Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 20 [Subtitle Eng] Presented by Zeera Plus- ARY Digital Drama 28 Dec 2019

By | February 19, 2020

sit down I came to meet you if you understand, I’m here to see when someone disloyal do disloyalty with the disloyals then how do they look? I won’t fight..
nor will slap on your face sit down we’ll talk freely, like friends forgive me for that day’s slap I realized later on a girl who has scratched her own face by her hands what was the need to slap her? so, I’m sorry No… you are already here to meet me else I had thought, to meet you some day I’ll hold your hand & kiss it, and will say thanks for slapping me if somebody is sleeping for 5 months, then think that person is not alive else, his soul is dead and these people are then slapped, to awake them would you like to drink something? here, tea & coffee, everything is available No… nothing, thank you… then why are you here? this sounds bad to ask, but… it doesn’t suits us to meet I thought, there shall be the last meeting I shall apologize to you you forgive me… and I will ask you, what can I do for you? please, tell God to forgive me I’ll do say that may be, I’ve already said that… therefore, I came here after you left, Deewan told me that… you had lived for 5 months with my husband… and that day I saw, he was getting married to you he made you stand with me in comparison you stayed with him for free of cost? you are such a fool I’m his wife I even didn’t lived with him for free he gives me 50 lacs per month even if I live in America for 5 months so I sat & thought… 5 months… you officiated the status of a wife for 5 months you enjoyed my status did my comparison but you didn’t get the salary of being equal Mr. Deewan give me the cheque this is the cheque of 2.5 crores it’s the salary of whole 5 months, as per equality No.. I don’t want money you can’t get Shehwaar Ahmed if a husband becomes the criminal of a wife then the rest of the time, is spent well with him therefore, I won’t give that to you I even don’t want that then keep the money if love happened with such man then is is less love but, more desire so, fulfill your desire else, the punishment you are about to get if you’ll bear it without money then you’ll die, before the punishment ends please don’t die soon by looking at you… many sort of girls
will learn a lot then may be, you won’t be requesting somebody else to ask for forgiveness from God we won’t ever meet again aren’t you happy? there is a rise of 25% in the portfolio, in about 15 days and look at your bloody expression,man I’ve become so rich, right? any doubt? this doubt won’t go now, Salman while leaving me, she left so much poorness in me that poorness now, don’t let me become rich please meet her for once Roomi also wants the same we were having this discussion today, at the breakfast he is a kid that’s why I couldn’t tell him clearly, that I can’t live without Mehwish and I never lived tough when she left me, I had died in such death… A doctor never tells by looking at the nerves or at the eyes that I’m no more in this world but the truth is, I’ve never stayed in this world for so long I died, honestly but now, there is a little feeling .. that I’m alive again if I’m alive, then let me live previously, when she left me, I died and if she’ll come to meet me now, I’ll die seriously, stop it, please this love is not your bloody stock market here, once the rate is down, then it is down oh wow! you have set your timings timings, means? now, you’ll hide this from me? what will I hide? call her upstairs, is there any formality? formality?
