Moodle HTML editor – Part 1

By | February 27, 2020

In this lesson we will learn how to use HTML editor for editing the text. The HTML editor provides a word-processor interface in entering content. In Moodle, the HTML editor appears on writing
an answer to a quiz question or starting a new discussion topic in the forum. Lets click on “Add a new discussion topic” in the form
activity in a course, to display the HTML editor. In the message field enter the text of
your choice. The highlighted group of icon in the
first row, is known as the font size and the
heading group. Select the whole text in the first
paragraph. Expand the font-family drop-down menu to
see all available fonts. Select Verdana font type from the
options to change the text font. Now expands the font size drop-down menu and select 14 points to enlarge the font size
of the text. You can also change font style by
selecting different styles from the paragraph drop-down menu. The next highlighted group is undo and redo group. This group allows you, to undo or redo the changes, made in the text. The first one is the Undo button. Click it to undo last edit. Next is redo button. Press it to redo the last edit. The next highlighted group is find and replace, which allows you to find and replace a particular text in the whole text area. The find button can be used to find
particular word or words in the text. Click this button. In the text box enter pollution, to find in the text and click on the replace tab. Enter the word or phrase you want to
replace pollution with. Click replace all, to replace all
instances of the word in the text. Acknowledge the message. Now close the find window. Click on extreme right button to toggle
full screen. Click again to return to normal editor screen. In the next lesson, we will learn about
the second line of the HTML editor. Thanks for watching.

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