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By | January 26, 2020

Hi, everyone. Today we’re going to have a sneak peek into
a Norwegian woman’s handbag and bathroom cabinets. You know, that’s a private zone And we have been granted exclusive access
to a typical Norwegian woman’s private life, kind of, and we’re going to research
the things that we find there and see if they can explain Norway, like it is now, you know,
because different small things. I’m not sure all of you and many of you have
a handbag and bathroom cabinets. So now you can compare. I don’t think she’s home. And we Are you doing a break in? No, actually. We have it. We have it for ourself. She’s not home, but she knows that we are
here. And you might ask why? Why a woman’s handbag? Why bathroom cabinets? Well, you know, in Norway, equality among
sexes is one of the most the most important principles. So this woman: she’s 45 years old, she has
a child that is 10 years old. This is her apartment. And she is in a relationship with thefather. But of course they don’t live together. So here she lives alone with a kid and sometimes
the father comes and visit. And he has another apartment in another place. This is Norway. So that’s why we are doing just this. But why isn’t she here?? I have children and I am Norwegian Are you the most typical Norwegian ever found? Maybe, quite typical. I don’t like filming at all. It have to be anonymous. Yeah. You hate this situation? Yes. I get so stiff. She is very typical Norwegian. She works as a school nurse. And eh absolutely typical Norwegian. Now for the peak. Okay, are you ready guys? This is … I feel that I’m intruding the
private sphere here you know, I’m Norwegian. But we have been granted access. So this is her purse. And .. he he You see it right away? Many of you, probably girls or women, that
you will ask is that her purse? Is this a purse? And yes, it’s a purse. And it’s a very sporty purse. You see? No gutchi? No Gucci this is Fjellräven you know, a typical a Norwegian sport … It
is Swedish, of course. But it’s a sport outdoorsy brand. Athleisure And yeah, you know athleisure. So she is a part of the trend. She’s showing off that she’s sporty. She’s not showing off her functionality or
flex. You know that this is, you know, a mother
in Norway, she has to be prepared for a lot of stuff. So this is a functional handbag for her. But actually, I think it’s kind of cool. And it’s almost unisex. I mean, you could have had it as a boy too.
Okay, are you ready to see? Just a second … Have you never heard about
not looking into a womans bag? Of course, I’ve heard that this is a research
purpose. This is SCIENCE. Scientific, we’re going to analyze and reveal
Norway through this. So yes, I have heard it and yes, I respect
their private spare sphere and borders. But this is research. Let’s start with this here. And what do we find here? Okay, here we find moisturizing cream. This is also a Swedish brand of course. And this is very typical for Norway. No perfume. No! It’s for really dry and sensitive skin. Norwegians we are not found of too intense
smells. And we … most of the creams and stuff we
buy are perfume free, actually. Paraben free And she’s got a car. Typical! This girl gots her own car. Okay. Oh, look, a smart carkeese here. Easy to …This is also typical, flexible,
pragmatic solution to that everlasting “Where are my keys” problems. Very typical. Okay, what do we have here? A pad. Off course it’s Apple, off course an iPad. Because Norway – we are an App … We are an Apple country, actually. It’s our favorite brand. And it’s one of the biggest brand and this
is actually what we spend a lot of money on. Not on food. Not, absolutely not, on quality
food, but on quality electronic. So very typical. Okay, here we have a drink of drinking bottle,
because she’s got a son. So he needs She’s always prepared? Of course you have to be prepared you have
to need water. Aaand okay band aid in case her son gets injured. Really important. Okay, so that’s … I think this is mandatory. And of course she’s got the Matpakke, in case
they get hungry. You always carry one. And this is kind of a high quality, because
it’s plastic wrapping and not the wax paper. Levelled up? Absolutely. And speaking about Matpakke … Yeah, you
can see here … This is from our merch shop. And so if you follow the link up there or
down in the description – you can see some of the other stuff we have there. I’m quite
I kind of liked this one was I think it was suited me. Ok. Ok, and then well, of course, you can get a
headache. A lot of walking outdoorsy, not too much sun
though, but you need some Paracet or Paracetamol. Okay. a tennis ball. Probably. Does she have a boy or a dog? I am not sure. I know what she has. Yeah, I know too. Okay, chewing gum, a lot of chewing
gum. Of course. Everything is sugar free. Sugar is a no no. At least when you’re a mother. Okay, here we have. Okay, this is okay, of course. parabens free. Is this is her … this is her lipstick. Okay. Yeah, okay. Yeah. No, she’s got some fancy cream here. Elizabeth Arden number eight I think? I wonder if that’s for the lips too? What’s this? Now this,this probably is the more girly stuff. Okay, this look like a wallet. I start with this. Yeah, this is a wallet. Yeah. Yeah, this is for the public transportation What’s here? Okay, this is a typical! When she goes to the to the store. Milk, cream, nuts, chocolate Non Stop. She’s probably … She loves to bake. So she’s probably going to make a cake. We are more or less a cashless society. So you don’t need to bring a lot of cash when
visiting Norway. Just bring cards I mean, all the Nordic countries:
very, very card and digital …Digital payments and card that’s the rule. What’s in here? This is SO invading!! But it’s resarch. Okay. Ehh … nasal spray. Okay. – Nostril spray. Nostril spray yeah. Okay. Oh, a high end brand. Finally. YSL! I’m not sure what that is. Oh, yeah. At least some some makeup! Is it make up? Yeah, I think this for the eyes. Okay, so that we can put over there. Oh! What is this? Okay, only mirror. Okay, more makeup. A bit used. I think this is very typical to a Norwegian. Pencil? What? Yeah. Well, okay. This is the makeup kit, I think. So girls or women or also men; What do you
