My HTML website assignment

By | March 11, 2020

Hello! I’m Adam Abd Rahman here and today I I’m going to show you a a website that did in HTML 5. Where I had to do a website using HTML 5 for … for for a fictional restaurant that, that c and this restaurant, it allows. Um.. It main aims is to reuse waste food from supermarket and in the local area and it was found by by a couple Harry and Megan This actually a fictional client and this is part of my… my assignment that for my university. and here, I have finished doing my website and… and it was viewed in in.. in smartphone mode. But I can’t. But actually it was viewed on a desktop The reason why… I … I put in smartphone mode, because I…I suppose to do it and the reason why I … I I … the reason why I don’t do it on my phone because I couldn’t find out how to do.. screen video capture on my phone, because and beside I don’t like using my phone too much. I don’t like the type of phone I’m using. So.. So here it is. Here my website It called “Pay As You Feel” the name of the com pany. and I used HTML5 and as this template I choose a few one and the one and the template I used is called Helios. because, because it free and… and if it.. to me it fit perfect for the website. So, here… here and it a one page scrolling website. Since scroll and here is.. is the men is the menu and this is this is this is the description of the menu, it it fit, all the food in this restaurant um… are based on famous movies and TV shows like like like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and.. Pulp Fiction and here are the menus, I … they’re not owned by mine. I … I… I got that and some of these are from from the famous youtuber “Binging with Babish” I like his videos a lot, I like the way how he, he create the food and he recreates them … and see he Here is it. And this is the food box list, and it it allowed you to get food from, from, from from this website, if you’re part of the member of them. If you’re above 30 years old. Here the description and it has tons of food and.. and you had to subscribe to get to pay for them. And you can be a volunteer whether you work in the kitchen, kitchen, or, or, or, cleaning and if you want to do that, and, and you can sign in. Here’s the aim. Here is the opening hour. Here’s the location is in centre Bristol, England and.. and you can accept donations to as well. and they have social media sites. So, that that all for it. and this so that basically.. that it. that it. that it.

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