My #1 SEO Trick (It’s Not What You Think)

By | August 7, 2019

I know some of you guys have been wondering what’s the biggest SEO trick that I’m using today and I have to tell you it’s funny because most people think hey Neal you’re super tactical like what link building tactics are using how are you writing your content what are using specifically to rank at the top of Google because you’re ranked for terms like or a few Google terms like SEO online marketing internet marketing I’m ranking on page one for a lot of these terms some of them at the top some of them even number one here’s the trick my biggest SEO hack or trick isn’t SEO it’s building a brand if you’re looking at these videos that I’m doing from the content that I’m creating from my blog post from the podcasting I’m doing marketing school everything I do is about brand building what I found out is the one who has the biggest brand tends to win in the long run I was talking about this earlier with a friend I asked him I’m like if you were to get a credit card what would you get he’s like American Express was like okay you got to get a car what would you K he’s like Tesla here to get workout clothes what would you buy he said Nike and then I asked him would you Google for any of these products he’s like no I would just go and buy him why because they’ve built a brand you’re not going to build a big company unless you build a brand now you’re not gonna be able to do TV advertising billboards or any of that kind of stuff that these large corporations are doing but what you can do is you can start off by just giving people value by busting out your phone recording a video uploading it to Facebook to YouTube to LinkedIn Twitter Instagram whatever it may be you can create a podcast I’ll set your phone again record yourself upload it to iTunes you can write blog post write an article release it on WordPress share it on the social web it’ll get you some traction the point I’m trying to make is if you help people with your content your information and you just give it to them and you really just genuinely care I do this yes because I’ll build my brand but I really do genuinely care it’s the reason why I respond to comments I don’t have to respond to comments if you look at almost all the comments that I’m getting on the blog and that I’m responding to therefore people that can’t afford my products or services I don’t care I genuinely enjoy helping out people but if you care for others you want to help them the indirect benefit from that is that you’re gonna build a brand and I learned this not because I’m trying to build a brand I learned this because I genuinely wanted to help out people my mom’s a teacher I got it from her I genuinely wanted to help out people and then I found out that it was building my brand at the same time and then when people started offering me paid speaking gigs and all this kind of stuff I was like oh wow there’s value in building a brand but it didn’t click because at first I thought the Nikes of the world the American Express’s of the world Coca Cola’s were all wasting money on branding because I was like no Google ads are better to direct ROI and I’m not saying branding is better or worse but there is value in it as well and that’s the biggest SEO hack because if you build a brand a lot more people with Google for your name like Nike or whatever your company name is and you’ll find that your website will rank higher an Eric Schmidt gave a hint on this in which he once said you know brands are the way to separate the crap and I’m butchering his quote and he’s true cuz what I found is as my brand queries have gone up so has my search traffic and I believe that’s the future of SEO and I have a lot of data on this and I released a blog post on neil patel com a while back called the future of SEO and I talked about how brand queries are the future

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  1. md kafilur Raheman Post author

    Please do a on page live SEO video, that's help us more

  2. Keyur Verma Post author

    Hey, Neil
    Please Tell Me How I Rank specific "Keyword"

  3. Girish Mahajan Post author

    Hey neil….
    Your are best seo expert….
    I have one question for you…
    How can I search trending topics which are trending from 2 hours or 3 hours so I can write blog on that first….

    Cause I search on Google trends …. they're are showing topics from 24 hours ago……and there are already many blogpost are made on that….

    So how can I search recently (from 2 to 3 hours ago) trending topics….?

  4. shreyans jain Post author

    From my personal experience, I agree to this 100%. We have never focused on off page SEO at all and we already rank on top for many competitive keywords. But the fact is we do have a brand name, and at least get 50k brand name searches a month. So brand name popularity = SEO ranking

  5. Venkatesh Kumar Post author

    Yeah you are absolutely right. Future of SEO is more about branding.
    How to continuously write more through (long form content like 5000 words)?

  6. Sadman Ishrak Post author

    How to build a brand for sites/blogs that are monetizing using affiliate products? (Amazon, Clickbank, Rakuten, etc.)

    Please give an example using a site that is selling blender as an affiliate of Amazon. The cheapest way to build a brand.

    Thanks a lot in advance, Neil!

