Need Content Ideas? This Quick Topic Ideation Tool Will Help.

By | September 9, 2019

So today I’m excited to show you a brand new tool that is out in beta you can go sign up for the tool right now. It’s free while in beta and that tool is called bloom berry. I think that this will be an immediate must add for SEO and content marketers who are looking for data-driven topic ideation so instead of sitting around trying to come up with the next topic to write on or what kind of topic your site needs around your product or niche you can use tools like blume berry to come up with almost unlimited topic ideation that will match your content to the questions that your consumers are asking. So I’ve spoke in the email with Hinley Wing who created blume berry he is also the co-founder of Buzzsumo which is one of the best content marketing tools I’ve ever used so the pedigree is here for this to become a really awesome tool. I spoke with them and they let me know that there are over 300 million questions so far in their database and you can you know, search them and get lots of information so let’s dive in I if we go in and let’s just search SEO to get started here, it does take a second to load sometimes so i am going to go ahead and tap over i’ve actually already loaded this question and what you’re going to notice is it groups all of these by you know similar topics so these are all questions about google these are questions about ranking and traffic keywords and actually really find it quite useful. If you want to narrow down you can hit view all questions and it will show you the 531 questions here about URL. So for instance here what is better for SEO? A trailing slash in the URL or non trailing /url. Me personally I always go with the trailing slash but it’s more important to be consistent how does your website handle does it properly 301 redirect if there’s no trailing slash and so on and then being consistent with that across the board will solve that problem that would be a great topic if you’re looking for you know an SEO related topic just looking at what people are asking out there. You can see on the left that there are filters for time range which is actually quite nice especially if you’re dealing with products you probably only one more reason you know a search history and questions you can also exclude some of the sources and include the sources this is a little bit wonky to use just for me right now because there’s so many sources you know I don’t want to click through here and and and deal with that but i like that the options are there in speaking over email they did mention that they probably adding in a lot more you know options with that with this section and maybe you can even pick if you just wanted to analyze one subreddit on reddit that you know is all about your topic you’ll be able to enter that in can also filter by country which is nice and let me show you another search that I did actually on social media so this brought back you know the tons questions but the problem was it wasn’t as relevant as I wanted it to be I got a lot of questions on dreaming on Social Security, social anxiety and that really didn’t necessarily have to do with social media or some that did you know….how should i go about meeting a woman on social media well pro tip you know get off social media and head on over the craigslist you’re welcome so what you need to do to fix that is put quotes around your search so I put social media same searching but I put the time in quotes you can see it’s much less questions and they’re very relevant…which social media sites to use to promote your business and all these are actually fantastic questions that are being asked around social media that could also be great for topic ideation now it gets even more interesting when you look at analysis so if you look right here that you have your results you have your analysis here I’ve searched for vacuum cleaners which is one of the examples they give on the blueberry homepage but i’m just showing you the analysis and what it does is it shows you the popular topics by by volume now this isn’t like monthly search volume i had to confirm that just so I was making sure. This is actually how much of the result how many of the questions included about roombas or carpet or picking things up and remember this is a vacuum search so it’s the volume of questions the only thing that’s really cool is they talk about the companies that are mentioned so with this vacuum search we’re looking at dyson, probably Amazon for reviews and then rooma and I-robot and you can really actually get a lot of cool information out of just looking at the analysis. So for instance let’s say that you were doing content marketing or SEO for roomba. I’ve searched for that. Here is you know 10,000 questions and i like that we have volume next to each one again so you can tell that a large amount of questions around the room but is around battery life which makes total sense right like… it’s a it’s a little robot vacuum so you’re going to want to know how do you remove the bag vacuum you know what happens if it dies during cleaning and these are all content, really that Rumble should own they should be creating answers to these and guides to these and owning these or if you were a reseller room but or something like that you would want to create content around these questions and you can see you know again it’s all group for you it’s all there here’s what they’re asking about floors does it work on hardwood floors you know that kind of thing how to pick things up out of the you know work for pet hair and you know it’s a really really neat tool I’m excited to see where blueberry goes and if you have anything you want them add you know like leave it in the comments down below and I’ll make sure that gets sent over to the team there they are going to be adding in some cool new features that are coming down the pipe that i was discussing with them looking at which communities are giving you feel right now you get the volume by type so we know that battery is really important but it will show you which communities are talking about the battery the must so you can see like okay that reddit or let’s say Amazon in this case was most actively talking about questions about this that would be great because then you can focus in on those niches and also they’re going to be adding on alert so if you have specific product questions you could add in alert on and maybe you would be proactively on Quora answering those are in those communities answering those i am excited to see what they come out with next

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