My 5 Favourite YouTube Tools [2018]

By | September 2, 2019

Hey folks, Rob here welcoming you back to
another vidIQ video and while I may be the face of the brand I’m not just a spokesperson,
I do use vidIQ everyday because I am a YouTuber just like you so I want to share with you
my five favourite tools from the chrome extension that helps you get more views in less time. No beating around the bush here, from the
moment this row of stats made a home for itself on every single YouTube page, I’ve been transfixed
by them. It’s the real-time stats bar of course. Five analytics showing you everything that’s
going on over the last hour, 48 hours and seven days. It takes all the pain out of monitoring how
recent uploads boost my channel views and when I mouse over the graph button I can see
how views have fluctuated over the short term. It’s amazing, I love how it discreetly sits
at the top of YouTube and you will love the fact that it’s free. Now my next favourite vidIQ tool a bit of
cheat as it’s about 20 tools all in one but how could I ignore the video scorecard? If I want to know why a video is successful
or isn’t this will tell me why with a Search engine optimization score, channel statistics,
video tags used and so much more. This thing can review every single YouTube
video in existence and just like the real-time stats bar it’s free. You know, I’m so accustomed to the video scorecard
now that YouTube would just looked weird without it. Ergh, One for vidIQ boost users now, the vidIQ chrome
extension button contains a ton of extra web applications, one of those being and a suite
SEO tools, specifically the BULK SEO feature. This shows you how many times keywords you
have used as video tags appear in YouTube search results. That’s pretty good for showing me what current
tags are working, but what it also shows you is keywords that you don’t use on your videos
that still result in a search hit This is useful two reasons, first of all you
can use it to refine your current video tags, afterall you might as well get rid of the
tags that don’t do anything and use the ones that do, and you may discover related topics
people are searching for that could drive future video content. Now onto engagement, it’s the lifeblood of
any channel and you should be responding to every single comment you can. The value viewers get from a video creator
reply is huge. But I appreciate that the larger your channel
gets, the more difficult this can be to manage. So that’s why I adore the comment template
tool. Simple create a reply you want to use frequently,
save it and then click on the vidIQ button next to any comment, choose the template and
boom, a ready made reply in seconds. This tool has literally saved me hundreds
of hours over the years and it’s especially useful when people ask me to do a sub 4 sub
because I’ve got just the video they can watch on the subject. And finally we have perhaps the smallest vidIQ
tool but one of the most powerful and free tools. Whenever you see video tags, be it your videos
or anyone else’s videos this tiny paper clip allows you to copy those tags. You can then paste them into your video tags
and then add more tags that are appropriate to your content. Like the comment template this is not the
most ground breaking tool vidIQ has but one of those everyday tools I would really miss
if I didn’t have it. So those are my favourite vidIQ tools and
I would love to hear what yours are, if you have a particular preference let us know what
it is and why in the comments below. And if all of this is completely new to you
and you’re going wow, what are these tools this is of course the vidIQ YouTube tool to
help you get more views in less time, it’s a chrome extension, there’s a link in the
description, download for free today. That’s it for this video, I hope you enjoyed
it, if you did, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and if you want more video tips,
trick and guides then subscribe to vidIQ. Enjoy your video making day, bye for now.

36 thoughts on “My 5 Favourite YouTube Tools [2018]

  1. G- squad Post author

    Thank you so much for this your absolutely awesome and I love the views bar and all that

  2. Jay Malone Post author

    That tag tool looks interesting. Is there a way to give it a try and see how it performs before upgrading?

  3. frankfoti Post author

    My favorite thing is the SEO score, I look at it as if its a game/challenge- trying to get it to turn green. The other thing i like is being nosy, Im sure everyone is guilty of "being nosy"- for instace, VidIQ's views has dropped 21% over the past 30 days, not good VidIQ.. stop goofing off -Get your act together!

  4. Tom Tech The Savage Post author

    Dang, I can't come up with a cheezy comment.
    This video really TOPPED my brain 😉

    Idk if that made sense lol

  5. Zestivix Post author

    There is an option that i would love to see in vidIQ: the number of subs and the age of the video in the "suggested videos" and coloring of the videos having high velocity views compared to the subscribers count That would be the holy grail i think. Hope vidIQ will implement that option and make it free i hope 😉

  6. Vignesh Ram Post author

    Dude I've been grinding for 2 months but I have just 49 subs can you give me suggestions

  7. Rajat Taheem Post author

    Most of these tools are paid versions only… Not useful

  8. Frog - Tech - Tips Post author

    VidIQ is cool tool over I like seo score live scores

  9. HolidayFlow Post author

    Great tool suite and presentation 🙂 (tiny tip – feather away greenscreen artefacts around your head edges)

  10. Recicle fazendo Arte com ideias incríveis Post author

    I am still learning to use and for now all items are important because they do a set of reviews.

  11. RDT Post author

    Hehehe now I'll get more views in less time. Get it? No? Omay, I'll admit it that it was a corny joke because the popcorn bag exploded…

  12. Mike2P Post author

    I really want to grow my channel. I currently have 253 subs, 3,500 total views, and overall I average like 40views per video. I just hope that I can grow more views and subs. Thank you VidIQ for this awesome video:)

  13. Miguel & Rosa Post author

    i have a question, why can I only see the vidIQ thing on my desktop computer and not on my laptop ? is a little annoying because i mostly use my laptop

  14. Tiffany Post author

    Great video! I recommend also using the influencer directory at Phlanx where you can find Youtube influencers to collaborate with. You should check it out, it's free

  15. Kirsten Woods Post author

    Hey whats up?!!! Your page is awesome!! You are soo helpfull I actually posted my first YouTube video today of all the vines from 2017 I like!!! if you have time do you mind going over to my page and watching to let me know what you think?! Thank you ! I appreciate any constructional criticism !!

  16. Trainer Manal Yousef منال يوسف Post author

    thanks for your explination, Are the tools you mentioned above for free now days or not? such as SEO/ tags


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