to whom shall I call upstairs? she is standing downstairs in the parking, near your car ask her to leave from here I wanted to stay near your car, for sometime I wanted to feel, how do you look by sitting in this big car to see, how far you’ve gone and how much behind, I’ve left but Ayesha saw me if she has not seen me, so I would have left without written this apology letter I shouldn’t have to say, that sorry, for coming… without permission hey! I had a word with your papa naughty boy…
so, you’ll get me married to your dad don’t you feel ashamed? sorry wow!, you also said sorry now actually, he can’t get married after forgiving mama, he’ll get married so, if he’ll forgive mama, then why he’ll get married to someone else? you won’t understand he says, he’ll forget mama then mama will get the forgiveness he couldn’t call mama you get married to somebody else he was sitting upset, I thought to ask him why? he is my student is he the only student of yours? why do you only talk about him? because he is one of my favorite oh, come on what does it mean? his father is also your favorite you know, there is something in you, that attracts you towards him is your mind alright? you have started thinking the heart’s matter from your mind you are doing a mistake… not good for you *door bell rings* you? Hi! Hi! please come in you know, why I came here? tell me you’ll mind it, after listening how do you know? because, I feel it, that’s why at first, I thought to say it to you, as soon as I see you but, I couldn’t say it try it now if I’ll mind it, then I’ll say I haven’t mind it you had ordered for the tea please ask, when it’ll come here you go, the tea is here I saw, you were listening to my discussion secretly you also sit…
I’ll talk in front of you So… I came to say to Hania, to get married to me one minute, don’t worry I came to say but I haven’t said it I had changed my mind, as soon as I reached at the door I felt, as if I’m taking revenge from Mehwish although, I do want to take revenge and I know that after listening about my marriage she will become so restless actually, she will get more restless, because she couldn’t get married to her boyfriend and furthermore, I have become rich are you listening? yes… so, that’s why I’ve changed my mind I felt, as if I’m using you what! means… I thought, that if you agreed so you’ll be used, in order to take revenge I’m sorry…
I’m not good with words even in the school I use to write, by eating lemons… enemy’s teeth gets sour (wrong use of idiom in sentence) *phone ringing* Hello! yes, speaking what! Oh my God! Salman! today, you won’t for papa? No… *phone ringing* uncle Lateef, bring my phone OK Hello! when I started talking to Mehwish, I asked her on the 5th day will you marry me? if I’ll say the same thing to some other girl, then I’ll feel this is not a special sentence we don’t say it with heart, we just say it as per tradition snacks… I’ve already eaten so much Um… so, may be…if I’ll come again and will say the same thing to you then you don’t take this seriously actually, Roomi really loves you be thankful that he is not fully grown up, else he would have proposed you may be, if he’ll insist again,so I may come again oh yes, I’ll bring him along I’ll ask you in front of him, will you marry me… so so you just say…
No, not at all refuse it… so, shall I go now? what?
means… I shall take your leave alright and thank you… oh… let me do it thank you OK… bye! bye! listen.. even if Roomi do insist, then don’t come here to say all this and even if you come, then don’t say…
will you marry me may be, I’ll say YES bye! bye! what has she done? she has cut her nerve… even if Roomi do insist, then don’t come here to say all this and even if you come, then don’t say…
will you marry me may be, I’ll say YES my talks have scared you I’m a little possessive that’s why I do say something wrong, which I shouldn’t have said obviously, then you will get scared if a person gets scared, then it tells a lie and a wife lies 100% I’ll say sorry to you, after reaching home and please, you also don’t be afraid even if you have to go to Islamabad, then do inform first is everything alright, there… sir? where? in the hospital… in the hospital?
who is in the hospital? don’t you know? sir Roomi’s mama is there, her condition is very serious what! where is Roomi? he went there, as soon as he heard this driver also asked him to inform papa
but he didn’t he said, it’s not the place where papa shall go open the door is she alive? yes, yes… she is alive is she sleeping? yes, she is sleeping…. she will get up? if God willing papa… since he has left, you didn’t said anything at all you didn’t tell me anything after he left, there isn’t anything left huh…he was lieing… so he will be punished really!..
