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By | January 20, 2020

Hey! Good news! It did not kill a cow! [rock music] 3-2-1! ANNOUNCER: Dude Perfect The rules of this battle are simple. Whoever’s rocket travels the highest is the winner. Oh, and by the way, you get to add 300 feet to your height if you catch it. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for a metaphorical mind grenade. The Silver Bullet. May I present to you… Cody’s Traffic Cone. The Bumblebee. I’d like to introduce you to the Aerodactyl. Oh, I’m sorry. Could you guys already see it, because it’s absolutely enormous? Welcome to the Bounty Hunter. This thing is built for speed. It’s light, it’s fast. Wings on either side for extra velocity. The guys don’t really know this, there’s two engines in here. Silver Bullet. *Blast off sound* You gonna see a lot of that. [Music Continues] Here we go boys! 3! 2! 1! It’s so high! Oh! Oh my gosh! I think I need to go back! *Screaming in joy* Hey! I just caught it. You got the 300 feet catch bonus. This is called a altimeter. It measures the height and speed. Garrett : Take a guess. Ty: Let’s say 400 feet, something like that. Gar: It went… 565 feet! Yes!!!!! Nice!!! Cody: My friend, you’re in first place. Ty: All right, team Codes! Time for the Bumblebee to fly. Basically, I have to make a catch now. Ty set the bar really high with a… 565 plus a 300 catch bonus. Come on, Bumblebee. 3, 2, 1! Dude, that was huge! Oh gosh, Cor! I couldn’t tell what’s popping out of this guy. That thing almost impaled me. He almost got stung by the bumblebee! This thing is buried! First of all I just like to say, I’m, I’m happy to be alive. I would agree. Altitude height was 600 feet. Wow! So bittersweet, because it was better than Ty’s launch without the three hundred bonus. The bumblebee went a hundred and fifteen miles an hour. Wow! Almost straight through me. WOW! But you didn’t see it coming down. WE ALMOST LOST YOU! Thank you! I’m just over here running behind my twin, and there’s missiles falling out of the sky! Who knew?!? It is officially time for the traffic cone to make his debut. We’re gonna launch this sucker, sky-high. 3-2-1! I’m gonna be honest. I don’t know what happened there. I clearly did something wrong in the construction of my rocket. There’s a spark at the base. I gotta say, thank you, kind sir. You made my job easy. You went zero feet. But how about the catch? Yeah, technically I got to give it to him Catch bonus for Cody. 300 feet! Stakes are high here, guys. Ty is still in first place. The Bounty Hunter is ready to overtake them. Let’s do this thing, Bounty Hunter. 3-2-1! Good news! It did not kill a cow! After a while a man can only take so much and that is why, that is the epitome of why I left team Coby and joined team Cody, because team Cody doesn’t do that kind of stuff to me. After Cor’s fiasco, I decided to go back to my truck, get my safety helmet out, just in case the parachute doesn’t deploy. Like I said earlier, this has two engines. It’s gonna launch, then launch again. You guys should have just bought the one that said “Can hold two engines”. So, that’s on you guys. 3-2-1! LET’S GO! I might have to go climb a fence. THAT IS INSANE! COME ON, GARRETT! COME ON! YEAH! I think it launched so high, but it went just as far!!!!!!! I legitimately think he ran a mile, to go get that. I want to be more excited for you guys. The official height for Garrett Hilbert, the Purple Hoser with an altitude of 1,513 feet! FIRST PLACE! CONGRATULATIONS! Look, Purple Hoser nation, all right, I guarantee you a third place finisher above. Sometimes I treat you to a nice first. I want you guys to go out and join our sweet tea on me. Not really on me, for me and Hey, love you guys! All of ya! Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and privilege to present Garrett Hilbert with the golden rocket trophy. Well done! Next time, we’ll put some parameters on the whole two engine versus one, you know. Anyways, special shout out to these people over here who won our last giveaway. You guys seem to enjoy that, so I think we’ll do it again. If you share this video and you’re a subscriber, I say we pick five people and give them the sweatshirt. I gotta wash it. We won’t give them this exact sweatshirt. Thanks for that clarification. Also, if you don’t wanna miss out on any new DP videos, click down here. If you want to see the last video, Real Life Trick Shots 2 (great video) click right here. If you want some DP merch, click right here. Signing off for now. Pound it, Noggin, see ya!

100 thoughts on “Model Rocket Battle | Dude Perfect

  1. Dude Perfect Post author

    ► NEXT VIDEO: Soccer vs Football Trick Shots w/ the F2
    ► THUMBS UP if you’re gonna 👀 it

  2. Supreme Assassin Post author

    Rocker for height need 3 things

  3. Carter Grout Post author

    CODY lost so bad he almost got stung by the bee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. T. M. Post author

    You guys should use the
    Fall out boy song called: Champion
    its great for this show!!

  5. ติ๋ม นนทกัป Post author

    น่าจะพนัน หล้าขาว! กันแน่ๆ 😆😆😆😆😆

  6. Chilli Animations Post author

    That shot right next to the moon is probably the best.

  7. Paul Angelo Montemar Post author


    Nobody in the world:

    Not even you:

    Ty: Oh My Gosh

  8. Ali Turan Post author

    sa hrkez nedesen derim baj şimdi öoder dicem anannı sei
    esdsa :D:D: qwqeqweqwe model roket savaşı qweqweqwe :D:D :(=:)

  9. Redturtle234XD ! Post author

    Garrett’s rocket went higher than some hot air balloons can 🤔

  10. That Obamium Guy Post author

    Checkmate flat-earthers, you can see the curvature here

  11. Kalli Franceen Alcantara Post author

    It almost got into space cause I can see the earth that, that is earth is circle

  12. SquadronOfFive-Gaming Post author

    Cody: We're gonna launch this sucker sky high. Also Cody: 3:09

  13. Dragonblast 557 Post author

    Ty: Team Cody just doesn't do that kind of stuff to me

    Me: At least Coby's actually WENT somewhere

  14. Antonio516 1324 Post author

    maybe cow will launch rocket then het 100000 ft 😂

  15. Tim Wheeler Post author

    Who's watching this after Iran launched a missile strike on America

  16. Benjamin Grant Post author

    I just knew the traffic cone wasn't going anywhere

  17. YO BOY LEGEND Post author

    Ty said that cody doesn't do that stuff but his got in the air and Cody's didn't

  18. mihir majgaonkar Post author

    dp: ok guys, we have to build the most aerodynamic rockets possible!

    Garret: 2 ENGINES!!

  19. Vasha90 Kazoo Post author

    Is garret or whatever his name is, is he a rocket engineer

  20. 10,000 subs with no contenet Post author

    The moon Tho in the left corner 5:14

  21. SlimyBoi 04 Post author

    I’m pretty sure everyone told you traffic cones are supposed to stay on the ground


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