My Digital Marketing Agency is Hiring!

By | September 9, 2019

What’s going on social media, it’s been a while since I’ve created video content so first of all I want to give you a quick update of what’s going on with North digital and Then I’m going to talk about what the main purpose of this video is Which is to put the word out there that I’m looking to hire a full-time digital marketing expert to bring onto the North digital team so first of all A quick update right now North digital is the biggest and busiest it’s ever been in terms of the number of clients we’re serving and our top-line monthly revenue and with that my personal time is extremely stretched right now Ensuring that all the clients that have hired us are getting the digital marketing results that they’ve come to expect from North digital now up until this point the North digital team has been fluctuating between three to four members and it’s been myself and part-time local digital marketing experts here in Vancouver and We’re pretty much at our capacity right now we have clients knocking on our door that I’ve actually had to turn some of them away and that’s why I need to hire a full-time digital marketing expert to join the North digital team and I’m gonna go at the end of this video more through the technical specifications of what I’m looking for, but ultimately the the need and the reason I need to bring someone on is because I need to free up my time to Build North digital as an agency and sign on new clients and I also want to free up my time to develop my entrepreneurship coaching business which has Organically we started to emerge from this content. I’ve been producing on on YouTube and on Instagram, so What I really need is someone to help me and help the North digital team do that execution of the digital marketing campaigns for our clients so if you are someone who has digital marketing skills has some digital marketing experience and wants world-class experience working with local businesses and working with international clients that sell globally then I really want you to get in touch with me and Again I’m gonna throw it up on the screen the technical Specifications I’m looking for but a couple of high-level things I want to go over is I have job postings Posted in Vancouver. They’ve been up for a week or two. I’ve started the interview process I’ve talked to some great people already, but I wanted to push this out on my personal social media networks to see How many other people are out there that are gonna be interested in this so this is a full-time position It’s I’m open to someone working in person in our downtown Vancouver office We have a beautiful office space. I’m gonna I’ll throw it on the video now so you can take a quick look at it and The person I bring on could either work from this office space that you’ve seen right now Or I’m also open if the if the person is the right fit I’m open to a remote working arrangement as well or even A hybrid working arrangement if the person I hire wants to work out of the office a few days a week and wants to work Remotely a few days a week. The most important thing. I’m looking for really is digital marketing Expertise. So while my local job postings are centered around the Greater Vancouver area if you’re watching this video and you’re in another Province another state somewhere else in the world and you think you’d be an incredible fit I encourage you to get in touch So I’m gonna jump on into my computer and go over the technical stuff. I’m looking for right now. So here’s the Document that goes over in detail what I’m looking for I’m not going to go through every point on here right now but I will include a link to this in the YouTube description and in my Instagram bio for the duration of this hiring process So as I mentioned essentially why I want to hire you is northe digital simply needs more digital marketing execution horsepower to serve our clients and let’s jump into your What the primary duties will be now for our current clients Your primary duties are gonna be managing the pay-per-click campaigns managing Unbounce landing pages managing search engine optimization campaigns creating monthly reports other miscellaneous tasks as required as well as Documenting processes and helping north Digital create standard operating procedures now for our future clients you will be doing most of these tasks as well as managing the relationship with the clients themselves and Your qualities again, I’m not gonna go through all of these right here but what I really need is someone who’s organized detail-oriented And patient and persistent who’s able to troubleshoot technical issues The reality with Facebook ads in Google ads and any pay-per-click platform is that issues will arise Facebook is going to disapprove an ad or disapprove the ad account for no good reason and we need someone that can follow up talk to support and troubleshoot those issues until they’re resolved and while I Definitely appreciate people with an entrepreneurial spirit and that’s a lot of what this channel is about and I would welcome that in this candidate as well The most important thing for this position in particular is really someone who’s good at detailed analytical digital marketing work So right here are the technical skills I need you to at least have a foundational knowledge and you don’t have to be a 10 a 10 expert at all these But you do need a base knowledge and be comfortable working in with all these tools at the outset So Facebook advertising Google advertising Google Analytics landing page best practices email marketing Knowledge of WordPress and basic website modifications is also a bonus so let’s talk about what you will get out of this job first and foremost a world-class experience in digital marketing working closely with Local and international clients in a ton of different businesses. We have high tech consumer goods We have cosmetics. We even government clients we have clients in the cannabis space industrial supplies fashion and more so we have yeah clients in many different industries and in terms of the pay I’m Looking at doing a full-time base pay plus an element of performance-based pay so I want to reward you for good work and as mentioned before I have flexibility in this offer and I’m happy to tailor it to the right candidate and While at the beginning of this video, I did say I wanted to hire someone full-time which would mean about 40 hours a week I’m not I’m not completely opposed to hiring two To part-time people who can work 20 hours a week if there really are an incredible fit Because whereas in the scheme of things north digital is a small digital marketing agency I’m happy to be flexible. So if two incredible candidates apply that both have twenty hours a week they can offer north digital I would definitely be happy to explore that So a couple of other items of interest there will be opportunities to help me building my personal brand and my entrepreneurship coaching business which right now those mainly live on Instagram and YouTube As we expand they’ll definitely opportunities to move into leadership role and the last thing I want to mention is we are ideally looking to bring on someone who wants to work with north digital for At least a semi long-term length of time Ideally the for two years or more We’re looking for someone who’s invested in growing with our agency. So That’s that’s all I’ll say in this video if you if you are interested in this I’ll add a how to contact me here which will basically just be the email careers at North digital and yeah excited really excited to bring on our next team member and excited to Give everyone socially an update of our North Digital is that I plan to create much more content going forward throw the rest of 2019 and hiring this person to help with digital marketing tasks is going to be Important in it enabling me to do that as well. So until next time thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you soon

5 thoughts on “My Digital Marketing Agency is Hiring!

  1. Sean William Post author

    A huge thank you to everyone who continues to reach out and engage with my YouTube content! Once I streamline and systematize North Digital a little bit further, I am looking forward to creating more content to help entrepreneurs.

  2. Adeyemi Olusegun Post author

    Hello Sean, I applied. I'd love to work with you for a month, free of charge then we can decide if we can work.

  3. gaurav nanda Post author

    Absolutely. You should free up time and be focussing on sales for North Digital and the coaching business. Looks like we will speak soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. yullux Post author

    Check the quality of my work via my channel & see if it's a fit for you. Experience wise I have testimonials from multi billion dollar companies. I'm currently looking at expanding in Canada and would be happy to supply my services via you. Let's get in touch.


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