More Views for a Small Channel (with #TubeBuddy)

By | August 15, 2019

Are you curious about how you can get
more views from search well in this video I’m going to break down three ways
in which you can get more views from search with two buddy and we’re starting
right now now the amazing team of two buddy every
child to me personally and they said hey Tom why don’t you make a video for your
community and your subscribers explaining how they can get more views
research with two buddy and of course I said yes
now this is a sponsored video and there’s gonna be a link below to which
you can download to buddy and try it out for free it is an affiliate link and
you’ll be supporting the channel if you do so but you definitely don’t have to
I’m a huge fan of tubebuddy and i highly recommend you get it in any
way possible online on their desktop interface they have an app for the phone
you can of course use the link to support the channel but it’s definitely
not mandatory now in this video we’re breaking down
three ways in which you can get more views from search using two buddy now
even though two buddy has a plethora of different services tools and features to
help you get more views there is no way that we can cover everything in this
specific video so I broke it down to three features which I will highlight in
this video but if you guys want more let me know in the comment section below and
I’ll make another video about more features too but I can get you more
views a feature number one is the a/b testing of AP testing basically allows
you to overcome one of the greatest challenges over creative on YouTube I
can tell you from personal experience this is hands-down one of my favorite
features of tubebuddy and I think every creator should definitely try it out now
when you make a video you have to make a decision which thumbnail you think would
go best with a specific video with the title and the way the video should work
now with this tool it allows you to compare two thumbnails with the same
video in real time you will get hard data at height scientific objective data
which thumbnail out of the two works better with a specific video and by
identifying through a/b testing which thumbnail works best with your videos
you increase your click-through rate your CPR and as a result you increase
your views or the second feature I want to highlight is the tag explorer tell me
if you had the situation you’re uploading a video and grind to figure
out which tags works best with this video and it’s a guessing game
two parallels you know both how compare this search phrases and also how
searchable it is because ideally you want to target the ones who are least
competitive and more searchable they’re getting a lot of valuable data from this
tool right when you need it most when you’re uploading your video now the
third tool I want to highlight is probably one of those powerful tools of
to buddy it is bulk editing when you want to make
improvements to your channel let’s say you want to do some SEO work to optimize
some of your videos to add some new features you have to go video by video
and making changes to your metadata I would bulk editor you can essentially
change your descriptions and your cards on your entire library with the click of
a button let’s say you want to add some sort of a phrase or some link or some
new sponsor you got or something that you want to add to your entire library
you can do that with a click of a button and that is a very powerful tool and
also a time-saving tool but I think the strongest point of the bulk editing is
the fact that it is a great SEO tool because when you understand you have to
optimize your videos based on something new that you just learn you can do that
with a click of a button because I don’t think you can really go through your
entire library and change video by video if you think of a feature which I
haven’t mentioned in this video and you think it is critical and important for
our community let everybody know in the comments section below so everybody can
benefit from it as usual I hope you learned something new I hope you enjoyed
yourself I had a blast hit the like button if you wanna make me giggle go
and download too buddy they have a desktop interface as well as an app for
your phone you can download it for free right now there’s gonna be a link below
which you can use to download it it is an affiliate link so you’ll be
supporting the channel but you don’t have to use it you can download too
buddy in any way you like and that’s it for today’s video and I’ll see you guys
next time

30 thoughts on “More Views for a Small Channel (with #TubeBuddy)

  1. SKILI Post author

    I use that very often, it is a really helpful thing! 🙂

  2. Clash Gardener Post author

    Great video Bro. Congrats on 1k👨‍🌾🎉

  3. Gemini King - Topic Post author

    good video Tom 🙂 I personally love using the tag explorer it help's alot

  4. The Indie Gamer Post author

    Great video as always, Tom! It would be great if you could maybe make a more in depth video, where you use screen capture to show the back end workings of TubeBuddy maybe? Keep up the great work, my friend! 😊

  5. Tom Nash Post author

    SUBSCRIBE for more YouTube tips and tricks ►

  6. Bob Brown Post author

    Hey Tom great video my Friend love TubeBuddy it has help me out so much! Highly recommended!

  7. The JoSi Show Post author

    Tax explorer is def used daily! xD I never messed with the A/B Testing gotta check that on out. But I think TubeBuddy is def a must have if your a creator on YouTube.

  8. Quill & Ink History Post author

    Good video Tom, also do you use morningfame? It could be a great topic for a new video 🙂

  9. christiana link TVJM Post author

    one love one Jamaica UP WITH YOUR VIDEO MY BROTHER 🇯🇲

  10. Ninjakiller Post author

    Hey Tom, another great video thanks for the tips and congrats with the 1K as well.

    I have a question for you though, so i am currently using the pro membership for tube buddy as that is all I can financially pay for at the moment, Now the feature I really want to try is the AB testing you mentioned as that sounds awesome. But since it is more than what I can afford currently I cant get my hands on it.

    So my question for you is do you know any other applications that do AB that are free or relatively cheap. If not no worries at all, Ill just have to grab a legend membership when I can afford one.

    Thanks again for the video, I look forward to seeing more content.

  11. zCrusader Post author

    I'm is it ok to self promote in comments I don't I think that doesn't count

  12. MGB crypto Post author


  13. BK42 Channel Post author

    Very good Tom I'm using TubeBuddy as well..

  14. Rare CliX Post author

    Great video man! And thank you for positive feedback to my channel in the comment section in my video! I loved this channel too, I sub here. And one thing, you sound like Gru in Despicable Me 😀

  15. Driving Me Crazy Post author

    Tubebuddy has been absolutely essential to my videos for quite some time I did recently upgrade to a paid membership and immediately saw the benefits of the tag Explorer and improving how am I video tags rank overall. Based on this it sounds like I should explore the bulk uploader and more detail!

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    Tom – ONLY ONE QUESTION PLS: If I pay to add words to make more views on my channel, would this affect my algorithm?

  17. TubeBuddy Post author

    Thanks for the review Tom! Happy that we get to help the YouTube community and have people like yourself talking about us 🙂

  18. Devon B Post author

    I believe I’m gonna but the tube buddy premium!

  19. Post author

    Tube buddy is great but is awesome. Have a great Tuesday, Andreas from Off Grid Sweden 🇸🇪

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    Congrats to ur 1k+ subbies I downloaded tube buddy but not sure really how to used it huhuhu thank uTom Nash i try to look up this

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    your very good to explain sir tom,thanks for sharing it,im new in your channel

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    Great info- thank for sharing. New supporter!

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    I use tubebuddy! It’s extremely helpful to me and saves me so much time!

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    I’ll try this out but I’m trying to reach 100 subs by the end of the year so if people could subscribe then I would appreciate it


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