O Runrun.it elevou a produtividade da Planeta em 40%

By | August 13, 2019

Planeta is two years old, but actually the company has existed for more than 35 years, when it was formally OESP Media. We are a digital media agency focused on SMEs. In 2014, our site delivery SLA was 30 days. And we frequently missed this delivery. We were unable to locate where the bottlenecks were. When we started in 2015, we wanted to become more aggressive. I didn’t have anything that told us where the delays lay or if I needed more people or not, whether such a person performed well or not… and even with feedback. We never had full control of our management processes for deliveries, controlling tasks and the people in our company We had a gain of 30% in the first month, in the second month a 40% … gain. We started creating the sites in 48 hours We optimized the SLAs for every project we perform here. The average I had here was two sites per day. We now complete six sites per day now. These days a task takes around 50% less time than before. As soon as a tasks come in, they already know the expected schedules. We thought that it was great. I don’t need to tell people anymore thing like… well, you do this, and when you’re done, do that. So now I don’t need to always be involved in this process. Time frames also became much clearer. The staff now know that this site can be completed in XX minutes and we can group various activities together. When one is finished, the other can already begin. It creates reminders, and makes me aware of any delays. It’s completely different than how it was before. There’s also the app… some people don’t even really need to use their desktop anymore… All communications were done using e-mail before, and so much information was lost. Not now, we have a history log. I can go in and immediately view everything that’s been done. Also we’ve gotten a handle on what’s possible and what is not. We can make improvements, even in the optimization of deadlines. Here on the schedule you see can how much availability a specific person has, what tasks take more time, which ones generate the delays I was even able to see which team was performing better or if a specific team may need more people. I also started to recognize my own capacity to deliver. The deciding factor was the need to have everything in one place and I also think that the customer service, its speed, that has exceeded our that has exceeded our that has exceeded our it with us in mind. Runrun.it changed my life!

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