Module 2 Lesson 3 – On Page SEO Checker

By | August 21, 2019

Hey there! In this lesson, we are going to show you On
Page SEO Checker. On Page SEO Checker is for content that you
already have on your website and that can be optimized in order to increase your rankings. The tool provides you with ideas of how to
modify pages that already bring you traffic, but have potential to rank higher in search
results with a few adjustments. Let’s configure the tool. First, select your target location. Then add the pages and keywords you want to
study manually or import them automatically from SEMrush Organic Research. You can adjust your pages list by applying
filter such as position, volume and the number of keywords as well as the presence or absence
of specific words. You can also connect your Google Search Console
account.SEMrush will be able to provide you with page suggestions based on clicks, impressions,
and CTR. This will give you the possibility to filter
the pages by these parameters. On the Overview page, you will see the number
of ideas under seven categories. These ideas fall under the following recommendations: How to implement your keywords in your text
properly. How to semantically enrich your content with
other keywords from a similar topic. How long your content should be. Where to get good backlinks from. Which of your landing pages are to be optimized
first for your keywords. What actions to take in order to obtain SERP
features. How to get rid of technical issues that might
be affecting your pages’ rankings and. If you connect your Google Analytics account,
how to optimize UX, or user experience.Remember, SEO is all about user experience, so if your
users aren’t having a good experience on your page, you are less likely to rank high. You can always re-run your campaign or add
more pages and keywords for analysis. If you use Trello you can export your tasks
there directly from the SEMrush interface. Let’s wrap it up. In this lesson, we went over On Page SEO Checker,
which provides you with suggestions on how to improve the performance of your webpages. Remember that practice makes perfect, so try
using On Page SEO Checker to get recommendations for your pages. Go to the ‘Read Further’ section to continue
studying. Also, be sure to visit our blog and Knowledge
Base for more information.

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