14 thoughts on “NEW: vidIQ Scorecard 2.0 – YouTube SEO Score & More YouTube Tags

  1. Павел Лобастов Post author

    Спасибо большое! Крутое и полезное обновление! ))

  2. Zetsuke4 Post author

    It shows the number of subscribers for every account/channel's comments. Is this feature from vidIQ or another chrome extension plugion?

  3. ilcanaledifrancesco Post author

    Congratulation, and thank you for your precious work!!!

  4. B2M Online Coaching and Marketing Post author

    About time too! This is very useful, but it would have been very helpful to have this information at the same time as you changed the dashboard. Your VidIQ Team seems to be on holiday. I posted a question two days ago and I have yet to receive any response. I can see inconsistencies between the VidIQ Stats and the video. My post included a screenshot with my comments. I do think that VidIQ is great and one client has upgraded to Boost already. I look forward to getting a response from the VidIQ Team!
    Simon Fawkes

  5. Javier Bustacara Ruiz Post author

    Mine doesn't show the views per hour. … ???

  6. Finding The BTFL Post author

    My scorecard doesn't bring up devices or search terms. is that a premium feature?

  7. Shakaama Post author

    apparently you removed the "suggested tags" 3:33 or is that paid subscription only?

  8. Golden Gramz Post author

    May I ask how should one approach the "creator suggested" tab under SEO? i'm not sure what it really means or what I must do in order to increase it's score.

  9. اصنع مستقبلك Post author

    Thank you very much, but we hope the video will have an Arabic translation

  10. What Is Weight Loss About Post author

    Really informative vid guys, BUT I CANNOT SEE WHERE I CLICK TO GET THE PRO I BOUGHT as all the metrics still say upgrade to bloomin pro 🙁


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