MUKBANG 집밥! 통 스팸,계란후라이,선지해장국,흰밥,오징어 젓갈 먹방|KOREAN HOME FOOD الأرز المنزل Nhà gạo [SIO ASMR 시오]

By | March 4, 2020

Ham Put the ham in the air fryer. 25 minutes Let it go~🎵 Cooking oil Salt salted squid It smells really good. Everybody scream! Yangpyeong-style hangover soup rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr It’s exactly the same as the picture on the package cool That lump is a seonji.” (The blood of the cow solidified) Welsh onion Sometimes people ask me what that pink cube is, and that’s ham. And rice Finish! Hello, this is SIO. What food will I eat today? Homemade food! Let’s go! Today’s food is Yangpyeong-style hangover soup salted squid Rice Ham fried eggs That’s it! Then, I’ll enjoy the food! Wow! Sunji! It’s made of cow blood. I couldn’t eat this when I was a kid. But now that I’m older, I eat well. I even think about it sometimes these days. That is ham. It’s a little less salty than the spam. It’s not salty enough to eat without cutting it. And it’s a little softer. This is salted squid. Wow… crazy! I think I’ve lost my temper for a while. It’s really delicious. This seonji is so delicious. The texture is so good. Oh, it’s hot! I’ll bring some more rice. Well, the eating show is over. I really like rice soup. I think I lose my temper when I eat rice soup. Really, I just need a bowl of rice soup. That’s all I need. So, that’s it for today’s eating show! See you again!

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  1. SIO ASMR Post author

    오늘은 집밥을 먹어보았습니다!!
    코로나바이러스 때문에 집에서 요리를 많이 해먹게 되었는데,
    오늘 이상하게 국밥이 먹고싶어서, 마트가서 국거리 찾다가 선지해장국을 찾아왔어요.
    거기에다 통 런천미트,계란후라이,흰밥,오징어 젓갈 이렇게 준비했습니다.
    어릴땐 선지해장국 못먹었었는데(소피로 만들어졌다고해서)
    나이가 들었긴 했는지… 선지해장국같은 아제 음식이 끌리더라구요!
    (아재개그도 재밌음..어쩌지..?)
    개인적으로 추운 겨울 뜨끈한 국밥에 밥말아 먹는게 참 별미이고, 한국인의 특해 음식이지 않나 생각해봅니다.ㅎㅎ

    오늘도 행복한 식사 하시고 좋은 하루 되시오~^^
    시청해주셔서 감사합니다~

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  2. Nicol Os Post author

    Estos Videos los veo cuando tengo hambre y me da más hambre XD

  3. Aleksandra Kisss Post author

    Мне больно смотреть как он ест горячую еду, запивая её холодной водой

  4. 냥냥조아 Post author

    존잘인데 요리도잘해.. 잘먹어.. 목소리도조앙 최고😆😆😆💓

  5. 유유채림 Post author

    볼때마다 궁금해서 그런데 시오님 시점 쪽에서 음식 샷 위에서 찍는 샷은 어떻게 찍나요?? 먹는 중간 중간 일어서서 위에서 카메라 들고 찍진 않을 거 같구 천장에 카메라를 달아 놓은건지 진짜 너무 궁금해요….

  6. BJ우주최강와꾸TV Post author

    맛있게 잘드시네요 ㅎㅎ 배고파요 잘드시는 모습 보기 좋네요 ㅎㅎ

  7. عبدو القيصر Post author

    Cow blood
    Corona virus 🦠 is coming for you

  8. Zaria Banda-County Post author

    Like when I was sad and deplane wanted to die I would watch you be happy

  9. Archana Walia Post author

    The fact is…. Watching his videos makes my hungry and I literally don't even eat no vegetarian 😂😂❤️

  10. 中村いづみ Post author


  11. Kevin Gomes Post author

    cuidado y les pegué coronarias por ver este vídeo jajajaja

  12. 高田 Post author


  13. Handiyani Niluh Post author

    If you eat rice from indonesia u can't using chopsticks😂

  14. إيثار يوسف Post author

    اخيرا لقد وجد ترجمه للغه العربيه🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

  15. Elle Bernardo Ortigas Post author

    brrruuuhhh, I’m not allowed to eat eggs so whenever I see you eat eggs my mouth is watering and my stomach is growling

