NEU: Webseite optimieren mit dem checkdomain RankingCoach

By | August 27, 2019

Optimize your website and improve your Google rankings with a little help from the checkdomain RankingCoach. The first step requires an analysis of your website, for which we need to ask you some questions. This includes enquiries about your line of business and whether your website aims to reach a local or a national audience. Next, we check the number of registries your website is currently featured in and whether this data is complete. This is a crucial point for local optimization. Regardless of the CMS or shop system you are using, the checkdomain RankingCoach will support you with handy video guides – every step of the way. If you want to increase the chances of users finding you online, keywords are front and center. This is why we collaborate with you to find the most relevant ones. Choose your direct competitors and start overtaking them – you can easily keep track of your progress. The checkdomain RankingCoach takes all factors into account before creating an up-to-date optimization score. In addition, it compiles a set of tasks relating to search engines, social media and local SEO. These are specifically tailored to you and your website. Don’t waste money on expensive agencies. Take control of your own search engine optimization – with the support of the checkdomain RankingCoach.

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