‘Mickey Seo의 사대주의’에 대한 나의 대답

By | October 9, 2019

I recently used an expression, ‘Real Bread,’ to French students. This is not exactly what I wanted to say. I wanted to say ‘French is also known for the architecture’. But I somehow said that. And then some commenters said I was not confident enough about my own culture, and asked me why I became culturally flunky. I thought of if I should make this video or not for two days, and ended up turning on this camera. I have a strong opinion on this subject, which I’m about to talk about now. If you’ve ever had such offense in my videos, please listen carefully. But I need to make something clear in advance. What I’m going to say from now own isn’t necessarily because of those who made comments there. This is what I’ve been feeling throughout the 2 years for making Internet videos and the comments I’ve got. Then let’s get started. As you know, one of my best friends is Art, but there’s also another best friend called 수만. He’s name is Ismail, a Moroccan, but we, Korean gangs, were so close to him, so we just called him 수만. We made a Korean name for him. Then now we made a Korean name for Ismail, who is a foreigner. Is there anyone who think it’s a problem? I personally think there’s no problem. The name Suman sounds beautiful and also feels friendly, and maybe it’s just one of those ways to get close. But then, 서재영, who is me, is also using an English name called Mickey, so, is there anyone who think it’s a problem? Yeah, I’m a Korean. And I’m extremely proud of this fact. But I don’t like my foreign friends consdering me a ‘Korean friend’. And vice versa. ‘cuz we’re just friends. I often make fun of the US and Russia in front of Art off the camera, and I do play with the British accent in front of Mandy like, It’s no big deal. ‘cuz we’re just friends. Only ‘foreign friends’ and a ‘Korean friend’ would have such problem. “Europeans have different mindset, so if you’re not confident enough about your own culture, they don’t respect you.” “No matter what kinda cultural background you have, you’ll be treated equally if you have the confidence.” “That’s why you don’t lower yourself to be humble.” “Don’t lower yourself, but be proud of yourself, then people listen to you and recognize you.” “I think that’s what the western culture is about.” I’m afraid other subscribers would think it’s true, so let me make it clear. The reality is exactly the opposite. In the western society, they put nationalities behind, but they just look at you as a person. It only matters if you’re a good person or not. It’s not your culture that matters. Don’t generalize your bad experiences with the white people outside Korea. You’re just repeating the hatred you got to other unrelated people. Also, it then affects other Korean people as well. If you really mean well for Korea, just go abroad, and care, understand, do nice things for people. It’s difficult. I of course know it’s a difficult thing. But that’s why a person like that would be respected in any part of the planet. If you are not really convinced about that, like, ‘Why should I do that to those foreigners?’ ‘I don’t wanna put that efforts’ ‘I didn’t do anything wrong’ Then this is my honest advice. Just don’t go abroad. Korea is the best place to stay. I feel so, too. Why do you have to go abroad then? Do you really have to go abroad for study? Foreigners show up on TV and Youtube and say they love Korea so much. Like, “I love Korean foods more than my own countries’ foods.” “Gyeongbokgung is better than anything.” Our brains started to take this kinda things for granted now. But the reality is different from the mass media. I don’t mean those foreigners lied, but even if many foreigner came to Korea because they love Korea, they’re often anxious and stressed, and when they have a chance to talk to the local Koreans, they might need to watch their mouth. Reversely, imagine we go to Europe. We go there beause we love it, but still there’re stuff we’re worried about. Now when we look at the ‘real bread’ expressions and flattering about ‘French architectures’… they’re just foreign students way younger than me, and they don’t get chances to communicate with the locals, so it’s just meant to relax them a little more. Complimenting their culture. Do you really think this is something we need to be that culturally sensitive? What foreigners say to us the hundreds of time on TV, and what we all hear on Youtube from foreigners everyday, all I did was just to return the exact expression only once. And that’s cultural flunkyism? I completely disagree with that. I think if you’re really confident about your culture, you should rather be able to speak to them with courtesy, being in their shoes, ‘cuz that’s something a person with no confidence can never do. Tolerance is the attribute of the strong. This kinda expression and gestures are so common in our daily lives, you know, but just because it’s the foreigners I’m speaking to, and the subject is culture, I should refrain from talking like this? You rather gotta refrain from that attitude. Let me speak of the fact. If we become culturally sensitive, it’s only us that become isolated. That’s not even meant well for this nation at all. Some of you really got switched between what brings better recognition about us and what actually isolate us. Actually, I’m personally kinda proud of our culture. I’m telling the truth. Then let’s say there’s a Youtuber who is NOT. Why does that matter? Can’t we just freely talk about each other’s ideas and perspective? In my childhood, my family wasn’t rich enough to send me to America to study. But some of my friends experienced studying in US in the early age, and after that, some of them indeed looked up to the American culture. Yeah, I envied them. But I never wanted to be them. I was born in Masan, Gyeongnam, and went to guys’ middle & high school, took KSAT to enter the university, and served in the army. I didn’t get funded for studying abroad, but experienced the world on my own. To me, this looked way cooler than that. I’m living the exact life that I used to dream as a kid. At the same time, when I look back, I’m probably the most localized… like, I have this confidence on where I came from and who I am. And I’ve never lost that a single moment. Now some of you guys call me culturally flunky just because I speak in their shoes and language. When I was talking to the French students, there was a part that I didn’t mean to say like that in fact. I admit that some of them wasn’t my intention to be honest. But even if someone actually says that with full intention, or whether they’re actually proud of Korea or not, why is that a problem? That’s the first thought in my head, and second, when I think of many of you following up with my channel, the reason why you’re watching is not because I’m simply making video contents with foreign guests, but I mean to become real friends, and many of you think it’s a special thing. And maybe some of you are actually thinking of giving it a try. It’s not the language barrier but THIS KINDA barrier that separate us from them. Whenever I see those people requiring me such patriotism reponsibility just because I’m not trying enough to make Korea look better, I just get angry for the reasons I said. You guys like to tell me ‘Please be careful ‘cuz many people are watching this channel’, and yeah I agree with you. I’ve gotta be careful. That’s why I’d rather be clearer on my point. About what kinda mindset you need to approach foreigners. But even if I describe it ‘How to approach FOREIGNERS’, in the end, it’s just the universal mindset of approaching any people on the planet. Foreigners are no different from us. Families, friends, and lovers. I have this belief in any kinds of relationships. If you try to hold it with force, it’ll rather get away. But this is the only way to build up the relationship. Understand, care, and make others happy. That’s literally the only answer. If you don’t believe in the stuff I told you today, you might keep watching me. There’re not foreigners in my videos everyday, but I won’t go anywhere.

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