Money Robot Submitter Crack Software With or Without VPS (Review)

By | August 14, 2019

This video is about money robot
submitter crack software with or without VPS. Now the money robot submitter
software is an automated SEO tool that can be used with or without a VPS and
you can get a free trial by clicking the link below this video now. This best backlinking software has been creating a buzz in the internet
marketing field lately with users like me blown away by how easy it is to use.
Money robot is a very effective and one of the best tools to generate
traffic to your website or internet properties now get it ranked on the
first page of Google and YouTube now this is a brief money robot review
however the best way to see how this really works is to use the free trial
this way you can see how it will exactly work for you in your situation now money
robot submitter is believed to be the world’s most powerful link building
software as it supports unlimited whets website platforms you can obtain
backlinks automatically from the following main platforms with support
don’t write into the software there are thousands of links available from web
2.0 blogs social network posts social bookmarking web directories wiki
articles press releases article directories web point to all profiles
forum profiles and RSS feeds now I’m so glad I purchased money robot submitter
software and recommend it to anyone looking for an effective way to get
backlinks to any internet property the submitter software fully simulates human
submission and you can actually watch the process window and follow everything
that the money robot software is doing in the background this is an amazing
unique feature and no other SEO software has this this is like having a hundred
people working on backlinks for your website simultaneously
I was on the principle that is better to work smarter not harder that’s why I
used the money robot automatic link building tool to create backlinks from
various properties around the web these are not just straight links but tiered
links and cross links driving traffic to a website or to a video
thankfully the days of blackhat SEO with GSA blasts and scrape box spamming are
over the way forward is to use intelligence software like Moni robot at
first I thought this software was overhyped so I initially tried the seven
day free trial after that I was hooked and saw bought
the paid version and then tried the money robot VPS which is a virtual
machine but I now run it all the time on an old personal computer using tor guard
VPN you don’t need VPS for this to work for you money robot submitter is a very
very simple to use yet the results are really positive the software has a lot
of features such as being able to build up your own public blog network or pbn
by just putting automated articles up to keyword relevant blogs there’s even a
keyword research tool in the software the software uses a proxy system the
proxies are provided by money robot for free and so is the CAPTCHA service so
you can have another capture service as well if you really want to for difficult
captures but it’s not essential and emails they’re automatic too so let’s
have a look at how money submitter works using a Creative Commons video bosses
that I go through when I setup a new campaign and then I’m gonna talk you
through the you know the basics of and things you need to know but the first
step in the process for me is to go click new campaign and then I’m gonna
keep pick an SEO strategy which is going to be one of the basic ones called one
three twelve and social bookmarks which will essentially build out web 2.0 blogs
and then in combine that with social bookmarks and social shares
as well all in one campaign okay obviously this this tends to happen
sometimes because my connection here in Australia is absolutely horrible but
what I tend what I just do then is say essentially what I will call this funnel
circuits YouTube click funnels custom domain a same thing as my video and I’m
gonna call it zero zero one because I they say that you repeat this process
over and over and it’s very easy to clone this campaign that I’m building
out there and then I also choose to the put inside of the campaign name which
type of diagram I’m going to be using now before I start putting anything else
in here I’m actually gonna right-click I’m gonna click advanced and then I’m
going to pick to either create new accounts if you’re the first time you’re
using mana robot you want to make sure that you create a new account here by
doing sorry you want to click use my already existing accounts but then you
want to add a new category and then we’re gonna call this funnel secrets 10
there we go so each time you now create a different campaign you want to make
sure that you’re using the accounts that you’ve created before now if you’re get
to the point where you’re doing a lot of different campaigns you want to create
different categories of accounts so you can have you know as you can see here
I’ve already got like ten different categories specific to only two funnel
secrets which helps me build many many different social profiles and web 2.0
blogs that all point to my different videos so that’s it I’m gonna click OK
then gonna put my video url into the money site URL and then before I do
anything else I’m gonna click put in here click funnels and I’m also going to
put click funnels custom domain domains right domains that’s it wanna make sure
you use the same keyword as we’ve got in the title there to get as good as
possible now this is one of the cool things about
money robot it will actually write the articles for you now these articles are
not going to be test but they’re best articles in the world and then gonna be
