Oh YoonAh’s dance seduces giant Seo JangHoon! [The Swan Club /2018.01.03]

By | January 12, 2020

Today, there’s someone who came by to join you for the class in hopes of learning ballet. (Hold on…) – What? / – A new member? No, she’s not joining the club. She’s just someone who loves dancing. Let’s welcome her with an applaud. (Excited) (Who came by The Swan Club?) (Eyes widen) (She enters wearing a white tutu.) Hello. It’s nice to meet you. (Former Miss Korea and announcer) (She’s been in the industry for three years.) (Kim Joohui) – Nice to meet you. / – Hello. Hi. She barely said hello. – Nice to meet you. / – Hello. (She suddenly starts dancing.) (She greets everyone by dancing.) (She practiced a few days entirely for the show.) (They focus on her dancing.) (She shows off her well-developed dancing skill.) (She uses the bread as a prop.) (What’s the bread for?) (When bread meets ballet) (It’s like she’s appeasing her hunger with it.) (She dances about her desire for the art.) (Interested) (The choreography is now at the climax.) (She ends her solo without losing her elegance once.) I happened to tune into this show while eating bread. I wanted to join you for maybe a class, and here I am. – Anyway, so I brought bread. / – It’s great. (Bread is what links them.) – Should I hand these out? / – Yes, please. – Really? / – Sure. – This is crazy. / – Out of two options, I chose the better bakery. Thank you so much for this. They really know how to bake. Oh, gosh. (They unite through bread.) – It’s really good. / – Thank you so much. What did you think about her solo? I could feel her passion. She had so much passion. Also, she’s meeting us – for the first time. / – Exactly. It takes someone really brave to dance like this in front of strangers. It was the best. – Well… / – Would you like to join our class today? I wouldn’t mind joining the year-end performance. Anyway, I’ll do my best. First, join us for today’s class. Sure. (The swans will learn how to express themselves.) You’re still awkward when portraying your emotions through your moves. You seem shy as well. So, I prepared a class today that’ll help you overcome it. A special mentor will join us today, and Manager Seo will escort her here. This way, ma’am. (Welcome!) Here you go. – Hello. / – Hi. Hello. She’s the choreographer of “Turandot”, “Aida”, “Mata Hari”, “Phantom”, and “Finding Mr. Destiny”. (Choreographer Hong Sejeong) I majored in a different genre, but your goal is to execute a ballet performance. It’s quite brave of you to think about performing in front of over a thousand people. (They can’t help but sigh.) Even though the studio is nearly empty, it still takes a lot of courage to dance in it. – You’re right. / – That’s because you’re not doing what you want. At clubs, we don’t get nervous at all because we like dancing in them. (We don’t get nervous in clubs.) You’re right. In clubs… Yoonah, do you often go to clubs? Personally, I used to go to clubs a lot. (I’d like to go to one too.) Going there once a week was the delight of my life. I really love to dance in clubs and dancing is all I do there. What about these days? I haven’t been able to go these days. Why not? People will think I’m weird. (She’s worried about what others will say.) When you’re dancing, you must believe that you look amazing. Confidence is key. Think that you look good. If you think that the others will laugh while you dance, you won’t become a good ballerina. The scene you’re studying today is from the musical “Contact”. The protagonist Michael Wiley is a successful man. But he tries to commit suicide. (The depressed protagonist tries to commit suicide.) As he attempts the act, he hallucinates of a bar that doesn’t exist in real life. (He dances with the woman of his dreams.) However, Michael Wiley doesn’t fit in this bar. Today, you’ll play the characters that are regulars at this bar. Some would be seductive, so the same moves will come out differently. Some might be curious about the scene. Some might not be too into it. The character you play is entirely up to you. – It’s going to be so embarrassing. / – Yes, that’s it. Overcoming that is the goal of today’s exercise. (Overcome the embarrassment!) Janghoon, I’d like your help in this. It’ll be hard to get into character then. (They fail even before they begin.) I don’t know if I’ll be any help, – but all I have to do is sit. / – That’s right. This should’ve been played by someone cooler. (He’s the only man in the club.) There’s only one guy here. Exactly. (They’re unbelievable.) Yoonah, why did you let down your hair? It’s so that I can seduce you. You know, like this. (Shall we dance?) Ms. Hong will demonstrate the scene first. I’ll just play one of the characters at the bar. (We can’t