Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals – Lesson 1.2 Marketing and analysis tools

By | November 19, 2019

Google Analytics Marketing and analysis tools There are several tools that can help you
promote and measure your app. Google AdWords and AdMob allow you to advertise on websites
and other mobile apps. Marketplaces like Google Play or the App Store offer a destination
for ads where users can learn about and download your app. And Google Analytics lets you measure
the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, as well as user engagement with your app by
providing a centralized platform for data collection, reporting, and analysis. Let’s
look at these tools in more detail. When it comes to promotion, Google AdWords
lets you advertise on the Google Search page and on the Google Display Network – a group
of over a million websites, videos, and apps. AdWords can be a useful tool for getting your
app in front of users who may be interested in it.
You can use AdMob to promote your app, as well, by advertising your app in other developers’
apps. But you can also use AdMob as a publisher by hosting ads for other businesses within
your app to generate revenue. You’ll often use ads to direct users to
an app marketplace, which hosts paid and free apps for downloading. Marketplaces such as
the App Store or Google Play collect valuable data about how many users download your app
and where they came from. This can help you understand whether users find your app organically
or from your ad campaigns, which campaigns drive users to your app, and how to adjust
your marketing spend accordingly. You can also use this data to see where users drop
off between viewing your app in a marketplace, installing it, and actually opening the app.
Google Analytics lets you combine marketing data from AdWords, AdMob, and app marketplaces
with behavioral data about how users engage with your app. This data can offer insights
about your audience to help you better target your ads.
By including Analytics tracking code in your app, you can collect data about each user
interaction during the time they’re actively use the app. This is referred to as a “session.”
 Google Analytics then processes and organizes the data from each session to create various
reports about your users’ behavior. You can access these reports directly in Google
Analytics, but we recommend using Analytics reports inside of AdMob. These are the same
reports with simplified navigation for mobile app developers.
Using all of these tools together can help you promote your app to new users, measure
user behavior, and better understand the performance of your marketing and advertising. Google Analytics

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