  7. Arkin Khemchandani Post author

    Hey Neil, I launched my first blog this month. It has 7 posts till now, in each of them I tried to be as thorough with the topic as possible. I also took care of on page SEO with yoast and now I'm trying to market my content on Quora and Reddit.

    But the thing is, the rankings on Google are really poor. I wanna improve my organic traffic.

    Do you have any advice?

  8. Andre L. Vaughn Post author

    Delivering great content consistently. Nice vid Neil.

  9. Stephanie Langlet Post author

    I've discovered your work a few years ago for the first time because of… your complete guide to personal branding! 😉

  10. Varun Kamal Post author

    Hey Neil… I notice that you always respond kindly to comments…whereas some like Tai Lopez for instance never respond… You're creating an audience that likes you… But do you think the other strategy of Tai's works too? Where his attention is scarce to get and hence people get a star like impression of him… Yours would come under the liking/loving tendency under cognitive biases for persuasion and his would come under scarcity… Which do you think is more powerful.. he has way more subs because he s been doing it for way longer, so that can't come into question… you're growing very fast after starting recently… What would your comments be..

  11. Anurag Batra Post author

    Sir you are really inspirational and i love your content

  12. Timonacci G Post author

    For local search …how many Google reviews do you think is an adequate amount and what's a decent star rating …thanks wo much Neil …your my go to source for internet marketing info🙏🙏🙏

  13. Aaron Matthew Music Post author

    Just found your channel family, great content! I went to high school with a friend with your same name. Bless, keep up the good work!

  14. LaptopRefix Laptop Chip level Repair Channel Post author

    well said Neil bro, like it. Agree with you. thanks for the confirmation.

  15. Dr Vaibhav Shah- Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Surgeon Post author

    May be because of this video many people will start helping out in their own way. World will be better place in a way. Cheers. I like your thoughts.

  16. Aruba Web Tech Post author

    I do need your help you and will contact you soon via Neil Patel Digital 😉

  17. Ohana Girls Guide To Life Post author

    Your mother must be a awesome teacher also.This video is life changing My Friend! Mahalo for sharing

  18. Deon Christie Post author

    Thanks for that Neil, couldn't agree more. Reputation is everything, and your name (Or Brand) even more so. Engagement must be one of the best ways to get "Known" as the "Guy that helped me with (Niche)" and become synonymous with a specific need within a specific niche. I guess it's all about unique useful content because somewhere out there is someone struggling with something you have already mastered. No matter how minute you may consider your knowledge to be, there's always someone that can learn something from you.

  19. Usman Akram Post author

    Neil I have a Web development agency. How can I get clients, other than Blogging and SEO?

  20. Baldeep Birak Post author

    Great point Neil. Thank you for your content. It's great help for us and as our start up businesses grow we can help spread the word to more people.

    I can admit Neil responds to my comments (and doesn't have to). It's so rewarding helping others and like Neil I started my business channel "Birak IT".

  21. Gerardo San Diego Post author

    True story, just a few days ago: I decided to offer to make FREE WordPress websites for struggling artists that are having trouble getting jobs/gigs because they don't have a website or know social to promote themselves. I went to a local music development center and offered to help any of their graduates by building a quick promo website and/or admin their social accounts, because IMO the artist community, at least where I live, is always underserved.

    Within 1 minute, the director of the program took one of my flyers and stapled it onto the bulletin board right at the front entrance, then ASKED me if I had any business cards, and to put the stack of cards RIGHT AT THE RECEPTIONIST'S WINDOW! I love the timing of this video:) Thanks, Neil!

  22. Quotestants Post author

    You are the only person I am learning so far… Neil I thank you very much for teaching someone like me who is going through alot and still struggling to Change circumstances.. Everyone ask for money even if they are telling you somethint about instant articles

  23. Crystal McDuffie Post author

    💯 A good reputation is amazing for business! How do you build a brand on podcasts?

  24. Preferable Life Post author

    Freaking Awesome! Thanks for sharing. On day 40ish of videos in a row and It's F'ing HARD!!!! Super Encouraging!!!

  25. Techgyst Post author

    Thanks for sharing! What I do on my blog now is – I ensure my posts are readable using yoast, then I ensure topic is clear, and forget about other things. There's a lot working for me, and I don't really care too much about SEO and all any more. With time, things will add up… I love your style, my videos will be a mix of your style and @garyvee's style… Much love! 🤗

  26. Soala Idasetima Post author

    It's funny you reveal this as your biggest SEO trick. I had a theory that if I ran my website, which I used to practice SEO tactic, like a brand, it would be successful. I found that to be true. Your video verifies this and I'm glad that my theory was correct.

