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By | August 29, 2019

hello friends, my name is sahil khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today we are going to talk about mobile first strategy and how it affects and how it will multiply your seo efforts if you make your website mobile friendly then it will spice up your seo ranking and it can be improved to a great level how? if your website is mobile friendly google will give an edge to it else is based on the basic of competition. lets talk about that first and what goggle does according to their algorithms and we have no clue about their algorithms and google looks at the dwell time and i told you about dwell time before dwell time is the amount of time spent by the user when they reach a particular website larger the amount of time spent by that particular person larger the ranking by goggle and under this category there is one thing more that the desired result should be shown if your website is mobile friendly then what will happen, when a person will search for a desired topic then goggle will maximise its ranking according to the goggle strategy then this particular website is mobile friendly this page is mobile friendly it loads faster on mobile and there are many more factors so here , when we develop a website we have a choice whether we want to show our content to website or not. there are many blogs and many features by which we can hide the content on mobile friendly website and whatever theme we are using and from whatever platform we developed our website we dont pay much attention on mobile phone , if you wont pay much attention on your mobile website you are losing a big segment of audience till june 2018 there will be 478 million mobile users just think you are not working on this big audience your blogs are hidden aloong with a lot of content or you didnt even make a mobile friendly website if there is mobile friendly website there will be no ranking and you will lose a big audience so you lost a enormous audience(SUBSCRIBE FOR MOR E VIDEOS) JUST by not making a mobile friendly website then you made a mobile friendly website and you hide some blogs and in your normal website enormous content is filled and that content is very friendly and If some have any Doubts, We have Information for Everything But for better viewing on the Phone You eliminate all that stuff But we have seen this In research, that many people are Now switching to the Mobile and Everyone is now Searching on Mobile Phone on the Go Their are Voice activated Commands Now Like Hello Siri, Okay Google and If we hide those Blog Section, then there will be More space for the Content and that will decrease the Dwell Time of that page and After the Lower Dwell time, Google will say that you page doesn’t has Relevant Content and the Pages that have High Dwell Time, Google will start increase the Visibility for those Pages As a matter of fact, No one knows that correct Algorithm and Personally i think that Google will give main Priority to Phones Because if a Website can Work in Mobile View, Then there wont be any issue with the Web View and If a Website is good On web Doesn’t means it would be Mobile Friendly and Why would you run two different Algorithm, You will Go for single one only Mobile First Strategy Implement this strategy in your Website, and Enjoy No matter from where you are making your Website, always check its Mobile Optimization All the important information of your Website has to be seen in the Mobile View Text has to be Large and can viewed Easily on Mobile We have made the Website and Said the Coder about the Mobile Optimization, I have to change just a single Code for M-Optimization, He/She Replied and after that, he compressed the Site and Now Text cant be seen on the Mobile View and If someone cant read the Text, It will Increase the Chances of Bounce back He opens the Site, and will see the Text issue and Will go Back Photos and Text on Photos has to be Large Greetings

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    Bhaii you are doing the really nice job. Educating people is not an easy task. Good Job.

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    bhai aapke 100 k se oper subscribers hai but views appke 2k to 3k hi aa paate hai jabki kam se kam 50 k to aane chaiye aapke views…aisa kyo hai?

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