this is not any answer I won’t give you the answer of your choice I’ll only say this, if he is lieing… then he is doing a sin, bigger than being disloyal hmm… there are two types of sinners in love one, who are disloyal and second,who cries for disloyal she has gained her conscious will you do me a favor? say it take care of the police and if there is any problem related to bill, then pay it alright thank you mamma… Roomi… *phone ringing* Hello! Hello!… Danish speaking are you standing at the door? no, no.. I’m in the car, going home Oh! I just wanted to inform you, that Roomi won’t come to school today so please give the leave application from his side holidays, for hoe many days? don’t know yet, right now, just for one day if there will be need for more, I’ll let you know needs, means? is there any problem? oh yes, his mother is in the hospital so he’ll stay with her it can take more than one day as well alright, I will you came with papa? No, along with the driver papa didn’t come? where is he? he has gone back he saw me? No… I want to meet you it’s been 5 months, to make myself understand to make myself believe… that, it won’t be possible to meet you and now, I can’t even pronounce you and ask you to come and can’t tell you, that look Mehwish my shirt’s button is broken alright, tell me one thing if she comes back, ask for forgiveness… and she beseeches you to forgive her if she makes you recall your promises of previous love, then what you’ll do? you scoundrel… the love, to which we have to call previous love…. it wasn’t the love, even previously she is happy on the fact that he came, even though he left without seeing her what happened? nothing… say it I’m scared Ayesha I become scared by seeing such regrets by leaving Danish, she felt she did a mistake and when he wants to return, it seems she has committed a sin there can be a correction for a mistake there isn’t any correction for a sin you missed the school, right? you’ll stay with me, today? yes won’t papa feel bad? No.. once we went to Murree (city in Pakistan) it was so cold while climbing the hotel stairs, my foot got twisted my foot was hurt it was a little bleeding, and after seeing it, your papa went crazy it was 2:00 AM at night he called the cab. put me into it, & took me to the hospital you know, till the time dressing wasn’t done and till the time I didn’t went to sleep papa stayed restless you papa, was of such manner also recall that, he use to cook food himself, when you use to have headache he never knew, how to cook food he use to make omelet from eggs you also didn’t had any headache, you use to just make excuses doctor said, they’ll discharge you by the evening and promise me Mehwish you won’t ever do this again promise.. *phone vibrating* yes, Roomi doctor said she is alright now, she’ll be discharged by the evening good are you happy? yeah… is Ayesha aunty there? uncle aunty, both are here… they’ll go together to drop her alright, then we’ll meet on dinner then No, papa.. not on dinner but at breakfast, mama asked me to stay with her at night you are being disloyal let me do it, papa just joking, papa I love you I love you more See you see you.. you stay here, I’ll go & drop them inside thank you… shall I go now? yes, thank you… do call me, if there is any problem Roomi is with me he’ll handle everything bye, Roomi bye! *phone ringing* hello! teacher how is your mom? fine, she has just came from the hospital what happened to her? her hand nerve got cut I also didn’t go to school today & didn’t informed about the holiday I will be fined No, you won’t be fined you papa had informed me already are you at home? No, I’m at mamma’s hostel is papa also there? No… let me talk to you mother teacher wants to talk to you Hello! Hania speaking I know I heard about your condition, I thought to ask you who told you about my condition? Danish told me he called to inform about Roomi’s holiday, so he told me that you in the hospital I’m fine, now at first, I thought to come & meet you at the hospital but… but, what? I thought, I shouldn’t go if you would have come, then may be he would have stayed for some more time he came, but went without even seeing me you must be feeling bad, right? No, no… why will I feel bad? I know him he is so cautious about relations he thinks himself, that this talk will effect the girlfriend sorry, I said girl friend, by the way I can’t say wife, though I’m keeping the phone Umm… what happened? you have become perfectly fine I just wanted to know that only bye! she is doubting me who? Danish’s ex… Mehwish? you got her call? I called her why? she was in the hospital after cutting her nerve, I thought to inquire about her health why to ask?
how is she related to you? she is Roomi’t mother and how Roomi is related to you? come on Wateera, he is my student don’t your other students have mothers? you don’t inquire about them though why always Roomi? what are you looking at? what rubbish you are talking now? I’m not doing rubbish I’m telling you, it is right to doubt you and I’m sure if he comes to you really, and asks you to “marry me” you’ll say it quickly… yes I will he won’t say it ever, he doesn’t have that much courage he wants, this time to get in love with a girl who loves him & gives him a life time guarantee of being loyal to him is there any girl of such type?
nor any such guarantee next time also, he has to trust do you understand? Hi! Danish Hi! how are you? I’ve been up since yesterday… just took the shower and came to you so, why you came to me? because of her what is it? why is she looking at me, like a mother? sit… sit down… now listen to me, quietly I’ve spent some hours with her so I had learn something, though there isn’t any such pain to die by cutting the nerve, Danish the pain to live with regret, is much more she has got herself hurt, and the one who has hurt her, she can’t even tell his name she must be dieing, many times in one night and you know why isn’t she dieing, even after death? she thinks, one day you’ll call her by pronouncing her name you’ll make her alive, by touching her I know, men doesn’t like this discussion but, just once try once, and show some courage to forgive the disloyalty of your wife there must be somebody, who can forgive a woman i also think the same way I want to forgive her but then, I remember God means? God even don’t forgive polytheism

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