“Not Coming up in Search When Brand Name Misspelled”

By | August 29, 2019

Hello, this is John Locke. Today I’m
answering a question that I saw in an SEO forum. It goes like this, “Our brand
name, when misspelled, doesn’t come up in Google search. But when it’s spelled
correctly, it comes up. How can we solve this?” The big thing that’s going on
with your brand name, when it’s misspelled, when it’s not coming up — you
don’t have a strong enough brand. You don’t have a recognizable brand.
Otherwise Google would automatically say, “Are you searching for this brand?” or “We’re
showing results for this — did you mean [your original brand name]?” My advice to you is build a stronger brand. Be active on social media, look at other places
where people in your industry are being linked to — and you
don’t need to necessarily go out and buy links — but you do need to be on
the same types of websites as they are. Here’s a hint — sites that have free profiles.
Another thing that you could do is be more active in publishing content, and
building your brand, so people know who you are. I’m am going to link up another video
that we did a while back, saying all brands are built on digital content, it’s
very true. If you go back to the history of content marketing, that is how a lot
of brands were built back in the day. At first it was with printed books or
magazines. Nowadays it’s on digital — video, articles, or anything that
you can put out there to build your brand. Don’t expect people to come to you (off the bat). Or for Google to know that you’re an established brand (if you’re a) new company. If you are fairly new, if
you’re only a few years old, and there’s other companies with similar names, you
have to do everything in your power to distinguish yourself from these other
companies. This happens a lot where there’s two or three companies
with a similar name. You must figure out how you can differentiate yourself from those
other companies with a similar name. The goal is to become the biggest of those brands. This is the problem: you are unrecognized
as a brand! Those are just some tips to get started. You should think
about ways that you can promote your brand — and I’m not saying advertising, because
that’s what everybody thinks. It’s really about publishing content. It’s about
getting out there and being proactive about getting links, and promoting your
brand in ways that don’t necessarily mean advertising. Now advertising can be part
of the mix, but that’s not the only avenue that you need to go down. However, you need
to make your brand bigger. I hope that answers this question. My name is John
Locke for Lockedown Design and SEO. We’re here publishing every single day, we’d
love to see you subscribe.That’s it for now. Until next time, peace.

One thought on ““Not Coming up in Search When Brand Name Misspelled”

  1. Claudia Ico Post author

    Good point! I had a same problem back in the days. My blog name was easily confused with the name of a flower and google had issues with that. I started mentioning and linking to my site dot domain suffix and it cleared up. Thanks!


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