My (Daring) 5 Year Business Plan For The Neil Patel Brand

By | August 23, 2019

so you just talked about your ambitions for the brand this year where do you see the brand in five years the Neil Patel brand or even thinking that far are you not even thinking of five years are you just like month by month year by year no I I do think that far I probably even think over ten year period so my strategy is globalization in which if you look at most people especially entrepreneurship and marketing space or business in general they’re focusing on the US market or english-speaking you know our sales force makes majority of their revenue take a guess what country I mean I would say the United States yeah that’s right it’s your easy yeah all right okay yes for the number two places number two country where they make second-most amount of money from China nope take a guess again UK nope it’s not an english-speaking Mexico not Mexico Canada John English Canada somewhat they speak France French and English but it’s Japan so Japan’s are number two and then you get to asia-pacific in Europe and different parts but this one most companies don’t do everyone’s always like yeah English that’s where it’s at yes I know there’s a lot of money in the english-speaking audience but in Brazil they don’t have as much money the currency exchange difference is around three three and a half you’re not gonna make as much money but at least you’re not gonna make as much per transaction but here’s what people don’t tell you there’s very little to no competition so if you expand into these regions Google all these social sites don’t have enough content within those languages it’s much easier to get the social shares it’s much easier to get the Google rankings and you can dominate even the venture funded companies in the US aren’t thinking enough about globalization so if you don’t know my strategy is go after all the regions how much do you think I make a month in profit what do you think how much do you think of my money is going into my bank account each month like out of all the businesses I have over 150 people that work for me we make millions in profit how much do you personally yeah how much do you think my salary is three one hundred three hundred thousand a month a month zero you didn’t see that right yeah yeah what do you think I do with my money I have no idea Brandin hey Brad yes ting what kind of car do you think I have you already know that burr I should even ask you I use it weber accent like gotta say that money I’ll speak about using pool but I’m like I was running late come here and I was like I’m not gonna do the over pool I dumped all of my profit that I would have personally kept into buying competitors building my brand and global expansion and that’s the thing if you really love what you’re doing and you really want to beat everyone you take every single dollar you can and you invest it and for all of you that are watching if you want to create something that’s big you don’t need a lot of money to start you can just need to be crazy and I’m not saying that in a bad way when I talk to people like uh ii didn’t love from in Bob Duncan and I’m like I want to create a Maz competitor I want to create a SDM Russian competitor I want to crush a hog jar and I need you to help me get it on product huh and all these places because that’s what he specialized it he’s a cool this is awesome I love where you’re going how much you’re trying to make from all this up zero he’s like you’re crazy and I’m like yes my business partner Mike who runs my ad agency Neil Patel digital he thinks I’m crazy because I take my share of the profits and I just dump it all back in into growing more I’m like I don’t care for a check that’s my mentality and sure I’m in a place where I can do that but I also don’t have crazy expenses where I need to make money each and every single month and you guys may not be there yet and that’s okay just don’t spend a lot and you’ll get there faster so the goal is if you really want to grow take all the money you’re making and double down into your business and just grow internationally no one’s putting the money into Brazil Latin America into the into Europe into Asia and I wish I can put 10 times more money but I don’t have enough into all these regions because I already see the economics and how it makes money and funny enough we have high profit margins in Brazil it’s growing fast heck even though the customers don’t spend as much as they do in the US because there’s no competition the ad agency in Brazil is growing faster than it is in the United States and in the long run it may even have the possibility to make more money because we’re not really competing with anyone else so don’t be afraid to go overseas I don’t speak Portuguese I don’t speak that much Spanish I don’t know the cultures but I’m willing to travel go and learn and do whatever I don’t want to stay in the four seasons or ritz-carlton I want to tough it out and rough it with the locals who are there so I can understand their culture do whatever it takes to understand the people and the rest of the world because most people don’t speak English if you really want to do well go after everyone else out there that doesn’t speak English and go and expand there because you know what you may think you’re not the best marketer you may think you’re not the best design or a product person you may not have the best website but it’s okay you don’t have a ton of competitors overseas so just go out there and go after them and trust me you’ll do well if you just do one tenth of this stuff I’m saying because in those regions people are ranking on page one of Google product terms like auto insurance which is segura in places like Brazil and like three months without doing much sure you won’t monetize as well but there’s no competition and eventually the monetization will catch up

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