  27. Ajay Malik Post author

    Hey neil! Can you tell what makes a brand website differ than ordinary blog or website?

  28. Aditya Siripragada Post author

    Neil, what's your view on using Medium to build a brand?

  29. Bhaskar Bhattcharyya Post author

    You are great Neil I am following you more the three months…

  30. Piyush Choudhary Post author

    Hey Neil! Your videos are really wonderful and they help me and lot of other people. Had to ask you this if you would own a wordpress blog, what tactic would you use to grow it?

  31. Valerie LeMoyne Post author

    Neil, you're the best! Thanks for being so awesome!

  32. SP TECH PLUS Post author

    Yes that's right helping people. Building Brand by Giving Value.

  33. Technical Karlos☑️ Post author

    He neil why are you not using adsense for your blog plz tell me😀😀😀

  34. Wrestling Favourites Post author

    I am not an expert but I learn everything whenever I see Neil

  35. Wrestling Favourites Post author

    Neil bro plz reply our Facebook ads are creating error when I submit they say ad name error I changed it over n over it still shows, when I try from promote button preview is blank I reported but still no response what can I do by ads are not showing statistics for some latest ones, can't update or create new one boost is available but I need traffic ads to be active again.
    Note : some spam message we got just like from no where it didn't say anything about blocking though n we don't get blocked error what is it is there any way I can contact Facebook I even tried chat option no ones available how can a company like Facebook be so irresponsible we are Paying for ads and now we are suddenly stopped any solutions, our boost post are running fine but ads manager ads traffic and other conversions I just can't create it shows ad name error I even changed the text is there some policy changes I put marketplace links to generate traffic from Facebook and possible sales

  36. PhysioAdviser India Post author

    Hi Neil a great video like always, we have a physiotherapy center , pls give some suggestions, how we can build up a brand

  37. Sukhman Sharma Post author

    Man I am in Love with your content. Thanks alott it really helps. I will meet you someday and Thank you inperson for sure☺️.

  38. unknown person Post author

    hey ,Neil Patel Proud to being Gujarati 😊❤️
    Please Make one Video About ASO PLEASE

  39. Victor Sammarco Post author

    Having trouble getting clients to manage their paid traffic, social media. They all believe they can do it themself. Including building a website. What is a good rebuttal for this rejection? Thx neil!

  40. Animesh Das Post author

    How to set priority for crawling URLs in sitemap through WP plugin or search console, can you do a session for that?

  41. jewelbijoux Post author

    Hello Neil! New subscriber here! Your videos are so helpful so thank you for creating content so much more in depth than others I’ve seen! I have a quick question for you –
    I just started my own business and I’m creating new videos for it (I just got me website up) and I’m conflicted about starting a new channel (since YouTube just recently changed their requirements for new channels) or building off of this one which I have had for quite some time and so close to meeting the new requirements. Do you have any advice for this? Thank you!!

  42. Muka z Post author

    Sir One word for this video that is "Nailed It"
    Awesome I always recommend company to focus on Brand Building like in previous years Samsung!

    Thanks for this wonderful video keep sharing sir !!!!

  43. J V Post author

    I loved how you delivered content on this video. Not busy on the eye. Always helpful. Thank you so much 🙏

  44. Manan Jain Post author

    Hey Neil, I saw a website that has separate domains for its products (but still linked to the main site), these single product websites are also single paged. Is this a good tactic??

  45. Adi SK Post author

    Hi Neil, need some advice. I have an idea for a content curation site, but don't know where to start or go about building it. Do you have any advice for building and maintaining a content curation site.

    Thank You. Love your videos by the way.

  46. Nicholas Teal Post author

    Cheers Neil for all your advice and video's, ps love the non shouty vibe

  47. Marc van Burck Post author

    Hi Niel…
    My Client's Keyword Ranking on First Page on 5th Position So How Can maintain this ranking any good way for it…

  48. Morkie Flash Post author

    Sir, I pick some long-term keyword that has stop words. If I remove stop words then Yoast plugin said it correct, but my keyword totally changed. What can I do now?

