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By | November 17, 2019

I mentioned in the previous video that
one way you could find negative keywords would be to bid on very broad terms
using pay per click and then wait for your ads to get impressions and clicks
and then to pull the keyword report and see where your ad was shown take those
terms you wouldn’t have liked it to have shown and then add those as a negative
keyword but I mentioned that would be really expensive the good thing is for you there’s a lot
of advertisers that are already making this mistake right now so here’s a technique you can use
Keyword Grouper Pro and your competitors ads in order to determine
your own negative keywords so there are a lot of sites out there that offer
competitor pay-per-click research one of them is iSpionage so you can
just put in a domain and you’ll hit Search and it will show you they have 52,000 roughly fifty
two thousand keywords where this advertiser is bidding on terms now all
of these sites work the same way they have a large database of their own
keywords iSpionage boasts that has 22 million
keywords in the database then they go out and they crawl those keywords using
a google search they then take the ads that show and
they put into their database so then you can then go and put in a competitor’s
URL and you can find out which keywords your competitors are bidding on and all
of them almost also have the ability to export these terms so iSpionage is one
of them there’s ahrefs here you can put in
your domain hit explore you’ll see this is the paid keywords
section and you can see the keywords that this advertiser is bidding on their
spyfu same thing put in the domain click on PPC keywords under PPC research
and you see here you can export some SEMRush is the same again domain search you’re under the positions and paid
search positions and then you’ll see the key word here is in this column and
another old one or older one is keyword spy again put in the domain hit Search
and under the pc keywords time you get all the keywords now you can export these and pretty much
all of these they allow you to export they’re going to all have a little bit
different keyword databases they start with which means that’s why the
results would vary so we’ll just take keyword spies database here they say
they have 15,000 10 keywords from this domain bidding on flower terms I’ve already gone ahead and exported
this just to save top so i pulled up this export from keyword spy and I’m
just simply going to highlight the key word column here and i’ll scroll the
bottom to the very bottom and i will hit shift and I’ll copy this to the
clipboard then I’ll go back here and I’ll open up
keyword grouper pro and I’ll just paste these terms into keyword grouper pro
using ctrl v can right click and copy right click and paste or you can control
a and control V and I’ll just paste that directly into Keyword Grouper Pro and once
they’ve been pasted into Keyword Grouper Pro I just need to setup my minimum group
length now for this case because we’re looking specifically for negative
keywords I’m gonna set the minimum group length
at one and that is explained in another video there are some videos in the
description some links you can click on those videos to see how to use Keyword Grouper Pro if you’re not familiar with this then we need to go to the excluded words
list I’m just going to go ahead and put in
the excluded words for flower and flowers because those are words I know I don’t
want to group by so we will put in flower and flowers and I could also put in
arrangement because i know there will be key words that have arrangements and
delivery ok so i would put those terms in there
if you think of any really common terms that you know are not negative keywords
you can put those in the excluded words list to use it for this feature instead of letting us run to save time
i’m just going to go ahead and show you the results that I got earlier so i’m
going to click on this tab here and you’ll see that there’s about 7,298 groups were created from that list and if I
scroll down through here you’ll see there these are obviously good terms florist
gift baskets shops send and you can see the individual keywords here now let me show you a really simple one
that would be as we scroll down through here we’re not going to go down through
all these groups but i’ll show you one so balloons so maybe your shop doesn’t
sell balloons but you get searches like flowers and balloons roses and balloons
so immediately you might see this other competitive their bidding on balloon
terms but you don’t want you want to make sure your searches do not show up
anything that contains the word balloon you’ll see here there’s balloons there
we can scroll down through here balloon bouquet balloon day there’s
balloons plural there’s also look at this one here I’m cooking so someone put in cooking
flour and i’m pretty sure they meant flower F L O U R but they used flower F L O W E R so again you might want to make sure my ads never show if the word
cooking is in the query just to make sure you get rid of those maybe you
don’t offer gift baskets so you could put in gift baskets and a keyword so again you’re just taking the the key
words from pay-per-click ads that your competitors are bidding on and you’re
sorting those into individual groups and then just looking down through those
groups and taking those terms that you know disqualify this person from seeing
your ad in other words you don’t want your ad to show to someone who typed
this in because it means they’re not really a good prospect for your products
or services this is a very simple way to use other
people’s money where they bid on pay per click terms you can take that data you
can group it you can make sure your ads are only being shown to people that are
actually your target market

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  1. MarketBold Post author

    this is an easy way to use your competitor's ad spend to find your own negative keywords using software #seo #adwords #google #ppc

  2. Rainy Liang Post author

    Is this tool still active? I just downloaded it to use it and it get get a broken page in my browser. I tried using it in other browsers and I got the same results.


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