wait!) (A woman hovers around him.) (Gulp) (Her seductive dance begins.) (She catches his eyes with her extravagant moves.) (You can only watch in awe.) (She’s won over Janghoon’s heart,) (and the swans can’t take their eyes off her.) (Bravo!) How can she move her arms like that? Why don’t we see the swans perform then? Yes, let’s. Am I up first? If so, then let’s trade places. Let’s go. We’ll start with Yoonah. (Fortunately, we start with Yoonah.) (The seductive and bold older woman) Why is he here when it’s not even his scene? (Upsetting) (Her steps aren’t as confident as her words.) Is this right? (After gently swaying to the rhythm,) (she goes to Janghoon.) (Turning) (She’s dizzy.) (She was too embarrassed to seduce him.) It’s harder than I thought it would be. What character were you playing? I was curious since he didn’t seem to belong here. He didn’t seem like the type. The choreography is in your head, and you’ve memorized it. If you dance it with more confidence, I’m sure it’ll turn out great. It was good. Next up is Joohui. (Joohui is up next.) I haven’t memorized it all yet. Play the music. (Which type of regular will she play?) (Bouncing up and down) (She keeps going even though she’s made a mistake.) (She hovers around him as she scans him.) What brings you here? (Brazen) Where are you from? (Is she the neighborhood thug?) – Why are you laughing? / – Excuse me. You’re supposed to dance, but you’re unloading – your violent side on me. / – My mind went blank. My mind went blank. You were just pestering me. I’m not saying this to be polite. It’s really brave to dance like this when you barely know the choreography. It’s just so embarrassing. – Of course, it is. / – Of course. – It is for everyone. / – It’s too embarrassing to showcase emotions, like in contemporary dancing. I can’t seem to move freely. I’d like to try it. This is nerve-wracking. – Are you nervous? / – I bet she’ll be seductive. – She’ll turn it on. / – Watch how her eyes change. She’s always like that. She already knows what she’ll be doing. She’s always like that. (Her expression changes.) Look at her. (She dances light steps to the upbeat rhythm.) (She catches his eyes with turns.) (Why is it suddenly over?) – Why? / – What’s wrong? (You did great!) She suddenly burst into laughter. You were great. (That’s too bad.) – She’s good. / – Just her expressions alone. I’m so jealous. – I missed a beat. / – I see. It’s like this though. Since we have a conscience, we show it when we make a mistake. But the audience doesn’t care about your honest confession. All they want is a perfect show. So, if you make a mistake, you should carry on as if nothing had happened. Don’t let anyone know it. That’s how it should be – although you actually did great. / – Hide it. You let it get to you at the end. You need to learn how to power through. Last but not least, it’s Yeonjae. (The last to seduce Janghoon is Yeonjae.) I’m nervous. It’s on. (Powerful and stable moves) (This is how professionals memorize choreography.) (Pleased) Gosh. (Even her ending is clean.) I knew it. It’s obvious that Janghoon’s been seduced. Because she was confident, her intentions were very obvious. Out of the seven swans including Joohui, who was the most expressive? (Who was the most expressive?) – Who was it? / – It’s hard to choose. I’ll choose the one who left quite the impression. It’s Yoonah. (Yoonah was most memorable to her.) Let me tell you why. Even though she wasn’t familiar with the choreography, she still tried her best to express her emotions. I liked the attitude she danced with, and I was pleasantly surprised. If you keep working at it, I’m sure you’ll do well on the show too. (What’s important is their will.) So, you trained our swans how to express themselves. What was it like mentoring them? Don’t feel dispirited just because you weren’t able to do it today. It’s important to challenge yourself and keep pushing through the awkwardness. Your emotions will be more detailed then. Thank you so much. So Joohui, how was it like to join in for the day? Today’s class served as a reminder. I do live shows as well, but I realized once again how hard it is to perform on a stage. Also, I learned just how passionate and serious the swans are. Thank you so much for a passionate class. I’ll try practicing some more once I get home. (Applauding) – Thank you. / – Thank you. You all did great today. – You too. / – Thank you. (And…)

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    This show reminds me of high 5 ten years ago

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    I just love the Swan Club! So much artistic and grace with a lot of Talent. Thank you all for your hard work!


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