  49. Manish Rai Post author

    Hey Neil
    I am currently working as a QA in small IT company and now I want to build my own company I have no idea as to how to promote my website but I have started writing blogs and trying to do social marketing on my own I still work in that company 9 to 6 so that i can save some money and 6 to 9 I owrk for myself, i have been to your site but I didn't get the most of it I am just manual tester and i have very less knowledge about coding and all although I have friend who has created a website for me and is also my partner.
    I have less time to invest but I am ready to give at least 1 hour a day so please guide my step by step as to where i should start
    thanks in advance!

  50. SAM 5 Post author

    Ahhhh lovely!! Enjoy your video eith CC! HAHAHAHA. I like it. Now I understand you..

  51. Sa rah Post author

    hey Neil! I just apply for Google adsence and my web got refused and it shows me following reccomensations,Don't place adds on auto generated page with little to no original content,improve your navigation and as a publisher you must provide unique and relevant content I am really stressed out because my content are original and I have 3 important pages
    here is the link to my web.
    Can you pleaseee review it and help me what improvement should I need?

  52. Nazia Afreen Post author

    This is so so motivating. Was about to quit blogging but this actually changed my mind. Thanks a ton! 😊

  53. avinash khemwani Post author

    Hi Neil, I am preparing for a marketing interview and would love to speak with you about it. I’m definitely not hoping to hear from you but If somehow you get to this message and decide to help out, it would be invaluable to me. I’m doing this cause my recruiter specifically mentioned your name. Fingers crossed.

  54. Christopher Costa Post author

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  57. Fred -The Submarine Guy- Post author

    Wonderful lesson. One of the reasons I refer folks to your videos/blog is because you are ENGAGED with them. Well done!

  58. Digital Reach Productions Post author

    I think there is incredible value in what you are saying. The only thing I would have added to that would be to italk about or include your Online Reputation. which is now mandatory and needs to part of all your online marketing today if you want to convert traffic into phone calls, sales, and customers. What're your views about a businesses Online Reputation?

  59. Jason Valasek Post author

    This is great insight! Never thought of SEO like this, but it makes a lot of sense. I now have a new plan of attack. Thank you for the great tip!

  60. Vishal Shevale Post author

    Hello Sir, I have been watching you since April 2018. I absolutely love your content I've learned a lot from you and a lot to be learned. I am wondering if you provide full SEO guide (course) step by step.

  61. shahankit - clash of clans Post author

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  62. Muhammad Awais Post author

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  63. alex de wilde Post author

    It's correct what your saying but it's not SEO. Branding and SEO go hand in hand but are not the same..

  64. Sushant Bajpai Post author

    You win hearts… guiding me and my friends in their careers for free for long time..

  65. sourav kumar Post author

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    1. Suggest me best off page seo tricks for loan keyword.
    2. What will be improvement on page seo.
    3. How can I make brand for my company.
    4. Guide me High quality backlink tips.

  66. Barbie Figueroa Post author

    Yessss Neil Yessss!!! Slick tricks and analytics are secondary to building a BRAND! Know like trust is a result of giving Value! 💕💕💕

  67. iFlashBack Post author

    From 2:06 to 2:20 what u said really catched my attention. And when I scrolled down to comments, u actually replied to almost all of them. That is so nice of you

  68. svntrs Post author

    Love this vid and it's true. Because Neil is open and honest, not afraid of being unpolished and replying to comments, I have started supporting him. Now I recommend him to my growing fb group of bloggers. I can totally see over time many of them supporting him too.

  69. Mike Chappell Post author

    I've narrowed down the Content I regularly consume to 3 ( Neil Patel, Pat Flynn. and Gary Vaynerchuck) I get little or no value from anyone else!

  70. Janet Denison Post author

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  71. BillPrestin Esquire Post author

    Neil , any advice for health site owners , saw my traffic dive with new update , concerning health and fitness, does this new update mean if you are not an expert or Dr you should not have a health/fitness website??

  72. Mehedi Hasan Post author

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  73. sanket patel Post author

    Branding is Biggest SEO !!!
    Thanks a lot Neilsir it's such a helpful for SEO.

  74. Mathias Dimarco Post author

    Nice video bro, its so true seo can blind us from the brand, lets not forget the fundimentals!

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    Thanks for all your videos!

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