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By | November 2, 2019

– The Natural Listing Ad Overview report gives you some high-level information with regards to the organic
performance of your website. So taking a look at this here quickly, you can, in a snap shot,
see the number of keywords ranking organically as of the last report, the number of pages ranking organically and earning organic impressions, the number of completed NLA tasks, and you can click these buttons here to dive down into these
reports into more depth, and then over here, on
the right hand side, this is is essentially the
value of your organic traffic. In other words, this is
how much you would have had to have spent in paid adds to acquire the same clicks that you’re
receiving organically. This is a powerful stat here because understanding the
value of your organic traffic is important in terms
of fully understanding the value that the organic
program is generating for your business. The higher that this number grows, the more value you’re receiving
from your organic program with regards to the amount
of money you’re saving essentially that you would
have otherwise had to spend on paid search in order to
acquire the same traffic. So when you look over here,
you’ll see organic visits. This is the amount of organic
traffic that has reached your website depending on the date period that you’ve selected. So you can select your date range here. That will adjust that. If you want to compare
against previous date ranges, you can click this button here to do that. And so you can see all
these different metrics with regards to your organic performance such as conversions and
how you’re performing across different search engines as well. So on the left side
here, this will show you the different search engines that are driving you the traffic. The table is default
sorted by the search engine that’s driving you the
most organic traffic. Hopefully this was helpful. If you have any questions gives us a call or visit for more screen casts just like this. Thank you.

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