rather shitty quality but that’s not the point here we want to build some some
basic backlinks and some video embeds for the videos so help us give it that’s
only a slight edge of the people that are not using anything similar because
these are low competition keywords I’m gonna click create unique articles with
the money robot article builder and this will take about 10 seconds maybe and
then the article will be built for me and it will have built in spin syntax
which means that each article that it writes even though it’s the same article
will still look 97% unique so once that’s been done I’m then going to
insert a video embed into all the web 2.0 blogs by literally just clicking
this button here putting the URL inside and click insert and then the money
robot will put an iframe into the article itself so once that not the
article is finished here and as you can see it looks very strange because of the
spin syntax in there so I’m gonna do that
I’m gonna do that so we get not only the backlinks built up but we also get the
video embeds and as you can see when I do that an iframe is inserted and we
have a video that is waiting to be posted inside the layer as well so one
way to get around the problem that I had when it cannot connect this I click that
again and as soon as the diagram pops up there I will just click start campaign boom there we go creating campaign and
once the campaign has been created I will be able to see it at the bottom
here and as you can see here with and the campaign is now getting built out
and you can see each step of the process as it is happening here and essentially
this is all the whole process you need to go through the next step it’s just a
clone that same project because you want to build more video embeds you want to
build more backlinks to the same URL for the same exact keywords and because this
article is already got the spin syntax inside or the spin tax whatever you want
to call it the backlinks and the web 2.0 blogs will all have unique content even
though it is spun content and it’s not gonna be high quality content that’s not
the point here the point is to build some basic backlinks get you some video
embeds and get you some social bookmarks and social shares
to give you that little your video and blog posts that little bit more juice
than your competitors have for those low competition keywords so I need to do now
is I’m gonna make sure I name this one number two but then because I’m going to
be doing this so many many times over I just make sure that I rotate my account
so maybe for this one I will do the account that is number two so I will do
that instead because I want to use my already existing accounts because
otherwise you’re going to use up a lot more of the to CAPTCHA credits that you
have I’m gonna do that and click OK I’m going to click start campaign and there
we go we have now built started building out two campaigns with plenty of
backlinks but also video embeds shows social bookmarking and social shares to
this specific video now as I said before these backlinks are not going to be the
most powerful backlinks in the world but they’re definitely going to give you an
edge over other people trying to rank for the same keywords that are not doing
the same kind of thing and it’s very easy to see when it has been finished so
if we go back into my new robot we go down to the project project we just
created as you can see it is still working on that first level here web 2.0
level 1 once all of these have been completed you just go to URLs copy to
clipboard and you are ready to go and you’re ready to build your own backlinks
you ready to all build your own video embeds social shares social bookmarks
and web to put our properties and blogs and all that good stuff
giving your you know videos and your blog post that little edge that you will
need to essentially do better than most other people
trying to rank for the same low competition keywords now I did say in
the beginning that you get free unlimited backlinks with monroebot a
monroebot is not a free software but if you purchased monroebot for the one-time
lifetime access fee for I think it is 497 the longer years manual about the
less money you know your and you end up paying for each and every backlink that
you built so at the end of the day you know even with all the different
projects that I’ve done so far you know each project at Causton has basically
cost me nothing and the amount of traffic
I’m getting purely because I’m using mana robot is actually quite ridiculous
and I have many many different videos that drank you know top three for some
really some really really good keywords and I have passive income coming in just
because I have that digital real estate out there with those backlinks giving me
my videos and blog posts some better rankings inside Google and in the
youtube search engine so I couldn’t recommend money robot more than enough
and if you want to sign up for mana roll but there’s a link in the description
down below and I’m yeah my warm recommendation is just get started as
soon as he can with Munroe but because the longer you wait you know the longer
you’re going to be missing out and someone else is going to be doing it
instead of you so that’s it for this one guys if you like this video please give
the give a thumbs up leave a comment down below if you have any questions and
subscribe to the channel and I hope this video on money robot submitter crack
software with or without VPS has been very helpful to you. The best way as I
said at the beginning is to get the software for yourself give it a run see
how it works for you you’ll be amazed click the link below this video now you

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