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By | August 23, 2019

James Schramko here with some seo news. I’m
going to tell you about some changes we’ve made with our color code line up and also
we’ve made two significant changes to our branding. I’m just going to show you where
you can find the new services. So we now have a color code system for all
of our jobs. From doing all of our website checks, what we found is websites generally
fall into one of three categories. We have the red, yellow and green. So now we actually
classify this when we do a report. We can also code each of our accounts with that color
code so if you have a job at the moment, you can ask which color code will apply to you.
I’ll give you a brief description of it now. There are red sites which have had some previous
bad link history. This is the most common type of site we get when someone’s new to
us but has been doing work somewhere else. Unfortunately, they’ve had some shoddy links
from cheap forum post or profiles or they’ve had directory submissions or they’ve had
some really low quality company generating spam links for them. Sometimes, these domains
are going to need substantial work, they may need some links disavowed. You may even need
to change domains at some point with very careful redirects. If you have a red site,
then we will let you know that and we will also make sure to send you to the right place
where you get some help with that. If you have a yellow site, that’s generally
a new site. Now, it’s good that we know that it’s got a very low link profile like
almost no links to it because with the penguin filter, it’s very sensitive to anchor text.
Too many good links can actually damage your site so what you need is a very broad mix
of link IP’s and also the anchor text should be mixed up. Make sure that it’s never more
than a few percent saturated for any of the phrases. If you have a yellow site, it just
means that we have on the kid gloves and we’re being very careful with it. If you have a green site, it means you have
a good history, you’ve got lots of backlinks, you’ve got a really good mix of anchor text
and your site is going to get the very best results from us in the shortest possible time
because we can instantly move into really good quality, highly relevant category-themed
links. So that’s our new color coding system. In other news, we sat down with the team last
week and have made some big structural changes to make your life easier. We used to have
our own separate reputation management product. But we’ve now brought that in under SEOpartner.
It’s called reputation repair and there’s an analysis there. If you have a reputation
issue or you need help with repairing a bad reputation, fill out the reputation analysis
on We also had another product out there which
was designed to help you implement what I call own the racecourse which is what we do
from our SuperfastBusiness site. We’re actually putting out rich media all the time. Video,
audio, bullet points and images. That product is now called the expert pack and it’s on as well. SEOPartner is the one stop shop – reputation, expert packages
and the standard packages that we’ve always had. We’ve got a new comparison chart so
you can see exactly what you get with each package and we still have a website check.
It is $20 now because we’ve reached our absolute capacity and we’re very popular
right now but that $20 counts as a credit against any of the packages that you order
if we recommend that you take one of our packages. If you have any questions, of course hop along
to We’ll be happy to help you out there. Now is still ticking along just
as normal and that’s the place to go if you need content. If you want infographics,
if you want videos, if you need articles to put on your website, head over to
and that will be the best place to go to seed a brand new site or to give a boost to a very
established site. I’m James Schramko, speak to you soon.

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