optimize Press is amazing WordPress theme which gets
installed onto the WordPress and it allows you to be able to create sales pages, membership
sites, launch pages, anything that you need very, very quickly and very fast. And the
reason why I’m recommending this is because personally I’ve been using it but also too,
it saves you so much time and it’s a really, really amazing tool or amazing software which
you can just implement. For anyone out there like yourself who may
have WordPress that’s installed, it’s just basically a plug-and-play. You install
it and once you’ve installed it, you just simply follow the instructions to set it up
and it’s really, really powerful. I’ll give you an example. If you have a look at
FreeVideoSet.com which is my lead generation site and that is basically a site that I encourage
people go to after they’ve watched the video on Outsourcing Live or any of the channels
that they find me on, that is basically a sales landing page or landing page for people
to be able to sign up to receive my 10 free videos and show them on how to be able to
outsource videos. Now, if you have a look at that closely, that
is actually a customized sales page that has been done or landing page that has been done
using Optimize Press. And Optimize Press has standard templates, have got about 12 standard
templates which you can play around with, change the texts, change the fonts, pretty
much change anything you want and allow you to insert videos as well to create these stunning
beautiful design pages. Now, gone are days of the week you have to
spend time getting a web developer, putting these designs together and tweaking them to
the point where you’re happy with. All you have to do is install Optimize Press onto
WordPress and it’ll do the rest for you and you can just implement these amazing sales
pages. The great thing about Optimize Press just to let you know as well is that it’s
been designed to sell. So therefore, if you are targeting towards your market or your
audience who want to buy certain products, these sales pages have been designed for them
to convert and for them to make sales for you. So that’s the reason why I’m recommending
this because I personally have used it and it’s working amazingly for me. All right so I’d recommend checking it out
because it allows you to do certain things such as membership sites, products, sales
pages, launch pages, anything really you need to sell. So use that there. One other thing
I want to also let you know that I love about this is that it allows you to be able to implement
or integrate videos such as Youtube videos, mp4 format videos, and it’s a matter of
just cutting and pasting the link and putting it in there and Optimize Press will do the
rest. So as you may have seen on my FreeVideoSet,
there is a little video there that I’ve just embedded and that’s pretty much just
taken from Youtube and you can do that anywhere, anytime with Optimize Press. All right, if
you want to get a copy of it and to buy your own version, all you have to do is you can
go to my affiliate link, this is the affiliate link that you can buy it through and I want
to thank you upfront if you do decide to purchase Optimize Press through me, it’s http://outsourcinglive.com/OptimizePress.
Simple as that. So as I said it’s Outsoutsourcinglive.com/OptimizePress. And I’ll make sure I put the link of it
down the shownotes as well for you to check out and all you have to do is just go and
visit, have a look at it and so if you like it, go ahead and buy. It’s only – I think
at the moment it’s at a special price of $97 so yeah hopefully they don’t increase
the price anytime soon but while you’re listening to this, it’s on a special prize
of $97 and yeah, you can buy it through that. Oh I better mention as well before you do
go, if you do buy OptimizePress through my link here, I’ll throw a special bonus here
for you as well and a special bonus that I’m going to throw in as well is basically my
Outsourcing Your Video Marketing Series and that’s usually valued at $97 and basically
that was a specific webinar I did with Dale Beaumont who I talked and shared with his
members about how to outsource your videos so if you do buy Optimize Press through here
and as I’m talking about video marketing, this is a great compliment for you. So check
it out, let me know and send us an email if you do buy through us and we’ll send you
that free pack to you valued at $97 as well. All right, thank you so much for listening
and I’ll catch you inside the next podcast. Take a minute to check out our website at
http://outsourcinglive.com. You’ll find step by step how-to videos, tricks, tips,
and case studies in helping you to outsource your videos. Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe
to our newsletter for free video course and special offers�

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