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By | August 24, 2019

– [Instructor] The Natural Listing Ad NLA program is where you’ll go to see the NLA work that
has been done for you, which includes content creation, a lot of SEO work, and everything really that encompasses the
NLA program as a whole. So when you first go
to the NLA program tab, you’ll see you have a strategy box here, which you can navigate through and look at the strategy of the SEO expert or NLA expert that’s
working on your account and where they’re at with
the strategy overall. You can see historical notes by clicking the icons in the top right-hand corner. The Keyword Focus box will give you a high-level indicator of the keywords that the NLA expert is focusing on, and then over here you can provide NLA feedback, to the NLA specialist. So particularly if they’re
writing blogs for you or creating content for you and you’d like them to follow your brand voice in a certain
way or something like that, you can easily provide feedback by filling out this
feedback box right here, which will be routed directly
to the NLA specialist, which is the SEO expert
and the content writer for your brand and for your business. So this is really nice. Now, as you scroll down the page here, you’ll see the NLA menu tab here, and that gives you a high-level view of all the different NLA-related tasks that can be done to help increase the SEO value of your website. So there’s two different sections here: One of them is ongoing, or, I’m sorry, one-time optimizations,
which is essentially things that would be done to help build a solid SEO foundation
for your business. So these are kinda one-time optimizations such as keyword research
and strategy planning, title, tag and
meta-description optimization, working through the existing pages on your site and really optimizing those, things that’s kind of a one-time event to really optimize your site. Now down below that, you
see ongoing optimizations. These are the things that
are done on an ongoing basis to help build fresh SEO
content for your brand. This is highly important for SEO, you need to be constantly building fresh, unique and interesting content for your site to truly
have the organic power that you’re looking for. So as you go through this menu, you’ll see things like page building, blog posting, there’s
additional menu items if you expand open the optional box here and you’ll see just a lot of different, various tasks that can be done. Now, in this middle column, you’ll see the amount of NLA credits that each task requires, and over here you’ll see any special notes the NLA expert may have put on
those particular menu items. And then on the far right here, you’ll see if the task has
been completed and how many, and this is nice ’cause you can click here and you can drill down
into the specific task if you wanna see a little
bit more information about what exactly was
done for you for that task. You can also get there by clicking on this Completed Task tab, and that’ll take you to
a completed task menu which shows you an itemized list of everything that’s been completed with regards to the tasks
that have been done, some notes on those particular tasks from the NLA expert that
did the work for ya, and then over here, the amount
of credits that were used. There’s also a graph
which has annotations, so you can see how your organic traffic was impacted by the NLA work
that had been done for you. So this is really cool, and you can filter by the menu tasks over here on the left if you
wanna filter your results to see just completed tasks
of a certain menu item. And then lastly, up here, the NLA credit log is just
a high-level accounting of the credits that you have
deposited into your account, the credits that have been used and the credits that are still remaining, so you understand where you’re at. There’s also this fuel bar here, where you can see the
amount of NLA credits that you have remaining in the account, and if you have a future deposit that is scheduled to populate
into the account as well. So the nice thing about our NLA program within the Natural Listing
Ad program of Marketing 360, is it’s highly transparent. You can see where every
dollar is going and allocated with regards to your SEO program. This is unlike most SEO
programs you’ll find today. It’s also a system where you can actively communicate with the SEO expert content writer on your account, and really kinda play
a part in the process and understand where you’re at with regards to your SEO program, so there really is nothing
else like it out there. This is a very, very, very powerful system to help drive organic value
and sales for your business. So if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Call your marketing executive. You can also visit if you wanna watch more
screencasts just like this. Thanks.

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