NEVER Rely on a Single Traffic Source for Your Business

By | January 22, 2020

51 thoughts on “NEVER Rely on a Single Traffic Source for Your Business

  1. Lanardo Post author

    Thanks you Neil this is something every online entrepreneur should know!!

  2. Kevin Chaves Post author

    Does posting more related contents for a post adds value?.

  3. Asifur Rahman Rakib Post author

    Hey Neil ,I'm regular follower of you !!!! That have changed my life .Thanks

  4. TEASEONE1987 Post author

    Do you know if you can still use something like subscribers in Europe because of gdpr? I would be happy about an answer! 🙂

  5. Nader Nadernejad Post author

    Never rely on one Canva template for all your thumbnails 😉

  6. Nirali Raval Post author

    Neil,this is out of context but still an important query, what courses would you recommend if an individual wants to upgrade their skills. Offcourse, interest matter. But which are the booming industries to look forward to.

  7. TECH MONSTER Post author

    please make more video on this topic……

    thanks for your guidance


  8. Bhaskar Joshi Post author

    I quite agree with you…would like you to provide more videos on this topic.

  9. bear Gamer Post author

    As less people are used reading blog and many of them Choose video making on YouTube. Is it happened in future that you shift from blogging to YouTube or Facebook video content creator for same thing you teaching us ?

  10. Dhanur Sehgal Post author

    Hi Neil. I want to do internship at your company. I am from India. Any possibility?

  11. Gamer's Major Post author

    sir help me in how to make perfect back links and referring domains for my website as nowadays backlinks have lost their value and importance

  12. Baldeep Birak Post author

    Great work Neil. I'm pushing my business on multiple social platforms as you never know where the next enquiry is.

  13. La Octava Letra - Negocios en línea Post author

    What are your thoughts on Russel Brunson´s Dotcom secrets?

  14. Affiliate Watch Post author

    Good video and true story. Crazy timing, I just lost 70% of my daily affiliate sales on this 1 program. The good thing is I am running an organic campaign and do have some other traffic sources.

  15. Ibukun Soyoye Post author

    Thank you for the video. But please how do I get the free subscribers tool.

  16. Salimah Haji Post author

    Hi Neil, Thank you for making valuable marketing videos. How often are you posting on Linked in? Are you just posting videos or articles too?

  17. Sharron Dark Post author

    Thanks, I Tell People All The Time To Branch Out, Will Share This Now

  18. Trustifyy Post author

    Hey Neil quick question, Can you paste the link to subscribers? I can't seem to find it

  19. jthomas kay Post author

    More fond of this type of video. Calmer voice. Less yelling.

  20. HCBCHEMISTRYoCOM Post author

    Is the point of ever media channel to gather emails? And bring people to your site to sell?

  21. WhatsApp Duniya Post author

    Yas sir right not depend single traffic pls advice me
    How to grow your online business
    In e-commerce filed

  22. just another girl Post author

    Neil, in a previous video I asked you, would you start a blogging and/or podcast course anytime soon, you replied "quite possible". Can you please tell when will you launch your course? Can you also clarify whether that would be a blogging course or a podcasting course.

  23. U.M. kaushik Post author

    Please make a video on pros and cons of various online businesses showing the minimum amount of money required to start them including how much time they can take to generate income and scalability. I really need this!

  24. rushi patel Post author

    Hey neil.. what advice you give to fresher for digital marketing. I am following you for few months. What tip you give.

  25. tadas pukas Post author

    Hey, Neil. I would like to ask you some question. 1. What to use better, shopify or wordpress? And how to get traffic ( the best tips from you?)
    2. What do you think about coding? Is it needed for marketer? Looking in the future it would helps to do better marketing steps like seo and so on..? What do you think?

  26. Dr. Sebi Inspired - Mucusless Diet Center Post author

    Yes!! I was number 1 for years and the expert in my field and Google just killed me. There is just no way to fix it. Luckily I have Youtube to back me up and some wonderful subscribers who came to my aide. The most humiliating situation.

  27. Jackie Jay Post author

    Hey Neil, I'm an owner of a takeaway business and I was wondering what if you could give me some tips to to bring more traffic to my Instagram and Facebook page, so then more people will come to my business. Thank you.

  28. Leon Lang Post author

    can you include a short clip in your next video where you tell us something about the status from the new ubersuggest template 🙂

  29. Asad Ali Post author

    Hi Sir, Can you please explain about indexed backlinks? How they affect website ranking? What about those backlinks that are not indexed by google?
    Thanks for content you are producing. It's really helpful

  30. Abdelgadir Mohamed Post author

    Hi Neil

    I'm gadora
    can you give us group or ideas of (killer words) that you use in your ads on facebook and google search engine.

  31. jk28147 Post author

    I had noticed that you mentioned subscribers a few times through your videos. However up to this time I was not able to find your tool (site) The only reason why I did now is because you had the site title in the background of your video. It may be a good Idea to include links to your mentioned tools in your content.

  32. Akash Choudhary Post author

    Hey Neil

    I think I might be in trouble. My wordpress blog is redirecting to a website called “”

    First, I thought my device has been affected but then I checked it. Turned out I’ve been affected by adware, I guess. Blog works fine on safari but when I use other browsers, I get this issue. I checked it on different devices.

    Any ideas what can I do now? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  33. Mia Alja Post author

    Hi Neil! Thanks for all the valuable information.

    What advise would you give an immigration consulting start-up.. what kind of content should I push? On which social platforms? I’ve been trying for a year to land one client. Everyone fishes for free information and doesn’t value professional advise. I really appreciate your guidance. It’ll have a huge impact on my business.

  34. Adam Syafiq Post author

    Hey neil, you're such an amazing person and your team at the website provides a lottt of value for me. Thank you so much 😊 hope one day i get to meet u in person.

  35. Adam Syafiq Post author

    Recently i sent questions to your website (like always) , but recently I didn't get replies as much as before, i was wondering if there's a limit to asking questions or do i have to get into your some sort of advance group or something?

  36. Swapnil Mate Post author

    Hie neil
    Can make video relates with google broad core update.. medic update..
    My bussiness relates with health and hospitals.. and all landing pages rankig goes down can suggest how to crack from this medic update..because daily my ranking changes some time google show cache prblm or not indexing my pages.. plz reply
    Thank you


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