Module 2 Lesson 4 – PDF Reports

By | August 27, 2019

Hello! To find all the PDF reports you’ve created
while working with SEMrush tools and create new ones, you should use the My Reports tool. This tool allows you to modify reports created
earlier by customizing layouts and adding images and texts, and schedule regular emails
to your clients. Guru and Business users can also brand their
reports. Let’s find out more about how the tool works! You might have seen a ‘PDF’ button on
almost every page of the SEMrush toolset. By using this button, you will access the
“Export to PDF” menu, which is one of the easiest ways to start working with MyReports. Click “Export to PDF” to save your report
on your computer. In this case, a copy of this report will be
stored in the “My Reports” section. By checking the checkboxes on the menu, you
will be able to send the report to your customers via email, automate daily, weekly or monthly
reports through scheduled emails, or if you have a Guru or Business account, you can add
your logo and address in the header of your report. Go to the “My Reports” section to see
this report as well as other previously saved reports. You can open, edit, copy, download or delete
each report. Alternatively, if you click the “Create
custom PDF report” within the “Export to PDF” popup window, you will jump right
into the editor. It offers you a wide number of features that
you can use in order to modify your report. You can create a custom PDF report, or make
it from scratch. Let’s create one based on the ‘Monthly
SEO Report’ template. Type the domain name you wish to create a
report for, and choose a desired database. A few moments later, the report is created. You may be satisfied as it is or you can take
full advantage of the tool’s flexibility. You can add other widgets if you decide to
enrich your report with more data. Just find the desired widget, then drag and
drop it in the report and configure it. Here you can also personalize your report
by providing a title and a subtitle in the header along with any additional information. Guru and Business subscribers can insert their
logo. Also, the tool allows you to add text, images
and page breaks. Finally, we have prepared a report. You can send it via email or schedule it,
like we did earlier on a “Export to PDF” menu. Isn’t that wonderful that your boss or client
will receive a weekly report, and all you have to do is just to create and configure
it once? So, let’s sum up. My Reports is a handy tool that helps you
create custom reports based on data taken from SEMrush and Google Analytics. Practice is the key to knowledge, so try customizing
and creating your own report. Also, do not forget to explore the ‘Read
Further’ section, refer to our Knowledge Base and take a look at our blog to learn
more about this tool.

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