carry around? Is this … Do you recognize this? Can you identify with this kind of makeup
stuff? You know, we love all the things that you
share with us. So please subscribe and post your comments
or stories or everything. Thumbs up, thumbs down. We love it. Okay, there’s one thing too. I think this is for her periods. A tampoon. Or something like. It was kind of, well, where do you put that? Maybe over here. And for nails? I think okay. Oh, I had some dirt under my nails. So Yes. Sorry. I can’t use it. Yeah, so Okay. This this is actually a typical woman’s purse
in Norway. What do you think? Can you identify? Was this the things that you thought was going
to be inside? I think this kind of is Norway. Practical, be prepared. Be outdoorsy, independant woman. The most expensive things here are electronics. When it comes to make up and stuff not so
much. Frugal make up. Frugal makeup kit, actually! Yeah, you know and sporty handbag with smart
solutions. “Nei”. This is actually a typical, typical, typical. I think this is kind of the picture of Norway
if you see here. And now: A Norwegian bathroom cabinet. – You have a hang up on toilets? Well, when it’s a universal, at least that
is a universal thing. The girl or the woman living here she is a
vintage beast, actually. I know. I known her for a long time and she knows
her vintage. So her bathroom cabinet (evil laughter) is of course and all the … What do you call
this? A box, in a way? – A wooden box. But this is more or less the same. The toothpaste… Also for sensitive. This is a sensitive! We are very occupied with sensitive stuff. – It’s not feminine? No, but this is Norway. I mean actually the most the most sold products
are without perfume. But here guys (laughter) this is really… this is Norwegian skincare. The original … It’s been here for 200 years,
I think and actually this was used on cows to make their … I don’t know the … – I will text it later (sorry – didn’t) It’s called “jur”. “Jur” in Norwegian. You know where the milk comes from? And this was actually made for, to moisturize
this area in a cow. So you could milk it? Yeah, and now it’s the most sold skincare
product, I think in Norway. Without — of course, no perfume. It’s called “Spenol”. And you know a “spene”
is one of those that do you get milk from! So it’s it’s really strange. It’s a it’s a skincare product with the name
from cows breasts. So, what we have here, okay. Use toilet rolls. Why? Actually the kid in this family he wants them
for a school project. So she told me in advance that this is something
she has to collect so that he can make something later on from it. – So this is interesting. It’s such a small bathroom. And the priority is the kids stuff. – But you know guys in Norway, kids have the
main priority. You know that by now don’t you? Okay, more empty toilet rolls. Yeah, two drawers. Okay, here’s the washing machine, the powder
to the washing machine. And okay, what’s the brand name? It’s called “Neutral”. And why is it called “Neutral”? Because there is no perfume and there’s no
color stuff added. Oh, wohoo! it’s a revolution. There are perfumes in this Norwegians woman’s
closet. This is I think, it might, okay. I’m not sure there’s no brand on it. – It’s not used. – Almost not. And here is … – It is probably a gift. – And Versace Blue Jeans. I think this is for men. Okay, but. Okay, so she has some okay. Or the Lancome, and so on. Okay, perfume exists in Norway. It’s kind of also a part of this. But she It was strange because she had placed
everything all the way down in here. Okay, guys, do you? Do you love to do this? Sneak peek into someone
else’s bathroom cabinet? I’m sure you do. Yeah, post us your comment. Subscribe. You know, we love them. What’s more down here? What is this!? What’s this? Cement? Cement? I’m not sure. It looks like cement! Very strange. Really strange. I’m not sure. Yeah, it’s true. It looks like cement. And what is this? Ok. Ok. Norwegian women are very handy. Actually. I think that many Norwegian women are more
handy than the men. And I think actually this is also typical. And what does she has in her bathroom cabinet? She’s got silicon and stuff for the tiles
here and to redecorate her home. And that’s what I think she actually have
cement in her bathroom cabinet. – She is using the storage for … The Norwegian
apartments are not that big. So we store … – Yeah. Yeah, but the I think this is also very typical. Handy Norwegian women. They don’t sit around waiting for a man to
fix things that are broken. They do it themselves. And I know that this girl or this woman here
she’s extremely handy. And if I have a problem, I need something
to fix. I will definitely call her I think and of course we have a bath … weight. – This is very common. It is a scale. – Yeah, I’m not revealing my – Come on! – No. – Come on! Everyone wants to know it. – And some – Just fast forwarding? – Yeah, yeah! Look, look! It’s almost our raindeer logo. Yeah. With the Norwegian flag on it. Yeah. Okay, guys, I think that we wrap this up. This was the revealing tour de Norwegian purse,
handbag, and a bathroom cabinet. I hope you enjoyed it … I hope you learned something about Norway,
the Norwegian life, the Norwegian women and the culture. Okay, so if you liked this episode, don’t
forget to give a thumbs up, thumb down. Subscribe. Post us your comment and for next episode. See you. I’m not sure if it’s gonna be any more toilet
in a while now. – Yeah. People love the toilet talks No, I feel that we have emptied the content
from a toilet. At least for now, guys. What do you think? Yeah. Okay. And really hot in the toilet. Okay, see you next time. Check out our merch shop. Love you guys. Bye bye.

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    Hi I would love to get a purse like hers how can I get?


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