Module 1 Lesson 2 – Keyword Analytics

By | August 20, 2019

[Music] hi there in this lesson we will continue exploring the keyword gap report which allows you to compare domains head-to-head and see their common and unique keywords then we will take a look at keyword analytics which is designed to show you the keywords that suit you the most using the keywords gap report and keyword analytics together you are able to broaden your existing pool of keywords let’s click on any keyword from the list to get to their keyword analytics report the phrase match report will provide you with all the keyword combinations that contain the given keyword the related keywords report will show you the semantically related keywords you can play around with the filters to find high volume or longtail keywords that will generate relevant traffic keyword difficulty at this stage of your keyword research you need to be realistic not all keywords will be able to get you through to Google’s top 10 so you need to ignore those that are too ambitious this you can determine by looking at their keyword difficulty and SERP features they triggered let’s wrap it up the keyword gap report helps you compare different domains seeing their common and unique keywords to enrich your keywords list you can go from the tool directly to keyword analytics it is crucial to study the read further section since it contains more information needed to pass the exam remember to look at related posts on the SEM rush blog visit our knowledge base and go through these reports yourself [Music]

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