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By | August 15, 2019

James Schramko here with a traffic news update. SEOPartner service update This one’s really important if you’ve been
using SEOPartner or you’re reselling it. You may want to know that there is a small price
change on our most popular Pro Pack, and that’s because we do everything by hand now. Our
labor time taken to complete the jobs has gone up about 50% over the last few months,
and that’s because we really care about the results we get. Of course we’re not going
to put the price up by 50%; it’s only gone up about $20. Will you be affected? Now here’s the other thing. If you are already
on a recurring monthly package — and there’s near to a hundred people in this scenario
— you will not be impacted by this change, you are still on the same rate. If you are
using one-time packages then your next package may be at a higher rate. Just wanted to let
you know why we did that and hopefully you are okay with it. We still feel that we are
the best SEO supplier in the marketplace. Getting a strategy report We’ve also made a number of changes. If you
are one of our high-value regular repeat customers, you can expect a strategy report more often
from us. We’ve been offering reports for $20 and a high percentage of those convert into
sales, and that’s because we are offering advice on what to do and where your pitfalls
are. I strongly recommend that if you haven’t had
a website check by us before — go along and order a $20 website check. Of course, anything
you purchase from us we’ll rebate that $20 from your purchase price, so you’re not effectively
paying for it. If you’re serious about SEO, we’re serious about supplying it. Our results Lately we’ve put a lot more focus on image
marketing and I’m going to give you a special post on just that topic coming up soon, so
look out for that one. We recently surveyed customers to ask why they bought SEOPartner,
and 40% of people bought because they bought before and it worked. Now I can tell you that
our success rate is above 80%, and the few that we can’t get success with — it’s usually
when someone’s bringing big problems to the table so we really do a screen out for those
now — that’s partly what the $20 check is for. We don’t want to work on your account
if we don’t think we can fix it. We know a lot more about Penguin and Panda now that
we have so many customers and we’ve seen so many search campaigns. Bulk packages help you save up If you happen to be a bulk order then ask
about our bulk packages. We do packages of 5 Dominations and 10 Pro Packs and they’re
quite a saving from the standard pricing. If you are doing 10 Pro Packs at a time then
we really want to work with you and we show you a saving there because it’s much easier
for us to deal with you 10 times than 10 separate people. The Expert package Finally on our news today, we’ve changed the
Expert package to a monthly package. Every single month we’ll update your site with four
videos or four podcasts that you give us and we’ll make sure that your site is updated,
getting fresh traffic, and bookmarked, and we’ve got bullet points from those videos
or podcasts going on to your site, your best asset. In fact, that’s how we built up
to be so powerful — by just putting out regular videos and audios like the one you’re watching
now. So check out the expert pack, it’s also now
at a very low $299/month, and that includes 4 doses per month. You do this for a few months,
you’re going to have the absolute, best, rock-solid safe SEO traffic you can possibly get. Build
up your site with amazing content and watch what happens. I’m James Schramko. I’ll catch up with you
in a news update soon.

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