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By | August 15, 2019

You are marketing a small business and right
now you are trying to climb on top of Google. Your links help you get there but keeping
track of them can be difficult and time consuming. Some SEO tools just bury you with too much
information. But, without any tracking system, you won’t know when you get new links, if
they are good for SEO and, even worse, you can’t tell when links you have earned or paid
for have been removed. See you at the bottom! Monitor Backlinks takes the hard work out
of SEO. You can set up an account in 2 minutes. All you have to do is add in your domain and
your competitors. Why add your competitors? Simple. We track what links they’re building
and email you updates so you can make sure that you stay on top of the game. So now you have an account; we will update
you whenever someone links to your website – allowing you to interact with everyone who
promotes your brand and build yourself a reputation. Not to mention, you know when your links get
removed, ensuring you are not paying someone for nothing. We’ll even check if each link has real SEO
value for you to have a certainty that every step is a safe step forward. Let other people struggle up the mountain. Sign up now and Monitor Backlinks will carry
you to the top.

2 thoughts on “Monitor Backlinks – Video presentation

  1. Monitor Backlinks Post author

    Watch this 1:30 minute video to understand better what Monitor Backlinks can do for your website

  2. Lynx TV Romania Post author

    Very nice ad. Especially the second part that is making me visit the site and see what is offering.


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