45 thoughts on “Next-Generation 3D Graphics on the Web (Google I/O ’19)

  1. blokche_dev Post author

    Where are the links of these demo and websites? Pretty amazing stuff! <3

  2. navaneeth agastya Post author

    I am watching this video just for Ricardo. I have been his fan since I saw his work on animating Google search home page years back.

  3. Louis DeScioli Post author

    21:56 "This is gonna be pretty far from DOM manipulation like React or amazing web features like CORS headers, so please bear with me" 🤣

  4. Pelle Johnsen Post author

    Exciting times !

    Just wanted to add that there is also React Fiber based project for Babylon: https://github.com/brianzinn/react-babylonjs

    Anything we can do to get WebGPU Canary builds faster for Win/Linux? I currently only have an ancient Mac Air (though it does have a GeForce card)

  5. Ghanashyam Sateesh Post author

    I have waited long for this… Chrome support for webgpu is coming!

  6. Philipp Küderli Post author

    So happy to see that WebGL will go on! The best thing since a long time!

  7. Rodney Reid Post author

    Chrome support for webGPU – love it! In Canary w/flags, the demos work today. I've been using WebGL since 2012, so this is pretty exciting

  8. Tom Flaherty Post author

    A brilliant overview. Admire Ricardo and Corentin's perspectives. Memory transfer and top level computations have always been GPU bottlenecks and I was impressed with how well shared memory with WebGPU was illustrated.

  9. Theo Armour Post author

    Happy shock and tons of awe coming out from this video. Some links to help you find out more:


  10. DanteAffinity83 Post author

    This is a great overview and I learned a lot. It seems like the new Web GPU is going to have some really great features that will be worth learning about. That said, this is a great juncture to ask: Are there any plans to support upcoming technology like ray tracing? Also, will the new compute shaders support dedicated hardware, like tensor cores?

  11. Pesthuf Post author

    WebGPU looks much much more pleasant to write than Vulkan. Not having to fill out dozens of structs before you even get to write the first shader is nice.

  12. Андрей Лавров Post author

    Does Google oppose to develop WebGL 2.0 standard?

  13. Leksander S Post author

    19:09 36 fps – 0.04 CPU ms. This looks like 36 frame rate limitation. Is it the case in Browser? Browsers are limited to 60 FPS, not 36. There should be:
    60 fps – 0.04/0.06 CPU ms, otherwise the values were faked

  14. placid chat Post author

    I can really relate to the fact that the github repo is named gpuweb but the tech is webgpu

  15. mtssvnsn Post author

    Looks cool.
    but in the end its just another way to slow a webpage back down again.
    If i wanted to sit and wait for stuff to appear letter by letter or pixel by pixel, I would jump in my time-machine and go back to the days of the modem.
    I'm so sick of kids who didn't have to suffer trough the slow times, who insist on bringing them back.

  16. Adrian Meredith Post author

    v exciting but i get a higher fps in the webgl babylon demo than the webgpu one??

  17. Patrick Andro • Post author

    Chrome 2010: Consumes 90% of user's RAM and CPU

    Chrome 2019: Hold my beer

  18. David Vass Post author

    Do I understand correctly that instead of enhancing WebGL performance there will be totally new API for very similar thing?

  19. Kevin Miller Post author

    Lol people complaining about fps of the demos this technology is not ready yet it will get better over time.

  20. Máté Homolya Post author

    Very good, in depth, easy to understand explanation of how the GPU works. Thanks.

  21. atrumluminarium Post author

    Wait… So we'll be able to do compute without shader tricks?

  22. Daniel Martín Post author

    "We must find a way to combine WebGL and HTML"? I don't like this kind of unjustified statements… I think it is important to communicate the reasons, if there are any — my suspicion being that there isn't one.

  23. Elena Post author

    I didnt understand 1 bit exept something with optimization 😂

  24. Simply Human Post author

    Dont sign up for any gugle product or service. They will use to scrape your data and profit from your content

  25. Mike Drp Post author

    At minute 30:24 there's a volume peak at your audio record. It almost blown my speaker.

  26. viksra Post author

    Is there an easy way to convert a WebGL canvas into WebGPU?

  27. Kristopher Driver Post author

    Weeeeeeeak! This should've been done 10 yrs ago man

  28. Huaixing Su Post author

    I'm amazed by these awesome WebGL demos. But wait for it, they say, we are developing a totally new API called WebGPU. Then I take a look at the GitHub repo, Maybe now it's too early to access. maybe five years later it will be okay.

  29. sam mas Post author

    Hi everyone! I'm a web designer student and I'm considering to make 3D web games. I'm currently learning HTML,CSS and JavaScript and later I'll start to use Babylon.js. Is there any other thing really important I need to learn pls?

  30. Andrew Morrissette Post author

    HOLD THE PHONE. I've been looking how to do AR for the web on mobile for like forever and it seemed to not possible or be a big big pain so now with the model viewer + quicklook we ALL SET. Bless

  31. CS: GO Post author

    About webgpu by simple words: O(n) better than O(n2)

  32. Subhajit Chatterjee Post author

    can someone please suggest form where to start webgl by my own ?
    Any beginner resources will be very helpful.

  33. David Jackson Post author

    I tried various search parameters including "consumer 3d graphics 2019 -printers" and still got this video at the top of the list. This had better be good Google…

  34. cI FER Post author

    Guy: We can't do these in CSS
    CSS4: Hold my keyframes….

  35. Mr. HeavyDebater Post author

    Yeah he introduced a concept but the examples were pretty poor to say the least.

  36. Jianju69 Post author

    Unless I'm missing something, (entirely possible,) I suspect there is an error in the code:
    15:50 The first vertex should be (0.0, 0.5, 0.0) & not (0.25, 0.5, 0.0). Same goes for the WebGPU version. Not a bug, just cosmetic.


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