  16. meguめぐ Post author

    나도 국밥이랑 젓갈 좋아해💜

  17. 이윤호 Post author

    솔직히 형 영상의 킬링포인트 중에 가장 큰건 역시 영상 첫부분의 요리하는 장면이야ㅎ

  18. 아리 Post author

    와….저 선지해장국 엄청 좋아하는데🥺
    조만간 먹어야겠어요 너무 맛있게 드셔 ㅠㅠ👍

  19. Abraham Herrera Post author

    2:22 acá en México le llamamos moronga xdxd

  20. ᏢᎬᎬᏦᎪbᎾᎾ Ꭵs mᎽ ᏁᎪmᎬ Post author

    I love the quizlet music theme playing at the beginning lol.

  21. البصراوي M7 Post author

    لحم الخنزير اكلهو حرام ويسبب الامراض بالصحة تنجنب لحم الخنزير احد اسباب امراض الكورونا في العالم

  22. BEARDED-MAN-MEETS-ASMR Post author

    What a great meal you eat soo well 👍🏻💛🤩👌🏻

  23. RORO Queen Post author

    I love your smile it's wonderful🙂♥🙈

  24. 주현나연 Post author

    i was eating while watching this and it still made me hungry i- 💀💀

  25. Me' Lyric Post author

    Why you so cute ? With your dimple 😭 grrrr

  26. Pang Xiong Post author

    Me thinking everytime………Scared he's gonna poke the back of his throat with dem chopsticks 😱😱😱

  27. Mohammed Ridha Post author

    Hey sio 😄
    You look so cute when you eat 😘😊

  28. سارة بحبوح Post author

    يلي عربي يحط لايك 💙👍🏼

  29. Leina H Post author

    The cube is Spam, a cheaper alternative to ham

  30. Alejandra Lopez Post author

    Please stay safe! Wash your hands everyone👍🏻

  31. Gline Post author

    I've never seen anyone eating at this level of enjoyment,god bless him omg

  32. Wolf King Post author

    Sio: dying of how hot the food is

    Also sio: continues eating

  33. love M Post author

    기습적 let it go? 7:03 에선 먹다가 혼자 막 웃기도^^ 여기 알게된 지 2주쯤 되었는데… 조증인가요 ㅋㅋ

  34. davizito 2343 Post author

    Eu não sei se tá no ou ruim a cara que fica fazendo da impressão que tá bom mais tem vezes que ele faz uma caras que eu mesmo falo tá ruim mais tá bom

  35. No One Post author

    Hi sio
    I’d like to see you outside and do mukbang to your favorite restaurant.
    Love fr Philippines.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. Giovanna Faria Post author

    I really want to eat these foodsಥ‿ಥ

  37. Hɨdan Post author

    Yo nomas veo estos videos y me da chingo de hambre :v

  38. emily persea Post author

    LET IT GOOO 😂 make me food & sing Sio!!!

  39. Henry Ronato Post author

    i am watching this while i eat my steak fries from a taco truck.

  40. 미뉴미뉴 Post author

    런천미트가 좀 더 부드럽고, 덜 짜다~ 메모메모~~!!! 시오님 집밥먹방은 진짜 없던식욕도 돌아올것 같아요~~!!! 너무 맛있게 복스럽게 잘드셩~~~요리 만드실때도 신이나시는 시오님ㅋㅋㅋ 🤣🤣💜

  41. Elianai Arevalo ovando Post author

    Es realmente grandioso y delicioso

  42. Anh Thế Post author


  43. Zuzu Ka Post author

    Голос очень приятный и мужественный))

  44. Nayeli Min Post author

    Why does he remind me of Roderick from diary of a wimpy kid movie (the old ones)

  45. Martha Orellana Post author

    I’m guessing that since you had the hangover soup it was because you had a hangover

  46. 김희경 Post author

    선지해장국과 오징어젓갈먹는 남자유튜버 매력 쩌는데 ㅋㅋㅋ

  47. / АРХАНГЕЛЬСКИЙ / Post author

    Хватит горячее жрать, заебал

  48. Yuni Peqiq Post author

    Kalau g bertobat dan tidak masuk islam…siap2 Dineraka besok tinggal mukbang api dan buah zakum….😂😂


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