Neil Patel’s 10 Business Tips for Building a Multi Million Dollar Company (2018)

By | August 29, 2019

– Most people fail in creating a multi million dollar business. And you know what? You’re probably gonna fail in creating a multi
million dollar business, unless you follow my tips. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel
and today I’m gonna share with you all my tips to creating a multi
million dollar business. (chipper music) The cool part about these
days is, there’s the internet and with the internet
you can do extremely well with very little money. Back in the days, my parents
days, you needed a lot of cash to create a business. You had to buy real estate, land, right? These days you can pop up
a domain name using GoDaddy for nine bucks, create a website with some really cheap hosting
and you’re off to the races. So, let’s get started on how to create a multi million dollar business. My first tip for you is to focus. You probably have tons of ideas. If you do all of these ideas,
you’re not gonna do well. There’s not enough time in the day to run one business, yet do 20 of them. You’re not an Elon Musk,
I’m not an Elon Musk. He can run two businesses
at the same time; Spacex and Tesla, they’re
worth both billions of dollars. Most people can’t do that,
so focus on one idea. You probably have five or
10 or 11 different ideas that you want to go after, but pick one. Pick the one that you’re
the most passionate about and pick the one that you
have the most knowledge about. And that gets me into my second tip, do what you know best. Malcolm Gladwell wrote
a book that breaks down what makes experts and he talked about the ten thousand hour rule. People who spend ten thousand
hours on one thing tend to be really at that. And you know what’s crazy? That’s a lot of hours. Do you wanna spend ten thousand hours on three or four different things? I bet not, so focus on one
thing that you’re really good at and put all your time and
energy in becoming an expert. It’s funny, a lot of people are like “Oh Neil you’re an
entrepreneur, you do well, “what is it that you do
throughout your day?” And I’m like “well I just
drive traffic to my website”. They’re like “you don’t
manage people, you don’t deal “with sales, you don’t deal
with product and engineering “and design and customer support”? I’m like, “no I’m only
good at traffic generation, “I’m not good at managing people, “people hate working under me.” I focus on what I’m the
best at and you should too. And what you’re the best
at when you spend a lot of hours becoming an
expert, you’ll be able to charge more money for
that one specific service or product that you’re offering. The next tip I have for you
is: increase your prices. Everyone always talks
about producing stuff at five bucks, 10 bucks,
50 bucks, 100 bucks. You can’t become a multi
millionaire selling things for dirt cheap. Sure, Walmart and Amazon and
Target and all these guys do it but it’s much harder to make
money or a living doing that than it is selling one
or two people something for 10, 20 grand a month. Go for bigger ticket items
than smaller ticket items. Most of the successful people that I know, yes they’re not the richest
people in the world, they’re not as rich as Jeff Bezos, but they made most their money selling people expensive products or services. The next tip I have for is:
time is money, move fast. I don’t care if you
think you’re blazing fast and you’re the fastest person out there and you’re a track star
in high school or college. There’s a little kid whose gonna beat you. The question is just when. So move as fast as possible and if you think you’re moving
fast, well you know what? Look at what you’re
doing and try to figure out how to even move faster. Use the application called Rescue Time, it’ll tell you where
you’re wasting your time and where you’re spending your time. You can use it to optimize
your hours throughout the day so that way you can focus
on getting faster, right? And it will probably show
you that you’re wasting time on things like Instagram,
Facebook and Twitter. Sure you can use them for
marketing but you don’t need to be on Facebook four hours a day, right? The next tip I have for you is to network. You can’t do everything on your own. You need connections,
you need other people who can buy and sell your product. You need partnerships. So if you don’t go to
conferences, you’re not going to build up your network. If you don’t go to local
meet ups, you’re not going to build up your network. If you’re not going to join groups like
Entrepreneurs Organization or YPO, you’re not going
to build up your network. It doesn’t have to cost
money to do networking. You can go to your local
city or the city you live in and they probably have free events for other businesses like yours. And when you’re networking,
this goes into my next tip, make sure you look for people
to hire within your company. It’s not you who’s building a
multi million dollar business it’s the people within your organization. It takes a team to create a big company. Do you think Bill Gates,
Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet do really well because they’re smart? Sure, they are smart but no,
it’s the people around them. It takes thousands and thousands of people to create a multi billion dollar company. So don’t think that you can
go out there and do things on your own, when it’s been
proven that no one else is able to do that, right? I don’t know any other billionaire
out there who’s done it by doing everything on their own unless they inherited the money. And if you inherited the money, you’re probably not watching
this video in the first place because you’re already good to go. And I wish I was you if you
inherited the money, right? Life would be chill but
I probably would still be an entrepreneur. The next tip I have for
you other than hiring is to focus on every single
dollar that you are spending. Now here’s what I mean by that. When I was a little kid, I
was roughly 16 years old, I first started out by charging
someone 5000 dollars a month for consulting and I was making them 25 million dollars a year. From there, they got
me a few more customers through referrals, I was at 20 grand a month all
when I was sixteen years old. But you know what, my
mom taught me something. When I was a little kid,
you give a little kid 16 or technically I was 16
but you give a little kid 20 thousand dollars a
month, he’s gonna be like, I want a Ferrari I want a
Maserati I want some fancy watches and the first thing I tried
buying was actually a Maserati. I did actually try buying the Maserati, but I didn’t qualify cuz I didn’t know you need a thing called credit to qualify and buy a car but nonetheless it was a blessing in disguise. And my mom taught me this
one little simple lesson: it’s easier to save money
than it is to make it. And I didn’t know that
because I was on cloud nine and everything was going
up but little did I know, sooner or later things
would start going down. Things don’t just keep going
up, every business struggles. The question is when. Apple struggled once,
Microsoft baled them out with a 100 million bucks,
Amazon wasn’t always doing well. Microsoft themselves had great moments and then they started declining and now they’re on a tear again. Every company goes up and down so count every little dollar
you spend and look at it, do you really need to
be spending that money? I’m not saying you should be cheap, I’m saying you should be cautious on how you spend your
money and think it through because every dollar you
save you’ll have more money in the future for those rainy days. And my last tip for you is always add up sales and down sales. I don’t care if you’re
consulting, if you’re consulting and teaching people how
to grow through marketing you could be like “oh
now that you have traffic “to your website you need
some conversion optimization “let’s convert more of those
visitors into customers”. That’s an example of an up sale. If you’re selling tissue
paper on your E-commerce site you know what, you can do an up sale. Hey, you’re using a lot of tissue papers, have you ever thought about wet wipes where you can just wipe your tushy and it makes it even
cleaner and more hygienic. Right, that’s an example of an up sale. Or you know what, you
can even do a down sale. They say no to the little tushy wipes you can be like “do you
make the bathroom smell “after your done?” Oh, take this spray it’s
like this spray or potpourri that you put in the toilet and then ah it smells really nice after. Those are examples of
up sales and down sales. Follow those tips and you’re gonna be off to creating a multi
million dollar business. Now if you’re struggling
or not sure where to start I want you to do one simple thing. Leave a comment telling
me where you’re struggling or where you’re not
sure on what to do next or how to get started
and I’ll leave a response breaking down what you should do. I’m here to help you and if
I’m here to help you succeed all I ask if for one little simple favor, please subscribe to my page or my channel and make sure you share this
video and let other people know my life mission is to help other people and educate more about
marketing and entrepreneurship.

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  90. Mahwish Kaur Post author

    I’m trying to learn SEO, Mr. Patel and then earn from it on a very large scale. How do I go about it? Can you please help me?


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